Chapter 105 – Groupings for the sports festival

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Chapter 105 – Groupings for the sports festival

“Ahh, I’m red~.”

Chitose bemoaned once she saw the groupings of the sport festival that would be held next month.

Itsuki, who went earlier to have a look, was in Team White. They were thus on opposing teams.

“Will be great if our groupings are the same as our family names~.”

“You two will still be on opposing teams.”

Itsuki’s family name was Akazawa, or red swamp, while Chitose was Shirakawa, or white river. This was the reason why they were dubbed the red-white couple.

“I see…this is a tragedy…we’re enemies, but there’s a forbidden love tying us together…”

Amane blatantly rolled his eyes at the lovey-dovey couple pretend to lament their fates after becoming enemies, before looking at the team list.

Amane and Kadowaki were on Team Red, which also had Chitose.

Itsuki and Mahiru were assigned to Team White. Kadowaki, the ace of the track team, was assigned to Team Red, but based on the class groupings, most of the sports club members were on Team White.

Amane did not really care about winning, but he was a little worried about embarrassing himself before Mahiru.

“What are you planning to participate in, Amane?”

After the lovey-dovey act with Chitose, Itsuki walked over to chat with Amane.

He and Chitose were the organizing members representing their class. This position was really suitable for him considering how he was great at livening the class mood, but he disliked the hassle. Amane was impressed that Itsuki actually signed up for it.

“What are the events? Let’s see.”

“The only ones we can choose are probably sprints, relay race, obstacle race, borrowing race, three legged race, ball toss, tug-of-war. Since you aren’t in any club, I don’t think the club tug-of-war has anything to do with you.”

“Can I just go with ball toss?”

“You’re choosing the one you don’t stand out…at least two.”

“Ball toss and borrowing race.”

Amane did not want to embarrass himself before Mahiru, but the relay race and the sprints were where the sports clubs would show off. Amane would be out of place.

As for the three-legged race, he could not pair with Itsuki, who was on the opposition. Kadowaki was on his team, but he was not confident that he could match the speed and leg strength of the sports club members.

I’ll just choose something I won’t cause trouble in, he muttered, and Itsuki showed a wry smile.

“You really choose something that doesn’t stand out…ah, no, maybe you’ll stand out during the borrowing race.”

“I can’t really race after all.”

“You sure aren’t confident.”

Amane would want to avoid an outright tussle against the sports club. His safest option would be to choose the events the arts clubs would participate in.

“The problem is all the guys have to participate in the cavalry battle…and you’re on the other team.”

In this class, Amane was only on good terms with Itsuki and Kadowaki, though it was not that he never spoke to the other boys.

Kadowaki’s team might take Amane out of sympathy, but even though, Amane felt that there might be a strange awkwardness.

The cavalry battle was basically where classmates on good terms would team up. Amane knew he was a peripheral figure, and did not have much interest in the sports festival.

“Ah, that should be fine.”


“Yuuta, Kazu and Makoto want to be on the same team as you. See, right on cue?”

Amane looked over to where Itsuki pointed, and there were three boys waving at him. One of them was Kadowaki; Amane never really spoke to the other two.

However, he knew them to some extent.

Those two were on rather good terms with Kadowaki. “It’s a rare chance, but I hope you’ll get along with my friends.” Kadowaki once heartily chuckled, and these were the friends he referred to.

One of them was in the same track team as Kadowaki, adept at long distance running, and had a serious look. His name was Kazuya Hiiragi, the one Itsuki referred to as Kazu.

The other was  relatively short amongst the boys, Makoto Kuju, said to be rather weak by the girls.

Whenever he was not not with Amane’s group, Kadowaki would often spend time with them.

“Oy Fujimiya. Over here. Let’s team up for the cavalry battle.”

In the middle of this group was Kadowaki, who called out to Amane with his usual hearty smile. While Amane was feeling confused, Itsuki nudged him from behind. “Go on.”

He went over rather hesitantly, and was welcomed with a beaming Kadowaki.

“You haven’t teamed up right, Fujimiya? If you don’t mind, we hope you can team up with us.”

“I’m fine with that, but are you two fine?”


Answering first was the more honest looking Kuju.

“Yuuta and Kazuya are taller, and height wise, you’re most suitable.”

“Ah, I see…”

The rider would have much difficulty if the trio beneath were of varying heights, and would be slower as a result. Kuju might be the rider, and was worried about this.

Amane was taller, and was of similar heights next to Kadowaki and Hiiragi.

Amane was rather weak in terms of physique however. He was not as sturdy or nimble as them.

“You fine with that, Hiiragi?”

“Sure. We’re asking you because of this. We heard you’re on good terms with Yuuta, so I’m curious too.”

“Don’t worry. Fujimiya’s a good guy.”

“Well, you have the eye for people’s characters, so I’m not worried about that. More importantly, even if you ask me if I’m willing to get along, I won’t know without trying.”

Amane showed a wry smile at these blunt words, and Hiiragi stared at him unflinchingly.

This appraising look left Amane a little uncomfortable, but he did just join a group of friends who were well familiar with each other. It was to be expected why Hiiragi would do this.

“Anyway, please take care of me.”

Hiiragi showed a somewhat kind smile, and Amane had a feeling the former did not outright reject him. Amane too smiled, “Same here. Please take care of me.”