Chapter 100 – The Angel’s lap pillow (with added service)

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 100 – The Angel’s lap pillow (with added service)

“Now then, over here, Amane-kun.”

After dinner, it was time for the reward (purgatory)

Mahiru sat at a side of the sofa, and slapped her thighs, as though it was a given. Amane was unsure of how to respond to that smile.

On a side note, she was wearing shorts and black tights. There was a layer of fabric above the lap, but the thin material emphasized the skin greatly.

Also, it appeared she had returned home to bathe, but she had a fragrance lingering all over her.

It was practically suicidal for Amane to enjoy her lap pillow and have her dig his ears at this point.

“…No, erm.”

“You do not have to force yourself if you are unwilling…”

“Bu-but I’m really willing, you know?”

“Then help yourself. We promised.”

Mahiru slapped her thighs again, and Amane gulped.

The weather had warmed recently, and Mahiru’s tights were thinner than before.

The fabric clinging firmly onto her thighs vaguely showed some color of skin, and looked really seductive.

Her thighs showed a silky curve beneath the tights, and the defenseless sight appeared to be tempting Amane.

It appeared that Mahiru was going to murder Amane on this day, even though she might not have any intent to.

Normally, Amane would try to refuse to protect his sanity and peace. However, the name of reward and Amane’s desire as a man pushed him on into Valhalla.

Amane timidly sat next to Mahiru, and put his head on her thighs.

Her thighs were as soft as he remembered. The fabric  was thinner than before. The feeling and warmth struck him, and agitated his heart.

Amane did not know where to look, and lifted his head. Mahiru’s smiled entered his eyes.

However, her face showed up from time to time…all due to the two mountains in the way.

It was May, and the weather got hotter. Perhaps this was why Mahiru was dressed thinly, and the curves of her fine body were emphasized.

Even through the fabric, the body maintained its alluring shape despite being affected by gravity. Amane did not look up anymore.

“Shall I start digging your ears?”

Mahiru remained oblivious to Amane’s inner screams as she declared somewhat excitedly. She reached for the ear pick and the tissue on the table.

And then, certain soft things landed on a side of Amane’s head.


There was an indescribable scream in Amane’s heart, but it appeared Mahiru still did not know. She quickly retrieved the ear pick, and straightened her body.

She probably did not realize that Amane had just felt the soft mass.

His heart was pounding.

His mind was no longer thinking about the ear digging. “Please do not move.” Mahiru quietly coaxed as she gently held down his head with one hand.

She probably was telling him not to move as she wanted to dig the ear. Amane really wanted to roll about, but was forced to remained still, which made him unbearable.

Despite that, he dared not mess around too much, and obediently stared at the side of the table. Something hard slowly entered his ear canal.

At that moment, he shivered, for it was probably there the skin was thinner.

Amane would not have such a feeling when he dug his own ears, but there was a strange ecstasy when Mahiru did so. It probably was because he was not doing it on himself…or maybe, he was excited that the girl he liked was doing it for him.

He knew that given her personality, Mahiru would be cautious while digging his ears. The extremely gentle motion still left him ticklish.

It was an irresistible feeling, and while he could not say that he was comfortable with it, there was a little sense of alluring comfort. This indescribable comfort had him unable to resist the matter of the ear digging.

“Does it not hurt?”

“Nn, it doesn’t. Feels good.”

“I see, that is good. I heard this is a man’s room…is your romance satisfied?”


“So you are a boy after all, Amane-kun.”

“Then what else am I?”

If he was not a male, Amane would not be suffering so much, and would not be so excited about such softness. There was no way he would not be panicking about the prospect of the girl he liked doting on him so much, and even allowing physical contact.

“Fufu. You are very gentlemanly, and I assumed you did not have much interest.”

“Look, even if I’m gentlemanly, my words and thoughts aren’t the same, right? Watch out, guys are like this, always giving a goody-goody look, and always attacking when nobody else is around.”

“By your reasoning, you are not a man, Amane-kun.”

Amane bit his lips, for he felt that Mahiru was saying he was a coward. It appeared Mahiru had no such intention as she continued to slowly dig his ears.

“Amane-kun, please turn around. I am going to do the other side.”

Amane frowned, but he turned around to dig the other ear. On a second thought however, having to look at Mahiru’s belly was a different torment altogether.

Mahiru was wearing shorts, but a big tragedy would occur if he looked down. He could only look at her belly instead.

He had no idea if he was in Heaven, or Hell.

If he could abide by his desires, it probably was Heaven. However, he was hesitant, conflicted, and was practically taking a step into Hell.

“…Amane-kun, it feels like you are shivering…”

“Don’t mind.”

Of course, Amane could not express his true thoughts. Mahiru would suffer if he did.

He could only hide his desires, and let her dig his ear. He was terrified of the future, for the Angel was innocently spoiling him rotten.

Mahiru seemed skeptical about Amane’s attitude, but Amane was facing towards her, and did not look up. She thus did not ask any further, and continued to dig her ears again.

Amidst this indescribable itchiness, Amane closed his eyes, and awaited the time for it to end.

He closed his eyes, for if he opened them, he would have a strange sense of guilt. When this happened however, his senses were sharpened. he could smell Mahiru’s original scent, the shampoo, the liquid soap, felt the softness of the thighs, and could not calm down at all.

It would be great if he could enjoy this softness without hesitation.

“Amane-kun, may I touch your hair once I am done?”

“…Do as you please.”

Amane would not have to feel so conflicted if he ran away immediately. Tragically for him however, he was a male, and he would hope to continue the lap pillow treatment if possible.

Caught in a dilemma between stopping and continuing, Amane ultimately lost to his desires. He truly understood that in more ways than one, he was such a weak-willed person.

Once she heard him agree to it, there was a delighted vibe oozing from Mahiru.

“It will be over soon.”

Mahiru said as she dug his ears delicately. Amane felt a little regret that it was going to end soon, and started brooding by himself again. Of course, he did not show this emotion in his expression or actions.

The itchy, palatable sweetness ended once Mahiru pulled out the ear pick.

Replacing it were her fingers gliding through his hair, and another form of comfort arose.

“Yes, it is done.”

After combing his hair with her hand, Mahiru coaxed him gently like a child. Amane was embarrassed, and yet wanted to entrust himself to her.

Once he understood his emotions tend towards the latter, he nearly let out a groan of much conflicted emotion.

It was a reward, and Mahiru probably wanted to spoil Amane as much as possible, but surely he would end up a degenerate.

She clearly intended to turn him into a good-for-nothing, as declared. No matter how Amane tried to resist, this comfort robbed him of the energy to do so, and he could not do anything.

…I’m really turning into a good-for-nothing…

Amane thoroughly experienced the fragrance of a girl, the body warmth, and the gentle movements caressing him. It did not seem much on first glance, but in fact, he was really comfortable and blissful.

The situation and posture were so alluring to him. if she did these to him every day, Amane would surely end up a complete good-for-nothing.

Haaa, Amane sighed to relax, and heard a little giggle.

“It is rare to see you fawn around.”

“…Whose fault do you think it is?”

“It is mine.”

Mahiru gave a smile chuckle, and continued to comb with her fingers.

“I want to continue doting and touching you when I see you, Amane-kun. Your hair feels great.”


“Yes. It is smooth and glossy. How is it so glossy, I wonder…”

“…Maybe it’s the shampoo mom recommended.”

*It won’t hurt to keep your hair well! *Shihoko strongly recommended this, and Amane was using the shampoo used at a hair salon, said to be good for hair care.

Amane did not dislike the smell, and his hair did feel smooth after he dried it. Thus, he kept using it.

“Your hair’s smoother.”

Amane picked up a handful of Mahiru’s flax-colored hair. The hair was smoother and glossier than his.

That description was more apt for her. Amane’s was far inferior. Her hair gave him an urge to keep touching; the fragrance was a faint soap smell, and did not sting. It was irresistible to men.

“I get the feeling that you really put lots of care into your hair when I touched it.”

“…Yes, I have not spared any effort on it.”

“I see. Anyway, you fine with me just touching it as and when I please? They say hair is a female’s life.”

“…I like it to be touched by you, Amane-kun.”

Thank goodness she didn’t see my face, so he thought, for his expression became really suspicious once he heard Mahiru’s words.

Shame, delight, confusion, sheepishness…he experienced an amalgam of emotions, and surely she would be suspicious if she saw it.

I’m carried away because you say such stuff.

Amane closed his mouth and eyes, sighed, and tried to look normal.