Chapter 179 – Freedom after Tests

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 179 – Freedom after Tests

The tests ended in the blink of an an eye.

Amane and Mahiru easily dealt with them as they never slacked on it, and the tests were finally over.

Chitose, who became a corpse after the hellish period, “I’m free~” burst out with joy, hands raised, on the last day of the tests.

“Ahh, I’m so tired~! I survived thanks to you two!”

“Wait for the results before you say that you survived.”

“Don’t be a debbie downer~ I feel completely released~! Mahirun Mahirun, let’s go enjoy ourselves with a tea party at the cafe~!”

“I do not mind. Erm, Amane-kun…”

“I’m planning to go out with Itsuki, so you two can enjoy yourself. Give me a holler if you’re returning home late. I’ll pick you up.”

Chitose, who was all weary from the last minute cramming of topics, regained her joy, and Amane was not going to stop them.

Though he and Mahiru were lovers, they should respect each other’s time. He was not so petty to nitpick about her interacting with her friend, and should probably let her enjoy her time.

Mahiru seemed relieved when Amane heartily nodded and agreed. I shall do so then, she smiled courteously, and decided to go out with Chitose.

A beaming Chitose led Mahiru out of the classroom by the hand. Amane watched the latter’s back, and Itsuki smiled as he slapped Amane’s back.

“When did you say you have plans with me?”

“Right now.”

They never did, but Amane said this so that Mahiru could enjoy herself. Itsuki probably noticed what Amane was planning, and did not comment.

“Alright alright, nobody’s at home anyway, so I don’t mind.”

“And I want you to treat me to a burger.”


“The cat ears at the karaoke.”

“You know about that? Shiina-san actually blurted it out huh.”

Itsuki chuckled without remorse, and Amane slapped at Itsuki’s back with a little more force, glaring at him and implying that while it was fine for him to show Mahiru that, Itsuki should have informed Amane.

He was unwittingly surprised, rather than furious. He doted on Mahiru, and felt that this trivial thing was nothing as long as Mahiru was happy.

“I’ll tell you next time. What kind of photo shall I use next time.”

“You’re not reflecting on your actions, oy.”

It seemed Itsuki had more photos of Amane in his phone. Amane frowned at the former’s leer, but did not reproach further, and instead let him off with a little glare.

Mahiru and Chitose were probably having tea at the cafe. Amane and Itsuki arrived at the burger shop.

It was a fast food restaurant often frequented by chit-chatting high school students, and besides Amane and ITsuki, there were others of the same school uniform, along with students from other schools.

Amane made his order, took the served food, sat at his seat, scanned around, and shrugged.

“There’s quite a lot of people here.”

“Hm, I think it’s not just us. The other schools are done with tests it seemed. Got some friends from other schools who told me this.”

“Well, there’s always a mock paper right after vacation. They’re rather active though.”

“Say Amane, it’s weird how you’re being so casual about this…ah whatever, let’s hurry and eat first.”

Itsuki looked a little dumbfounded, but it seemed he might have given up as he quickly said these words, eating the french fries.

Amane too followed suit as he unwrapped the burger that was Itsuki’s treat, and took a bite.

The taste was familiar, but Amane felt something was lacking. Perhaps a year’s worth of Mahiru’s cooking made his tongue all picky. Of course, there was value to junk food, but he felt Mahiru’s cooking was the best.

“…You’re the one asking me for a treat, but it looks like you’re yearning Shiina-san’s cooking.”

“Actually…yeah. This is decent, but there’s the best cooking out there. I’m grateful to be treated to though.”

“Okay okay, since you two are on such good terms…just get married already.”

“When the time comes.  I can’t get married when I’m 16 now.”

“You’re being so serious. I knew this was the case. Shiina-san’s giving the same vibe too.”

“Shut up. It’s not a bad thing right?”

“No, I’m just relieved. It’s encouraging to me how there’s a couple next to me who’s planning to get married.”

Itsuki and Chitose were in a relationship with a plan to get married. Amane was a comrade in this sense.

The only difference was that Itsuki’s father opposed. Itsuki hoped to get his father’s approval, and happily get married with Chitose.

“…Anyway, how’s it going on your side?”

“Same old same old. I did brush up my scores so that he won’t nitpick about it. I’ll continue to insist on it, and this is something only I can do, not like I got a choice. How’s it going on your side then?”

You two went to your hometown right? Itsuki leered as he tapped his foot at Amane. Amane too did likewise, and sipped at some orange juice.

“Nothing special.”

“What did you two do in the summer…you spend days together, doing nothing? Aren’t you too lax about this?”

“We’re going at our own pace.”

“So you mean you kissed and nothing more. It’s fitting how innocent you two are acting.”

Itsuki’s voice remained neutral, relieved instead of dumbfounded. Amane felt a little angsty, and kicked at Itsuki again.

“…I invited her over for a night, though she didn’t drop by.”

“You haven’t done it yet? Visited your hometown, didn’t spend the night together? That’s amazing.”

“Shut up…I don’t plan to do anything…just sleep with her.”

It would be a lie to say that he did not wish to do such a thing, but Amane preferred the comfort of sleeping peacefully with her under the same blanket.

It appeared Mahiru too liked the company, and she should probably be more than glad to sleep with him.

“I don’t think this is very normal for a couple. Actually, maybe Shiina-san wants to spend the night with you like this?”

“She’ll panic if I mention this, so probably not.”

“She’s still like that even though there’s no way you’ll do anything. You’re the kind to get timid once you see someone looking scared, and definitely stop once you see there’s a chance of getting rejected.

“Shut up.”

Amane was peeved to be told that he was timid, but he knew that to others, he was a passive coward, and could not deny so.

“…It’s fine for you not to do anything. Shiina-san’s definitely going to work hard based on Chii’s suggestion.”

“Oy, control your girlfriend already. I feel she’s going to teach my Mahiru way too much unnecessary stuff.”

“I think she’ll say some necessary stuff. It’s no wonder since you two are so passive with no progress.”

Maybe she’s suggesting (teaching) some stuff now. Itsuki grinned, and Amane frowned as he looked aside at the unavailable Chitose, don’t give Mahiru any funny ideas.