Chapter 14 – The Angel and the Class’ Prince

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 14 – The Angel and the Class’ Prince

“Oy, are you now the energetic type who likes to wear shorts all year round?”

Amane was feeling a little melancholic during Monday’s gym class. He was bad at that, and in this freezing weather, all he could do was wear a pair of jersey shorts.

Long sleeve jerseys were commonplace in this season, but everything beneath Amane’s knees were exposed, and thus, he stood out.

“Not at all. I just forgot.”

“You’re an idi.”

“Shut up.”

He did not meet Mahiru during the weekend, and did not retrieve his pants from her, thus the situation. But he could not say this to Itsuki, so he said he forgot.

He could take being laughed at, but when Itsuki gleefully slapped him on the back, he retaliated.

Itsuki groaned like usual, and Amane merely sighed as he looked aside.

They were at the grounds, but the girls were at the same area running their own activities , so they could spot the girls around. There were more people around, for there were two classes attending lessons together.

They were having a track meet or something and appeared to be waiting, so they were looking towards the boys.

“Do your best, Kadowaki-kun!!”

Typically, the boys and girls would have separate classes, but the girls’ presence had the boys riled up… the girls were looking towards the famous handsome boy, Amane’s classmate Yuuta Kadowaki.

Amane never really talked to him, but he knew Yuuta was really popular, had good grades, and was the ace of the track team. Also, he was really popular with the girls.

Amane felt that yeah, maybe the heavens would bless some with a few talents here and there, but the other boys did not take it well, a few of them scowling away.

“Ohh ohh, he’s still as popular as ever.”

“I guess.”

“You’re not interested?”

“We don’t really have anything going on. Even as classmates, we don’t talk. It’s fine.”

Amane felt that Kadowaki was not hurting him in any way, and since they had nothing going on, he would care less about the latter.

He understood that he was in the minority, but he was not jealous of Kadowaki as the other boys in his class.

No matter how perfect Kadowaki might seem, he felt there was no point in feeling jealous.

“You don’t seem very jealous there, Amane.”

“What, you want me to say, gosh I’m so jealous of his popularity?”

“That’s not like you.”

Amane gave a snickering Itsuki a bored look and looked towards a smiling Kadowaki, still basking in the cheers of the girls.

To the boys, he had an ideal body, a sweet looking face, and truly resembled a prince. In fact, his nickname was the Prince, because there was no obvious flaw to him at first glance.

He waved his hand in the face of their passionate eyes and shrill voices, and Amane thought to himself that Yuuta was truly a socialite.

“Well, the Prince’s really popular.”

“Of course. I can’t make such a smile.”

“The girls sure are getting excited.”

Itsuki himself had no apparent interest in the other girls, because he doted on his girlfriend Chitose dearly. He spoke as though it had nothing to do with him.

Chitose herself seemed to have no interest in Kadowaki, and Itsuki probably did not worry that Kadowaki would have such feelings for Chitose either.

This school has way too many embarrassing nicknames like Prince and Angel.

Speaking of the Angel Mahiru, Amane wondered if she was resting well.

It appeared she did not leave her house on the weekend and probably rested quietly. He did not know how her recovery was going.

It so happened that they were having gym class with Mahiru’s, so Amane scanned around, and spotted the outstanding, beautiful girl in a corner of the grounds, despite her being amongst the crowd.

She did not change into her gym clothes and was not among those attending the lessons. She was probably just watching.

So she sat there quietly, watching, and garnered the stares of quite a few boys.

Those they were far apart, Amane and Mahiru’s eyes met, and he awkwardly looked aside, while her lips curved to form a faint smile.

And because the smile was directed at Amane…or rather, the group of boys, “Was she smiling at me?” “Of course it’s me!” everyone else just exploded.

“This is a good chance. I must showcase my good points for Shiina-san.”

“Can’t have the Prince steal the show.”

A simple smile triggered so many reactions, and one had to wonder if they were amazing or mere simpletons.

“… They’re simple-minded.”

Itsuki echoed the same sentiments, and Amane chuckled.

“Well, this affects our grades, so let’s do our best here.”

“What, are you working hard after seeing the Angel too, Amane?”

“No, I said I don’t have any interest in her.”

“Well, of course, you don’t have interest in anything after all.”

My girlfriend’s great right? As Itsuki began to boast about his girlfriend again, Amane brushed him off with a few affirmatives as he gave a wry smile in Mahiru’s direction.