Chapter 164 – Angel and the Shaved Ice

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Chapter 164 – Angel and the Shaved Ice

“Time for some shaved ice next~!”

The four of them began strolling again, and they stopped upon hearing Chitose’s words. They did pass the shaved ice stall, and there should be one before them, but since they did not know where that would be be, it would be a little quicker for them to retract their footsteps.

“What kind of stomach is capable of storing that much…”

“This kind~”

Chitose slapped at her tummy, but one could only see the slender waist that was somehow comparable to Mahiru’s . It was amazing to think a stomach of this size could store yakisoba, fried chicken and fried squid.

Where did the food go…so Amane wondered as he stared at the belly with a serious look. It appeared Mahiru too had the same thoughts, for she showed a wry smile.

“You do not get fat, Chitose-san. I am really envious of how slender you are.”

“It’s skinny thin. And the skin’s tight.”

“Ehehe~ praise me more, you two.”

“Chii’s really skinny…and it really feels like it when I hug her.”

Itsuki was often touchy-feely with Chitose, so he would know how thin she was. He was of middle build, and was not that fat, but Chitose was glaringly thin whenever they were together, and she really stood out.

Also, she had some muscles on her, but they were thin, and were not too taut. Clearly those were proof of her hard work.

“You’re not fat even though you eat so much.”

“I have good metabolism.”

“Well Chii isn’t the type to get fat easily, though this meansother parts can’t grow.”

“…Ikkun, come here.”

Itsuki heard Chitose’s monotonous voice despite her beaming smile, and instantly realized he spoke too much.

After all, she was fuming as he mentioned the part she was sensitive about, moreso especially since it was her boyfriend who mentioned it.

“Sorry I misspoke so please don’t kick my calf.”

“But you always say that even after I tell you so, right~? Shall we have a chat there?”

A smiling Chitose dragged Itsuki by the elbow, and Amane merely gave Itsuki his respects.

“You had to open your mouth…”

“You said anything?”


Amane did not want to incur her ire, flatly denied so, and turned to awkward Mahiru next to him, and deliberately smiled at her, hinting to her to ignore Itsuki’s plea for help.

“What flavor of shaved ice, Mahiru?”


“Okay sure, let’s go buy some. Chitose, we’ll be off for some shaved ice. Just have fun there…”


Chitose intimidated Itsuki with a smile, and turned back, answering with a smile. Amane smiled back, tugged Mahiru by the end, and went down the road they came from.

They bought the shaved ice, and returned, but Chitose’s lecture did not end.

From afar, Amane saw the duo interact earnestly, and shrugged. He then looked towards Mahiru, who was wryly smiling, still clinging onto his elbow.

“…They’re not done yet?”

“They really are on good terms.”

“I guess that’s how they flirt, just that Chitose’s a little angry.”


Amane knew that Chitose was not really outright angry, and did not stop those two. He handed the cup of shaved ice to Mahiru.

“Here Mahiru.”

“Thank you very much. Your shaved ice…is a little bitter.”

“I wanted ujikintoki, but they don’t sell those.”

On a side note, Amane chose matcha.

He would have bought ujikintoki if there was, but it was difficult for the store to prepare red bean paste and shiratama dango, so he could only compromise.”

“So you do eat such sweets. I do remember that you do not normally eat them.”

“Well, I don’t dislike them, just that I don’t really go out of the way just to eat them. I like the bean fillings though, especially those with full red beans.”

Amane simply would not do that, but if there were sweets, he would eat them. The only desserts he would crave were custard types, but he hardly ate them, and thus he did not really have any impression of liking them.

He liked those with bean fillings however, for red beans really went well with matcha and green tea. The bitterness and sweetness would mesh with each other very well, and he was rather fond of it.

“I see…but it is troublesome to cook beans, and tiring to make anything, no?”

“It’s amazing how you started thinking about cooking beans, Mahiru. We can just buy some…”

One typically would not think of starting from the red beans. Red bean bags were sold out there, and most would choose to buy them, considering the labor and time required.

It appeared Mahiru’s first thought was to make some.

“I want people to eat delicious food. I cannot control the sweetness of what is sold out there, and most do not necessarily preserve the texture of the beans.”

Mahiru smiled, saying that she wanted Amane to have delicious food. Amane felt sorry and overwhelmed with love once he heard those moving words, and did not know whether he should relax or tense up.

“…I’ll have some matcha pudding with red bean paste then. And dorayaki.”

“Fufu, sure~, leave it to me.”

I can do anything as long as it is for you, Amane-kun, she said these words that might not seem an exaggeration from her, and had a mouthful of shaved ice. Amane was indescribably embarrassed, and too put the shaved ice to his mouth to hide his shame.