Chapter 157 – The Adamant Murmur

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 157 – The Adamant Murmur

“…So, what shall I do if I meet that man?”

Mahiru continued to lean on Amane’s chest, and Amane asked while he gently patted her head. She then slowly lifted her head, and stared back at him with a peaceful look.

Her eyes showed no pain or hesitation, and he relaxed, looking back at her. Mahiru seemed a little gaudy to be stared at, and lowered her eyebrows.

“…I think you may do whatever you want, Amane-kun.”

“You don’t want to ask me what I want to do?”

He thought she would not let him interfere, but she slowly shook her head.

“No…it would be a different matter if we met him together, or if I met him alone. Since you met that man alone, Amane-kun, I shall not say comment on what you intend to do. Of course, I wish you will inform me first.”

“…I see. So you mean you’re not willing to get involved?”

“Yes…if he has something to say to me, he should go up to me and say something, and send me a letter. It is strange of him to hide and observe. I shall not do anything if he is not looking for me, and I shall ignore him.”

Mahiru was really skeptical of the man resembling her father, but it seemed she would not take the initiative to look for him. Amane probably would do the same if he was in Mahiru’s  shoes, but she chose to ignore him even though she had a chance to be sure, and once again, he understood how grave the dispute between Mahiru and her parents.

Once again, she buried her head into Amane’s chest, fawning about. “I see.” Amane merely answered, cupped her knees and back, and put her on his lap.

He gently chuckled when she showed a shocked look, and kissed her on the forehead to console her. She quickly turned beetroot, and buried her face into his chest, hiding it.

She seemed a little forceful compared to before, probably because she wanted to hide her embarrassment, and it felt like a headbutt into his chest. She looked so adorable that Amane had to chuckle.

“…Well, I’m not you, and I can’t say much to your family…I think it’s best for me to follow your wishes though, so I’ll support your decision.”

Amane was still an outsider. Of course, this was merely ‘something happening now’.

He would never probe further into her family situation, and would only supporting her silently by the side as long as she wished for him not to go further.

Despite that, Amane decided to remain by her side. No matter her family situation, he wanted her.

If Mahiru said she wanted to flee her family, Amane was adamant about fulfilling it.

“Yes.” so she nodded and seemingly muttered once she heard his words. He put his hand on her head.

“Relax, I’ll steal you away if anything happens.”

Amane muttered with a voice Mahiru could barely hear, and chuckled jokingly. Mahiru then abruptly lifted her face towards him, her face redder than before, and he played dumb as he ruffled her hair.