Chapter 196 – Size Measurements and Private Chat between Males

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Chapter 196 – Size Measurements and Private Chat between Males

And so, it was decided that Amane’s class would be doing a cafe for the cultural festival.

The excitement the boys showed back then had Amane grimacing. They were most likely looking forward to seeing Mahiru, Chitose, and the other pretty girls as waitresses.

It was bad to changing the itinerary after it was decided, so Amane decided to go along with it, but for some reason, he started resisting when they discussed their sizes.

“No, it doesn’t suit me.”

“You won’t know unless you try. Alright, just give up already. Let us measure our heights and shoulder widths, otherwise we can’t borrow clothes.”

“Fujimiya…just give up…”

“You’ve already given up Kadowaki…?”

“It’s the expected result, more or less.”

The negotiator did say that the matter of borrowing clothes was almost resoled, and decided to start measuring the sizes of all students to ensure that they had enough clothing…Amane was designated as a waiter, and was peeved by it.

It was a consideration by Itsuki to assign him in the same timeslot as Mahiru, just in case, but Itsuki should have mentioned this beforehand.

“But anyway…aren’t you fatter than before?”

“How rude. I don’t have fat, I’m just force to live a proper life.”

“Haha, your wife really manages you well.”

“Stop it.”

Amane coldly retorted in shame as he was told that Mahiru was his wife, and Itsuki gave his usual mischievous smile.

“Hmm, not fat, just a little more muscle, right?”

“That’s possible. I’ve been training using Kadowaki’s methods.”

“I want to know what that is.”

Amane handed over to Kadowaki as Itsuki was suddenly interested, and then looked towards the other boys who were measuring themselves.

They were whispering away, and he was curious as to what they were talking about.

He pricked his ears, and heard some excited voices. It seemed they were talking about Mahiru.

“Shiina-san in a maid uniform…that’s great.”

“She’s measuring in another classroom, right? I imagine they’re amazing.”

“They’re big after all.”

“The contrast is so great, especially when she’s always with Shirakawa.”

“Itsuki will kill you if he hears that.”

“Actually, he admits that they’re small…that they can fit his hand…”

“I’m just jealous that Fujimiya gets to keep Shiina-san to himself.”

You guys are giving my girlfriend strange looks, and Itsuki’s going to suffer, not the guy saying that, Amane quietly retorted as he gave him a completely flabbergasted look.

“…Keep your voices down. I heard that.”

“Ack, you’ve been listening, Fujimiya?”

Amane hoped that they did not fantasize about his girlfriend’s body proportions, but it would be childish of him to get angry over it, so he endured. Either way, no matter how they fantasized, only he had the chance to personally witness, and that was why he was very calm about it.

Itsuki gave a wry smile, probably because he did overhear this conversation. It would be bad to let Chitose hear it, and since he had no intention of disclosing it openly, it probably was just some private chatter.

“But seriously…what else can we do?”

“That’s the Angel. She always hides them under her blazer or vest, so…oy Fujimiya, how are they like anyway?”

Such an indecent conversation arose as there were only boys present.

Amane withheld the urge to frown as he met their expectant looks, and shrugged.

“What else? It’s as you see.”

“Don’t try to pull a fast on.”

“What do you want me to say?”

“Like, are they apples, melons, or anything?”

“The same fruit can vary in sizes.”

“You’re being difficult!”

“You’re the one making it difficult for me!”

Why do I have to tell others what my girlfriend’s sizes are? In any case, Amane did not know. Ah actually, Amane did know of her bust size, due to an accident back at his hometown when he saw her laundry. However, he could not say it.

And besides, what could he do about it?

His classmates were being so aggressive, and he faltered a little. They continued to loom passionately.

Amane gave a pleading look towards Itsuki, who shrugged, and seemed to have no intention to help.

“Anyway, I don’t know.”

“Stop lying.”

“Who’s lying?”

“Ah, actually, Amane really isn’t lying.”

Left with no choice, Itsuki gave a helping hand, and giggled in the face of the looming boys and Amane.

“Because Amane never did anything to Shiina-san even though they spent a night together. There’s no way he’ll know.”

The whole classroom went silent once Itsuki said this.

“…I’m wondering if you’re a guy, Amane.”

“That’s why you aren’t interested in those gravure magazines?”

“Like hell it is! Hey Itsuki, don’t make it sound that way! I’m just respecting Mahiru’s wishes!”

“That’s what people call cowards.”


“No, but actually…she’s willing to spend the night with you, right? Girls aren’t stupid. They’d would thought about that.”

“But well, they’re more of an innocent, pure couple that’s a rarity these days, and they think such things are too early. Just watch these fluffy creatures by the sidelines, you know? Don’t talk too much.”

“Hey Itsuki, whose side are you on?”

“I’m always on your side.”

“I don’t believe you…!”

Once Itsuki said this, all the boys gave looks of pity, and some even gave warm, gratified smiles, which had Amane’s face twitching.

“I’m not innocent, and I would have done so if I could, but I’m just thinking of the future…”


“Oy why are you guys smiling…what are you looking at?”

Amane felt so awkward, and gritted his teeth, and the gratified looks of pity increased in numbers. He had enough, and for the time being, threw the measuring tape at the culprit Itsuki.

“…Erm, Amane-kun, the boys are giving us really warm looks. Do you know why?”


The girls too were done measuring, regrouped with the boys, who gave Mahiru strange stares. She was intrigued by them, and quietly asked Amane.

The girls too gave Amane warm looks, and he wanted to ask Mahiru the same question.

“The girls are giving me strange looks too…did you say anything, Mahiru?”

“N-nothing. I did not say anything that will affect your reputation.”

“So you mean you said some things that will not affect my reputation?”

“P-please be at ease. I simply mentioned what I usually do with you, how we spend our time together.”

“…To be specific?”

“…You really are amazingly gentlemanly.”

“You too!?”


“Ah, no, nothing.”

Amane could not mention that he was criticized for not being a man. He quietly panicked, but answered nonchalantly, and patted away at a dumbfounded Mahiru on her head.

“…Don’t talk about that stuff again. I’m embarrassed.”

“Y-yes, but I did…learn a lot from everyone, and benefited much.”

“Say, I’m worried about what you’re being taught.”

Chitose had imparted lots of useless knowledge to Mahiru, and it was likely the other girls did weird things. Amane had a feeling Chitose would have held back somewhat, but he hoped to ascertain what Mahiru was taught.

“…I do not think there is anything making you awkward, Amane-kun?”

“The girls are doing that with their eyes.”

“I-it…is to be expected.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Hey hey, you two over there, it’s fine for you to flirt, but we should get down to serious business, so stop flaunting.”

The committee member Itsuki was at the podium, looking around, and shrugged.

Amane had no intention to flirt, but it was pointless of him to say so in this situation.

“Those two aside, let’s decide on the café menu. We should have done so earlier, but I think would have trouble if we didn’t reserve our clothes. Ah, the classmate in charge of renting clothes has made measurements out of everyone, and is now contacting the supplier. The boys’ data is here. Don’t misuse it.”

Itsuki, a capable leader himself, swiftly gave instructions and handed over the measurements to a girl who was strangely enthused, asking her to rent clothes.

Amane thought with a wry smile that they probably wanted to see Kadowaki as a waiter.

“First of all, raw foods are a no go. We only get a certain amount of time to use the cooking classroom, and we’re going to focus mainly on pastries and drinks, because of the expiration and hygiene purposes. No issues so far?”


“And don’t add anything weird Chii.”


Chitose did do so during Valentine’s, but that was a select few. She probably would not do so this time.

“Drinks-wise, we can use coffee, tea, and juice. Anyone with other ideas can raise their hands. I’m just suggesting common stuff.”

“Let’s see, how about ice cream? i want some cream soda.”

“That’s a nice idea, but how are we going to keep it? We can buy, store them in the cooking classroom and then bring them over, but since it’ll take up freezer space, we’ll have to check with the student council. I’ll take it down as reference and ask them when I hand over our plans to the council.”

“What about snacks?”

“Thought about it, but it’s too much work, and will take much time, so I don’t recommend. Too much effort to make our own stuff instead of serving premade stuff. The only snacks I can suggest are hot dogs and sandwiches, and other classes are doing hot dogs. They’ll hate us for stealing their business. if we do too much, it’ll make it difficult for us to handle, and we can’t balance the finances. We can just ignore it if there’s no real demand. What do you think?”

“Guess we got no choice then.”

Itsuki quickly went on a spiel to summarize the discussion. Amane realized that Itsuki really had talent for leadership, *how reliable, *and Mahiru too probably felt the same as she giggled so.

“Anyway, this is all we have for now, and I’ll just sort this out before heading it over to the student council. About how we’re going to get drinks…like coffee, I know of some who sells coffee beans, so I’ll go chat with them, take it as promotion for them, ask them if they can sell to us at a cheaper price. We got this chance, and it’ll be great if people will talk about the taste.”

“Woah, so reliable.”

“Don’t fall for me man, I don’t swing that way.”

Itsuki joked, but he did do what he needed to, decently even, and that was what he was amazing at.

Amane was really impressed by the cheerful personality and leadership he could not imitate. He thought of the itinerary that would follow, and sighed.

I just set up a haunted house last year after all.

On one hand, Amane felt it was a hassle to serve customer, but on the other, he was really impressed by the fact that he was participating in such a student-like activity.

He, already on the gloomy side, felt cultural festivals were just a waste of time and effort…but with Mahiru next to him, he felt it might not be a bad thing to create some memories.

“What is it?”

“Nothing, just that we should work hard for the festival.”

“Fufu, yes. Erm, I am looking forward to seeing you serve customers, Amane-kun.”

“I have a bad attitude though.”

He coldly responded to Mahiru’s teasing, and the latter showed a happy smile.