Chapter 138 – The First Day Ends

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Chapter 138 – The First Day Ends

“Mahiru-chan, go take a bath.”

After the dinner reunion, it was time to enter the bath. Mahiru was sitting next to Amane, watching the TV and Mahiru said to her.

“May I do so later…”

“You’re a guest though. Don’t be shy. If you’re not willing to do so alone, I can lend Amane to you.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Shihoko said something increasing with a smile, and Amane naturally frowned.

Lending Amane would mean having him bath together with Mahiru. Amane did not think Mahiru would agree to it. She already had issues with wearing a swimsuit, and certainly would not think about going completely naked.

As expected, Mahiru’s face was blushing completely.

She glanced aside at Amane, and blushed further than before. Surely she imagined his body, and got all the more embarrassed.

Amane too was the same, and might be indescribably embarrassed to think more about it. Thus, he could not allow himself to think too much.

“I-it is really too much, erm, to go naked…”

“Oh my, do I prepare more towels?”

“Erm, no…”

“Dear dear dear, you don’t have to be so embarrassed though? Shuuto-san and I often bathe together.”


“Don’t take them seriously Mahiru. Dad and mom do often bathe together, but we don’t have to.”

Shihoko clearly suggested so as teasing.

Amane’s parents were always lovey-dovey. They would definitely hold hands while going on, smile at each other, and when sleeping, would share the same bed.

In many ways, they truly loved each other. Their son might find it awkward, but they were famous locally for being such sweethearts.

They bathed together in the name of bonding as a couple. Shihoko suggested this so that Amane and Mahiru could get closer together, rather than teasing him outright.

Either way, they’re being busybodies.

If they were to bathe together, Amane might turn the bathwater red, and was left awkward about it.

“Oh my, young man, will this do?”

“What do you mean, will this do? There’s no way I can do this back home.”

“You don’t sound like you aren’t opposed to it.”

“…I’ll have to negotiate with Mahiru.”

Amane thoroughly realized that the ‘we shall negotiate’, which he heard Mahiru use these words days ago at the pool, was such a convenient line.

Mahiru’s eyes swam bashfully, but she might really be opposed to bathing together, and could only try to pass off this matter.

Truth be told, Amane knew of shame even as a youth, and understood that both sides would die for personal reasons, but he really admired what his parents did. He might not actually do so though.

“Alright, just ignore my mom and go bathe.”

“Y-yes. I shall do so.”

“You really are a wimp Amane. Go on now, Mahiru-chan.”

Amane sent off Mahiru to fend off Shihoko, who might keep going forever, and returned to the living room.

Shuuto chuckled as he heard this conversation, and once he saw Amane’s cringing face, his lips showed a wry smile.

“Shihoko-san, don’t tease them too much~”

Shihoko would calm down whenever Shuuto chimed in. Amane was really grateful for Shuuto.

“…But leaving that aside, that is a great idea though?”

“You too dad? Spare me already.”

…If not for the fact that he too joined in on the teasing.

Amane’s face was immediately weary, and Shuuto showed a peaceful smile.

Once Mahiru was done bathing, Amane was next.

Amane had to do so quickly, for his parents would be making out in the bathtub.

He passed by Mahiru, who just left the bath. His heart jolted, and he quickly entered the bath.

He could not remain for long, for he often thought, “If I share the same bathwater as Mahiru…” and nearly fainted from heatstroke.

Once done, his parents went to the bathroom. He and Mahiru were the only ones at the living room.

“Th-they really love each other.”

Mahiru had to utter so when she saw Shuuto reach for Shihoko’s waist and go to the bathroom.

“They’ve been like this ever since I was aware of my surroundings. I’m used to it.”

“…I think your family is nice.”

“Thanks, though sometimes it hurts my heart.”


Amane put his hand on his chest, and stuck at tongue out. Mahiru covered her lips and giggled.

“…But just to ask, are you fine living here? Not feeling tired?”

“Not at all. They have treated me very well…erm, like a daughter…”

“Well, my parents wanted a daughter. I guess they probably will dote on any cute girl that comes here.”


Since his parents wanted a daughter, naturally, they welcomed Mahiru elatedly.

Of course, Mahiru’s personality was an important reason. Shihoko was thus so fond and concerned about her.

Mahiru might be a little embarrassed about the word cute, and there was a slight redness on her face.

“After I grew up, my parents wanted someone who can fawn over them. Go ahead and do so. If there’s anything you need or any place you want them to bring you to, you can look for them, you know?”

If Mahiru wanted anything, Amane’s parents, especially Shihoko, would happily fulfill it for her.

“I-I guess fawning is out of the question…but.”


“I, have a little desire, to go out with everyone…”

Because I admire those families who go out together, Mahiru quipped very softly, her breathing seemingly louder. The moment he heard that, Amane felt his chest being gripped at.

Mahiru was on bad terms with her parents. Shihoko and Shuuto would probably be a real family to her.

Amane thought that they could be a family, but it was not something he could decide, so he would not say so.

“I see. I’ll tell mom, but since you don’t know where to go, I’ll just let her decide where she wants to go.”

Amane did not mention that, and decided that the whole family would spend time with Mahiru instead.

“I guess we’ll go to a leisure facility or a shopping mall. If there’s anywhere you want to go, you better mention it. Mom will bring you to weird places, you know?”

“Fufu, I am fine going anywhere with you, Amane-kun.”

“If you say that, mom’s definitely going to bring us to strange places…”

Mahiru smiled happily once she heard Amane’s words. Amane was quietly relieved, and once he mentioned the strange places he went to, she giggled happily.