Chapter 167 – Angel and the Glutton

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 167 – Angel and the Glutton

“Fuah~, full full~”

“Where in the world did all that suff go…?”

After a stroll around the stalls, Chitose patted her revealed belly, and look relaxed and satisfied.

That belly was a little puffier compared to before, but Chitose remained thin. One either had to amazed or dumbfounded at how much food she could store.

“Phew~ sure feels different eating at a festival.”

“Good that you’re happy…but don’t overeat it.”

“I don’t usually eat this much~ I’m controlling this~”

Chitose did have a slender body, and what she said was plausible. Amane was still worried that she might have overeaten. Since she was fine with that, he had nothing to lecture her own.

“Anyway, you sure you full, Amane? I don’t think I’ve seen you eat much.”

“Hmm…I intend to eat a little once I get home. Mahiru cooled some stock, so I probably will pour some onto instant rice and make some cold chazuke.”

“Sounds delicious.”

“You still can eat…?”

The stalls looked good, but Mahiru’s cooking was a better choice to end the day with. Amane intended to make some rice with the stock she made, and did not eat too much, but he did not think Chitose would still have some appetite.

Please eat it next time, Mahiru noted wryly once she saw Chitose’s appetite. They saw her eat yakisoba, fried chicken, frankfurters, a fried squid she bought with Mahiru, chocolate banana, and shaved ice. Any boy would be full by now, and Mahiru was probably worried for Chitose’s stomach.

Amane stared at Chitose’s slender waist, wondering where the food went. “You perv.” Chitose noticed that stare, and squealed as she turned aside, so Amane gave her a blank stare.

“We’ll observe more of Chitose’s appetite next time. Let’s leave that aside.”

“Woah, you’re cold.”

“What are you plans? It’s about time to head back now, right?”

They did go through the entire place once, and nights arrived late during the summer, but the sky was darkening. It was going to be 8.30pm, Amane and Mahiru’s places were far away, and it should be time for them to leave considering the travel time.

Even though Itsuki was around, it was a bad idea to have Chitose out late at night.

“Hm~ we can go back now, but I’m staying over at Mahirun’s place tonight, no?”


“I did put my stuff at her place~ and she already agreed, you know?”

*RIght~? *Chitose grinned at Mahiru, who nodded with a wry smile.

On a side note, Amane did not have to worry as Mahiru did not look displeased, but he hoped Chitose would have informed beforehand. After all, Amane would be the one buying ingredients, so he would have to buy three persons’ worth.

Chitose continue to show a triumphant look, *I should have asked Amane beforehand, *and Itsuki lamented so. It was pitiful to see Itsuki return home alone, but he had no change of clothes, and Amane could not help him there.

“…Mahiru agreed, so that should do it, right?”

“Oh my Amane-kun, you don’t like it that Mahiru’s taken away~?”

“Why should I be jealous of a girl? I know she’s mine, so it doesn’t matter.”

He was instead jealous that those of the same gender could come and go into the same house as they pleased, rather than not wanting Chitose to be so clingy.

He did agree to visit Mahiru’s house, but he had to will himself, and was jealous that Chitose could come and go as she pleased.

He did not rue the fact that Chitose would be visiting, so he shrugged, and MAhiru continued to blush as she scampered towards Chitose.

“…Chitose-san, that is what I mean. Amane-kun has been like this recently…”

“Oh my~ looks like you have it tough, Mahirun~”

“What’s with that face?”


RIght Mahirun~? Chitose leered in a different manner from when she sought Mahiru’s opinion. The latter nodded silently as she clung onto Chitose, looking towards Amane bashfully.