Chapter 228 – Conversation during karaoke

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 228 – Conversation during karaoke

Perhaps it was due to the high they experienced, but everyone got Amane to sing various songs, and Amane was dead tired once he was done.

Kadowaki, who also sang, remained calm, and it was probably due to the difference in physical ability.

“Good work. You sang well.”

Mahiru welcomed Amane back with a calm smile. She was more excited than usual, and probably was being high as well.

“…You’re rather into this too, Mahiru.”

“A-after all…you look cool singing, Amane-kun.”

“Thanks for the compliments. Your turn next.”


“Chitose, I’ll leave Mahiru to you. You’ll sing with her.”

Amane called out to Chitose, and offered his elated girlfriend as a sacrifice.

Chitose showed a suspicious look once she heard so, *alrighty, leave it to me, *but she grinned away, and answered so.

“No, wait.”

“Mahirun’s happy. I want to hear Mahirun sing too.”


“I think you’ll be able to sing whatever Chitose chooses, Mahiru. It’s fine, it’s fine.”

“Th-there is a problem…C-Chitose-saaaannnnn”

“Come one come on Mahirun. Everyone’s going to sing anyway, and we’re all excited.”

Amane waved as the excited Chitose led Mahiru by the hand. Mahiru gave Amane a begrudging look, but he was in her position moments ago, and hoped she would gave up.

It is what it is. So Amane nodded away as he watched the flustered Mahiru staring at the microphone in her hand, narrowing his eyes happily. Kadowaki watched on with a wry smile, eating fries.

“Will Shiina-san retaliate later?”

“A few hits at most.”

Even if she did, it was a cute revenge, so cute that he wanted to take the charge and watch her reaction.

Kadowaki shrugged at Amane’s nonchalant response, and with somewhat dazzling eyes, looked towards Mahiru, who started singing frantically.

Mahiru could do everything except swimming, and singing was no exception. The good thing was that a peaceful Japanese  song was chosen, and an elegant melody came from the clear voice, which got everyone to stop their chatter and be mesmerized. One could possibly fall asleep quickly if she was asked to sing a lullaby. Amane’s face was a lot more relaxed.

Chitose too sang well, her voice meshing well with Mahiru’s soft voice. She was familiar with the tune, and had better sense of the rhythm and lyrics. In short, Chitose was technically better.

She was overjoyed, and it seemed she would not let Mahiru off once this song ended.

Ah whatever, Mahiru looks happy anyway.

She remained bashful, but the displeased look she showed after being abandoned had eased up, and she seemed happy enough. She did not have the karaoke session experience many had. Amane was glad that she enjoyed herself.

“…Anyway, you two are heading back, right?”

While Amane calmly watched Mahiru hold the microphone, Kadowaki leaned over and asked with a voice only he could hear.

“Yeah. My parents are here. Mahiru basically prepared dinner before going to school.”

“Eh, well, it’s like you two are already living together. Seriously.”

“Shut up.”

Mahiru would only return home when she had to sleep, dress up and get changed. She spent most of her time at Amane’s place, and it was taken for granted, nothing wrong with that. One could say taht she had completely integrated herself into his life.

“That means you two will head home right after this, right? The others might find it a pity, but not like we can blame you.”

“I guess people will find it a pity that Mahiru isn’t going to be there, right?”

“Ahaha, you never thought about yourself, huh?”

Kadowaki patted Amane’s shoulder with a wry smile, and the latter jabbed by at the belly, implying that he was unlike Mahiru and Kadowaki.

He had started to integrate with the class, but he did not have their popularity. Even if others found it a pity, it’s because he’s already an item with Mahiru. For some reason, his classmates would watch over him, so perhaps that was the reason.

“Well, your parents are here. They’re sufficiently worried about you to come all the way here.”

“…Yeah, they’re worried about me alright.”

“It’s great that you have these parents, and that they’re really getting along with Shiina-san.”

“Yeah. They treasure her more than their own son.”

“Ahaha, but I think it’s because they treasure you.”

Kadowaki said with a smile, and Amane widened his eyes, gave a slightly awkward look, *I know that, *and muttered so.

You have great parents, Kadowaki chuckled again at Amane’s bashful look, and gently tapped at him.