Chapter 103 – The Angel and Advice

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 103 – The Angel and Advice



Ever since the day they slept together, Mahiru looked a little panicky whenever he spoke to her.

It appeared she was conscious of the fact that he pushed her down. She would blush whenever he touched her, and be at a loss.

She looked innocent and adorable, but he was a little devastated that she pulled a little distance from him.

Whether she intended to or not, Mahiru would always touch him innocent, harmless, defenselessly. At this point however, she pulled her distance from him, and he was disappointed.

Surely it showed that Mahiru was aware of him. The warmth he experienced till this point was gone however, and he felt anxious.

After dinner, he looked towards Mahiru, who was seated next to him like usual. Once she noticed his stare, Mahiru’s face would turn slightly red as she openly turned her eyes aside.

Amane knew the reason, but he felt conflicted by her attitude.

He tried reaching his hand out to touch her fingertips, and she would shiver like never before. She would sit down again, escape his warmth, and pull her distance from him.

He was unable to reach his hand again when he saw her cuddling the cushion, and could only sigh.

Looks like she’s rather conscious of it.

She probably understood how dangerous Amane was, or rather, the masculine side of his. Her constant shunning of him left him very hurt.

Amane could not grumble as he was the one who did that to her. It was his nature as a male to be disappointed.

“Want me to move away?”

At this rate, it was likely Mahiru would keep shivering, and that would be pitiful. Do we have to keep our distance until she calms down…? he asked the with such a notion, but she suddenly lifted her head and looked towards him.

“T-that will be fine. I just need time to sort out my thoughts.”

“I got the feeling it’s all because you wouldn’t listen to me.”

“Ugh. But, who would have thought you would have explained to me in that manner.”

“I’d died if I didn’t do that.”

“Why would you be dead?”

“I mean socially.”

It would be a big issue if news of him sleeping with a girl he was not dating spread. The situation would be out of hand if Mahiru carelessly accept Amane like that.

Amane thus warned Mahiru, despite how forceful he was.

However, the result was that Mahiru tensed up as she was overly conscious.

“Seriously, watch out. Don’t give me any chance.”

“…I-I understand this…”

“I know I’m at fault too, that I shouldn’t just carelessly touch you, but even I don’t know what I’ll do the next time this happens again.”

If Mahiru slept before him again, Amane really did not know what he would do.

He did not want to betray Mahiru’s trust in him, and at the same time, had the urge to touch her. If she was too defenseless, he was confident that he would touch her lovingly.

Amane did not know whether Mahiru was being careless because she liked him, or that she trusted his personality, but his endurance was at its limit.

“…Amane-kun, I.”



Once he heard that little murmur, Amane asked out of curiosity, but Mahiru shook her blushing face.