Chapter 109 – The Angel’s Borrowing Item

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 109 – The Angel’s Borrowing Item

The only events Amane had to participate were the ball toss, the borrowing race, and the cavalry battle all the boys had to participate. Thus, he was rather free.

Some particularly enthusiastic went for more than two, but Amane was not particularly invested in the sports festival, so he only registered for these two, and the group event.

Just to note, the ball toss ended.

There was not much passion in such a competition, and it was merely a matter of throwing balls into a basket hanging up there.

They had to snatch the thrown balls, but there were already lots of them, and no need to contest. The entire competition ended peacefully.

Chitose nudged Amane in the back, wanting him to be active, but there was no reason to stand out.

The ball toss was merely a game of picking a few balls, gathering them at a spot, and throwing them at a basket. It was nothing particularly outstanding, just a boorish repeat of actions.

The only matter of particular note was that they scored more than the White Team. it probably was because they were more accurate, and gathered the balls in the first place.

“You really choose the really boring events Amane~”

“Shut up. It’s your duty soon. Hurry on.”

“Ah, yes.”

Chitose looked at her schedule “Man, being a committee member sure is busy~” she grumbled as she went over to the organizing tent.

Then why did you sign up for the job?  he wondered, but it was a little too late.

He watched Chitose skip off, and scanned the schedule pinned on the tent pole.

There were only a few events left for the morning. This would include Amane’s last personal event, the borrowing race.

Once they ended, it would be lunch break, followed by the afternoon.

In other words, once the borrowing race ended, Amane was only left with the cavalry battle.

“…But seriously, she’s in charge of the borrowing race?”

Since she was taking over this time, it appeared Chitose would be in charge of the following events, and she would be the judge…Amane had a feeling she was aiming for this.

He did not know who would be deciding the items, but it was likely someone planned something, which scared him.

His heart suddenly felt heavy, but he went towards the gathering spot for the next event, the borrowing race. It appeared Mahiru too went for this event, for she was waiting silently over there.

There was nothing for them to talk about, so Amane did not speak up. The moment his eyes met Mahiru’s however, she smiled and nodded towards him.

They kept their distance outdoors, but Amane’s heart raced a little once he saw her give her usual smile.

Amane acknowledged her with a usual stoic look, but he was feeling uneasy inside.

And Chitose, organizing this sports festival, looked at Amane and Mahiru happily.

Once it was time for the event, the participants followed the instructions of the in-charge…Chitose, and went to the field.

There were lots of folded paper scattered on the field. On her command, they could then pick up these papers, and retrieve the item listed inside.

Unlike the other races, this borrowing race was rather leisurely, and the objective was to enjoy the borrowing process. They did not have to be so serious.

Depending on the listed item however, one might end up in a public execution. He had to be careful.

“All participants, please stand on the starting line.”

Chitose gave clear instructions through the microphone. She could be a proper emcee, assuming that she did not fool around. She had a cheery personality, was adept at reading the mood and situation, loud and clear, not too shrill, and could gather attention.

“On your marks.” she did not fool around at all for the time being, as all the students and staff were watching.

The gun however was held by another boy, so she was just in charge of the countdown.

“Get set” a beat after she called out, the airgun was fired.

The sound of this gunshot would always be bad for the heart, but Amane stoically jogged towards where the papers were put.

The faster runners had already opened the papers and read the contents. Amane followed them, picked up a folded one, and saw what was inside.

There were a few words in proper handwriting.

“Someone you think is pretty.”

He was asked to pick a person and not an item, but he did expect something like that.

He really want to comment about who would choose such topics, but luckily for him, he could somehow deal with this.

At the very least, it was not the hardest kind of question, ‘the person he likes’. He simply had to choose someone who was objectively pretty.

In other words, he had to call over the acclaimed beauty…which would be Mahiru. Once Mahiru was done borrowing her item, he would just have to bring her along to the finish line.

Though he might stand out if he be brought her along, it was the requirement. Everyone would think it was an appropriate decision once they knew what he had to take.

Such was his thought as he intended to look for Mahiru, who probably was looking for a piece of paper…someone grabbed at his T-shirt next to him.

Truth be told, she was pinching rather than grabbing. The hem was tugged at a few times, and he turned around skeptically.

Right before him was the person he was looking for, looking at him worriedly.

“Fujimiya-san, I will have to borrow you. Will you come along with me after you borrow what you need?”

“Eh, me?”


Amane never expected them to have to borrow each other.

In a certain sense, this was good, but he felt it was too obvious.

They were in the middle of the field however, and since Mahiru had already spoken to him, there was no point worrying about standing out.

Chitose, standing opposite the finishing line, smirked away as she looked at them.

I’ll remember this!

Well, Chitose was the one who wrote the papers, so these items were certainly part of her plan. He did not know what Mahiru drew, but since the latter chose him, he felt Mahiru would never budge on the answer.

“Ahh…anyway, what do you need to borrow?”

“It is a secret.”

Their items would be announced once they crossed the finish line, yet Mahiru was unwilling to speak up.

Amane could only sigh, and head towards the finish line.

“Well I need to borrow you too, let’s go to the finishing line together.”

“…What do you need to borrow, Fujimiya-san?”

“It’s a secret.”

He returned the same answer to her, and she smiled.

“We shall know once we cross the finish line, then.”

She said, and held Amane’s hand.

She ignored the buzz around them, and led Amane to the finish line.

Amane felt a little wince in his gut, but once he saw how elated Mahiru was, he felt it was to be expected. He thus realized the one who fell for the other would be disadvantaged.

Once they passed the field, which he could not bear to stay on, they crossed the finish line. A really delighted Chitose welcomed them.

Amane unwittingly clicked his tongue, and Chitose did not seem to mind.

“Huh, both of you are crossing the line together~? I do remember you two are participating in this.”

“Damn you, Chitose, what’s with you leering away? We’re borrowing each other.”

“Hahaha~ let’s see what you got then. Who’s first?”

“Fujimiya-san, please.”

Amane was shocked that Mahiru answered without hesitation. Chitose seemed to have understood as she pointed at Amane’s paper, perhaps wanting him to show her.

He probably felt there was no need to hide it, so he showed the paper to her.

Once she saw it, Chitose looked slightly disappointed.

Amane did not know what Chitose hoped for, but it seemed the result was not what she wanted.

Despite that, she regained her vigor, and beamed away as she brought the microphone to her mouth.

“Now we’re checking the item. Number 1 of the Red Team got…“Someone you think is pretty.”

Once they heard the question, there was a relieved vibe from everyone.

Amane made a safe choice. As far as he knew, there was no one in school prettier than Mahiru. He did think she was the cutest.

His opinion aside, bringing Mahiru over was really a normal choice.

There would be hostility since he arrived at the finish line along with her, but it appeared to have simmered because of the topic.

The issue was Mahiru’s item.

Amane did not know what she chose, but since she specifically chose him, he started to wonder if her listed item would mean the death of his peaceful school life.

Chitose received the paper from Mahiru, blinked away, and looked at Mahiru’s face.

Amane could not see the paper from his angle, but her experience seemed to be wondering, can I really say this?

What’s this item that needs me to be here?

Chitose’s reaction left Amane all the more nonplussed.

Mahiru’s smile remained so serene. In other words, she was fine with it being said out.

Once she understood Mahiru’s intent, Chitose showed her usual smile.

“Hmm~in that case, coming in at the same time is Number 1 of the White Team. The topic she got is…someone important.”

Once her voice resounded throughout the field, there was an immediate buzz at the students rest area.

Amane instinctively looked towards Mahiru, whose eyes met his, her pink lips showing a smile.

That smile was of a child who had successfully executed a prank, along with some tinge of bashfulness.

The one thing certain was that Mahiru looked towards Amane, wanting to know his reaction once he knew what her item was.

You little devil…

Always the deep thinker, Mahiru could easily visualize the surrounding reactions if she revealed her topic.

Despite that, Mahiru chose Amane as her borrowed item, to bring change into their relationship.

Henceforth, they would no longer be mere strangers.

She was not showing the beautiful smile she usually had at school, but a sincere one towards Amane. “Everyone’s going to ask us questions after this.” Amane groaned as he ruffled his hair.