Chapter 116 – The Angel and That Guy

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Chapter 116 – The Angel and That Guy

Once he got to the school compound, there were many more of them.

While Chitose was next to them, Amane and Mahiru obviously garnered much attention when they held hands walking into the classroom. “Woah, so many are looking.” Chitose noted nonchalantly, but Amane was still unused to the stares around them.

Mahiru herself might have been used to it, for she was walking very calmly. She held Amane’s hand firmly, probably intending to declare their relationship openly.

“The Angel and a boy…” “Shiina-san’s different from usual…” “That guy? He’s completely different from the one at the sports festival…” there were such voices on the corridor. Unfortunately, Amane was that ‘important person’ Mahiru mentioned at the sports festival.

Mahiru did not answer those voices, and instead showed the Angelic, sweet smile, dispersing it towards those around them.



“We are reaching the classroom. Are you fine with that?”

Mahiru asked right when they were about to reach the classroom.

“I’m fine. I was mentally prepared the moment I decided to show up like this.”

“…I see.”

“I guess everyone will be shocked though. Mahirun said you had a complete image change over the weekend, Amane.”

*Even I was shocked, *Chitose chuckled, and Amane started to regret it. Perhaps he should have told her, Itsuki and Kadowaki.

He dithered on this matter as he was embarrassed about revealing that they were overly dating, and did not mention it. He should have told those who cared for him though.



“Erm, sorry for not telling you.”

“No biggies. It started right after the sports festival ended, right? I guess you two were busy flirting with each other, and you don’t like to announce it through messages since you prefer to say it out. I don’t mind.”

Busy flirting.  Amane felt conflicted to recognize this, but in fact, they practically spent the entire yesterday clinging onto each other, and thought of nothing else.

And as Chitose said, since Amane had been in their care, he would have desired to tell them personally. Chitose found out before then however, and came to tease Amane, who confirmed this matter instead of revealing it.

“…Thank you.”

“Don’t mind. I worked hard to tie the red string of fate between you two, so worship me more~”

“Got it. I’ll treat you to the crepes at the station, Chitose-sama.”

“Alrighty then~”

Chitose joked, and Amane went along with it. While chatting, he entered the classroom alongside Mahiru.

“Ah, good morning Shiina-s…eh?”

The first to notice them were the first girls gathered near the classroom entrance.

They were seated on the table, chatting furiously when they noticed Mahiru enter the classroom, and lifted their heads…before noticing Amane holding Mahiru’s hand.

Their eyes then moved from the hands towards his face.

The expressions on their faces clearly were imply, who is this guy?

It was to be expected, for Amane never showed such an appearance before his classrooms.

A few might have seen like like that, but he never attended school with such an appearance as Amane Fujimiya. He might seem like a complete stranger to them.

However, Mahiru openly revealed that Amane was the important person to her during the sports festival the previous week, and the memory remained fresh in the students’ memories.

They could easily equate the boy holding hands with Amane if they put in a little .

Before they came to that conclusion, Amane let go of her hand, and went to his seat to put his stuff down.

It was to clearly indicate who he was.

And before he knew it, the classroom was quieter than usual.

The usually chatty classmates too were looking at Amane.

“Morning Fujimiya.”

Amidst this awkward silence, Kadowaki and Itsuki approached Amane with the usual smile.

He was glad that they recognized him, and treated him as usual.

“Morning, you two.”

“Say, have you finally seen the light?”

“Seen the light…well, I’d say she caught me, and I caught her back.”

Amane had discussed this matter with them many times, and Itsuki was the first to notice that Amane was interested in Mahiru. They immediately realized that Amane and Mahiru were dating, for Amane entered the classroom while holding hands in that style.

“Yeah congrats. I’m only on better terms with you recently, Fujiimiya. It’s not like we know each other for a long time, but I was really anxious for you two. I feel like I’ve finally waited for this moment to come.”

“I waited for half a year, you coward.”

“Shut up. It’s my fault, okay?”

In fact, Itsuki was probably feeling emotional watching Amane and Mahiru get closer to each other. “It’s been a long time.” he nodded away as he muttered.

For good or bad, Itsuki did give Amane much help, and gave him a push, or rather, a kick in his back. Amane was grateful for Itsuki’s efforts; though the latter was sometimes too much of a busybody, he had been cheering on the dithering Amane.

Of all the people Amane knew, Itsuki was probably the one giving the most blessings to this relationship.

“So you decided to dress up like this.”


“Ah, but I really am not used to this. It’s a strange feeling.”

“Yeah. Never saw that ever since that incident.”

Kadowaki last saw Amane like this during Golden Week, which was about a month ago. It was natural for him to still be unused to Amane’s image when he only saw that once. Mahiru was the only one used to seeing Amane like this.

And that Mahiru in turn had Chitose cling onto her and pat her head, while they were surrounded by other classmates.

The classroom was really quiet, and even though Amane was a little far away from them, he could hear what they were asking Mahiru. Well, he would have known what they were asking even if he could not hear.

“Erm, Fujimiya-kun!”

Man, she sure has it tough, Amane thought as he looked over, only for him to be talked to.

Amane then turned to the voice, and found a few girls clearly giving him excited looks, huddling around him.

Amane really was somewhat inept at dealing with girls, and this situation was bad for his gut. He knew this would happen however, so he looked towards them unflinchingly.

“…What is it?”

“Wow, it’s really you, Fujimiya-kun! It shocks me how you’re different from the one I know!”

“That’s a huge change in impression.”

“Yes yes! You look really plain the last time.”

“It’s a little rude to call him plain, you know?”

“Ah, sorry Fujimiya-kun.”

“It’s fine. You’re not wrong to say that.”

Amane was nearly devoured by the vigor shown by the girls, but he did his best not to get caught in their pace, and showed a wry smile.

They were completely right, so he did not want to refute them, and was not angry.

He was the one who remained plain looking, and he did not want to stand out in personality, so he maintained an impression of a a harmless, honest guy in class.

It appeared everyone in class had dismissed Amane as an ordinary boy.

It was no wonder then that they were troubled by this sudden change.

“That’s quite a huge change in impression.”

“Yeah. Is this weird?”

“No no no, I think you look a lot better.”

“It’s more like, we’re shocked to see you become so handsome.”

“I guess my efforts aren’t wasted if you say that.”

Amane felt embarrassed to be praised directly, but it was pointless for him to deny it. He did learn that it was bad to be overly humble sometimes, so he graciously accepted this praise.

He tried his best to give a gentle expression as much as possible as he nodded, and they smiled back happily.

“Say, can I ask something?”

“Please do, if it’s something I can answer.”

“I’m wondering, was it you who walked alongside Shiina-san back then, Fujimiya-kun?”

I guess the question’s finally here,  Amane wondered.

It was a matter of time until someone asked, so he decided to answer and address his views on this matter.

Their classmates were probably pricking their ears at this conversation. If he declared it, it was likely that news would spread throughout the entire school.

“Yes, it’s me.”

“A-are you two dating? I saw you two holding hands while coming to school…”

“Yeah. Thanks to everyone, we started dating last week.”

Once Amane confirmed this, there were agitated shrieks in the class. He could hear some voices of despair and grumbles by the boys, but he decided to ignore them.

After all, the boys would be asking him further questions; he would handle them when they come.

“Erm, how did you and that Shiina-san…”

“It started last year, and our relationship just naturally improved. Isn’t that right, Mahiru?”


It appeared Mahiru was done answering her questions, but it was more likely that she felt a conversation with Amane would make things much easier, as she approached him with a beaming face.

Once she stood next him, she showed a beautiful smile at the girls questioning Amane, while being so close to him, they were about to touch.

“It is a little difficult to explain, but after many things have happened, we started dating. I had a crush on him, so I am really happy now…it feels like we were boasting when we came here while holding hands.”

Mahiru put her hand on Amane’s, just as they did while going to school. Amane gave a wry smile as he in turn held her hand.

“No, I think I fell for you first.”

“It was me, no? Either way, you would not confess, Amane-kun.”

“Sorry about that. I confessed properly, forgive me.”

“…I think I confessed first.”

“I’ll do so properly next time.”

“What are you planning to do?”

“…Who knows?”

There was only one objective a couple would have, and Mahiru would understand if she put some thought into it…but she merely felt skeptical.

Amane felt that he should not say it at this point, and that he was not of the appropriate age to take responsibility, so he decided to keep it to himself. It seemed these words would never fade even after many years,

He hoped to keep these words to himself until then, when he intended to personally say it to her.

Mahiru lifted her head unhappily towards him as he pulled a fast one on her, but once he patted her head, her dissatisfaction was quelled.

“…You are fooling me again.”

“I will say it later. Let me off for now, please.”


She verbally expressed her unhappiness, but her face looked elated.

She hurriedly covered her increasingly blushing face however, having noticed something.

Amane did not know what was going on as he looked around, and found his classmates remaining silent.

Their stares were gathered upon the two of them.

I messed up.

Amane did intend to show how good their relationship was, and to lay down the fact that he was Mahiru’s boyfriend. He however did not intend to converse with her as he usually did at home.

And once he carelessly patted her head, it was obvious what their classmates would think.

“…Amane, you two are just unwittingly flirting. Take note of that.”

Even Itsuki, dubbed part of the original bakauple, reminded Amane. The latter hastily removed his hand from Mahiru, bit his lips, and tried to prevent showing the heat rising up his cheeks.