Chapter 140 – Excluded

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 140 – Excluded

The third day they returned, Mahiru had completely adapted to Amane’s house.

“Ah, Mahiru-chan, well done.”

The trio were in the kitchen, dressed in aprons, happily making sweets. Amane had no combat ability with this, and was not invited to the party. He could only sit in the living room, and watch them afar.

Since Mahiru came from afar, Shihoko and Shuuto were concerned about everything regarding Mahiru, to the point of prioritizing her over their own son. They were already living together happily.

They really wanted to dote on the honest and cute girlfriend of their own son, which he understood, and was happy about.

He did not think he needed their care, and was fine with that, but he naturally felt very conflicted to be sidelined.

Mahiru was clearly happy to be doted so lovingly by Shihoko and Shuuto, and of course, Amane too was happy about it.

She really yearned a harmonious family. Amane felt he was fine with a little discrimination against himself since she could have this familial feeling.

The only thing troubling him was that his parents cared for Mahiru too much, and that his time with Mahiru was reduced.

Well, we’ll be together once we get back. That should be fine.

Amane knew that once they got back home, they would practically be alone together the entire time. Nevertheless, he felt very conflicted.

In any case, Mahiru was being very cordial with his parents, who were really concerned with her, so he left the living room, and retreated to his room, escaping from this unpleasing feeling.

He sat cross legged before the foldable table, and opened the textbooks he brought along.

He had nothing to do, and most of his entertainment stuff were sent to his present house, so he could only spend his time doing so. Either way, they would have tests right after summer vacation, and he had to study, even if it was for the sake of maintaining his rank. He already liked to study to begin with, and did not find it a chore.

He silently spent his time studying, as any proper student would.

The textbooks were all very new, but he had ease doing so due to his daily hard work. He did not slack off as he wanted to remain next to Mahiru, as his parents would desire, and show the results that were visible.

He marked a red circle as he answered, while thinking to himself that the kitchen was certainly lively. There were a few careless mistakes, but he got most of them correct. He heaved a sigh, but felt a displeasure that should have faded in this quiet space.

I should be spending my time alone, but now I don’t like it when I don’t have anyone next to me. When did this happen?

There was no doubt it was because of Mahiru.

He had taken Mahiru’s existence for granted, and started to feel annoyed about being alone.

He twirled the red pen out of boredom, and sighed silently.

He was soon done with the textbooks, and it was something he should be delighted with, but he sighed. Right when he was about to put the pen down for the mechanical pencil, there were three knocks on the door.


Once she was done knocking, Mahiru’s cautious voice rang.

Amane assumed she was cooking at the kitchen, but then he saw it was past 2pm, and they should be done.

“What is it?”

“Nothing. Erm, just that you disappeared…”

“I’m just studying. Nothing to do after all.”

Amane never expected two hours to pass, and this showed how focused he was. To be precise, it was due to the many thoughts he had that he focused on his studies, wanting to purge them.

“…I see. Erm, may I enter?”

“You can, but you aren’t going to chat with them?”

“…I wish to talk with you, Amane-kun.”

Perhaps Mahiru was still being clingy towards Amane, for she would not have any reason to look for him at his room.

He realized his immaturity, but naturally, he could not shoo Mahiru away, ‘come in’, he said, and opened the door for her.

Once he- did, he found Mahiru beyond the door, holding a tray, looking inside timidly.

There were two servings of cafe au lait and profiterole on the tray. It seemed they were just made

“Please excuse me…”

Mahiru entered courteously, and Amane too was a little awkward.

He hastily kept aside his textbooks and stationery, took out a cushion for Mahiru to sit on, and received the tray from her, putting it on the table.

The profiterole were well done and so pretty; it could easily be put on display at a cake shop. Since Mahiru made them, they should be delicious.

“I just made them, so they probably are not too cold…”

“Oh thanks.”

Amane was really grateful that Mahiru brought them here, and thanked her earnestly. For some reason, she lowered her eyelids awkwardly.

“…Are you not angry, Amane-kun?”


“Y-you seem a little moody, and not approachable.”

It seemed Mahiru too realized that.

However, she was mistaken, as Amane was not angry at all. He felt conflicted and lonely, but not furious. His parents and Mahiru were not at fault, and Amane was the only feeling moody.

“I’m not angry. I’m just feeling lonely that you got taken away, Mahiru.”


“Sorry, I know you get along really well with my mom, but I’m just pouting on my own.”

*I’m rather childish huh, *Amane shrugged, and took a sip of the cafe au lait Mahiru brought to him.

He knew Mahiru really yearned for a family, and he should have watched over her with a smile. The problem was that Amane did not feel that he belonged, and ran away.

He felt that he should be fine as long as Mahiru was happy, but he did not like to be left behind, and chose to be alone. He was the one who was angry, and of course, he would not vent his frustrations on his parents.

He put the mug down, and took a short breath. Mahiru watched him silently…and leaped into his chest.

Actually, she was leaning into his chest, and Amane was troubled by this sudden skinship.

He did not know what happened to her, but in any case, he patted her on the back to coax her. Mahiru slowly lifted her head, and stared intently at Amane’s eyes.

“…I am glad to be with Shihoko-san, but my most enjoyable time is with you, Amane-kun.”

She muttered, and cautiously leaned her lips on his cheeks.

Her face left Amane’s by the time he felt the little softness.

Her cheeks were red unlike before, and her eyes were moist. Amane then kissed Mahiru on her soft cheeks.

…Man, I’m like an idiot.

It was too foolish of him to pout and grumble by himself, even though Mahiru had such deep bonds with him.

Once again, he understood how much she liked him, the overwhelming emotions conveyed on the silky cheek.

Amane was unused to kissing, even though it was on the cheek. The same for Mahiru, who shivered a little whenever Amane’s lips approached.

Initially, Mahiru wanted to run away from the shame, but he embraced and touched her, and she entrusted herself to him, gently narrowing her eyes.

Sometimes, Mahiru too would kiss back at his cheek. She truly was adorable, and Amane embraced her with all his might.

“…Say Mahiru.”

After kissing each other on the cheeks for a while, Amane looked towards Mahiru’s eyes.

In return, she looked back with a bashful, somewhat delighted, and yet relaxed look.

“Erm, shall we go out together tomorrow? Mom and dad have to work?”

“Two of us?”

“I haven’t brought you around here before. It’s about the same as where we’re living thought, nothing really special.”

Amane only suggested this with the idea that the two of them would be alone, and Mahiru widened her eyes, showing a smile more relaxed than when they were kissing.

“Yes…erm, I am fine to accompany you anywhere if it is the two of us, Amane-kun.”


“I do want to remain like this for a while…Shihoko-san and Shuuto-san wanted me to accompany you.”

“Those busybodies…wait, they aren’t. It’s just me being useless. They saw through me.”

It appeared his parents were concerned.

Amane found himself to be so foolish, he chortled, and his body shook as he slowly let go of Mahiru.

It appeared Mahiru was disappointed that Amane had let go of her, “I want your dessert though.” he pointed at the profiterole however, and she bashfully lowered her eyes.

“…Shall we eat together?”


So Amane stopped hugging her, sat next to her, and held her hand. She showed a warm smile.