Chapter 225 – Good Friend

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Chapter 225 – Good Friend

Due to the strange concern shown by his classmate, Amane personally served the food to his parents, but for some reason, Kadowaki was there, talking with his parents.

They appeared to be chatting genially, but Amane started to wonder if they were messing around again.

With Shuuto around, there probably would not be anything major revealed that would affect his future. Nevertheless, Shuuto was prone to faults too, and he too might be an offender.

Amane calmly balanced the tray with the food, and quickly went towards them, your food’s here, he said flatly as he put it on the table.

What are you guys doing, so he glared at them, and his parents smiled back, clearly unfazed by that.

Kadowaki blinked away once he saw Amane, and showed a gentle smile.


“What are you doing…”

“Just serving some water, and greeting.”

He had a bottle of ice water in his hand, and clearly was not lying.

“Anyway, your mom’s really pretty, Fujmiya.”

“Oh my, you have quite the sweet mouth. You aren’t as good as Shuuto-san, Yuuta-kun, but you’re rather dashing yourself.”

“Ahaha, honored to hear that.”

Shihoko casually called Kadowaki by name, and one had to wonder when they were on such familiar terms, which was terrifying. They probably did not notice his anxiety however, for the scene was so genial.

“Thank you for being willing to be friends with our son. He’s rude and blunt, isn’t him?”

“Of course not. He doesn’t really smile much, but he does convey his emotions. He’s a little sarcastic, but he’s never going to badmouth anymore. I think he has a good heart. Also, he’s been looking friendlier recently, and I think it’s because of Shiina-san’s influence.”


“Oy, please don’t say anymore. It’s embarrassing.”

“Eh, but it’s all true…”

“True or not, you shouldn’t be saying that in front of the actual person.”

Kadowaki was not one to joke, and he probably would say what was on his mind, but Amane was unbearably ashamed to hear others say that to his parents.

Itsuki and Shuuto had a similar conversation before. Amane truly experienced embarrassment on this day, thanks to his friends.

“But if I don’t give you a positive review, they aren’t going to accept it. Isn’t it fine to say such things once in a while?”

“Nope. You shouldn’t be telling my parents. You should be telling me that.”

“Really? Why, thanks for everything till now. I’m really grateful to have a friend like you.”

“…Thank you.”

A single sentence was accompanied with an innocent smile that was irresistible. Amane softly answered, and his observing parents chirped.

“It’s really great that you two are like this.”

“Shut up. Anyway, get back to work, Kadowaki.”

“Yes, sorry to take up your time. I’ll see you next time.”

See you next time, the words left Amane terrified, but Kadowaki continued to smile as he returned back with the bottle.

Burdened with the most fatigue he had for the day, Amane was completely worn out and unmotivated.

“You’ve made some good friends.”

“Well, yeah…”

He was so tired that he could not put up any resistance, and casually answered Shuuto’s delighted words.

He did make some good friends, but a spade was a spade, and he really could not bring himself to be happy after being so humiliated.

Amane showed a pouty look, and with a wry smile, Shuuto picked up the coffee from the table.

“We might seem like busybodies to you, but we’re still worried. We’re wondering if you’re doing well after having left home for a year and half.”

He seemed to be worried about Amane in his own way, and was checking on his surroundings. However, Amane did not wish for Shuuto to cause too much trouble for his friends. He was fine however that it was his friend who approached them.

“I see that you’re getting along with your class, and getting smiles along with Shiina-san.”

“I think it’s definitely because of you two.”

“Apologies for that, but it’s a little too late for that.”

“Shut up.”

Recently, Amane would receive warm smiles from afar whenever he was with Mahiru, and it was too late to comment so at this point. It did not mean that he wanted these looks in the first place.

Amane gave Shuuto a harsh look, and was met with a kind smile. He had enough, and turned his head aside.