Chapter 236 – Secret Plan

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Chapter 236 – Secret Plan

Once Mahiru and Shihoko returned, Shuuto’s eyes and gestures reverted to normal, and he no longer petted Amane like before.

That was a good thing, for it would be bad if he treated Amane like a child in front of Mahiru, though Amane himself was a little reluctant.

He remained silent as he wanted to appear somewhat reliable to Mahiru, and tried his best to act calm as he welcomed the duo back.

“Welcome back. Done shopping and chatting?”

“Of course. isn’t that so, Mahiru-chan?”


Shihoko smiled earnestly, while Mahiru appeared fidgety. It was extremely likely that Shihoko said something unnecessary.

However, that was not the issue at hand, so Amane acted as though nothing happened as he received what was bought.

He turned his eyes towards Mahiru, and she blushed, which turned his doubt into conviction, that Shihoko definitely said something unnecessary.

He gave Shihoko a dumbfounded look, and she calmly smiled, looking accomplished, giving him the urge to immediately ask what they talked about.

“…Please don’t teach her anything weird.”

“What, of course not. I merely gave Mahiru-chan some suggestions on some important things to learn about in your cohabiting life together.”

“You’re not talking about the stuff we’ll slowly learn about?”

“It’s not something a boy can teach. Alright, you should learn from the wisdom of your ancestors, no?”

“…Can I ask Mahiru what this is about?”

“Of course, you’ll understand a while later. It will be embarrassing if a man presses on too much.”

Amane could only remain quiet at this.

Since Mahiru was unwilling to talk, he understood that it was something complicated between the ladies, and he should not force the issue.

However, he could not completely trust Shihoko, given her prior actions till this point. He had to keep this in mind, even though he might not be able to ask.

He gave the beaming Shihoko a cold look, and took the bag of fresh ingredients to the kitchen, into the fridge.

There was enough for four, double the usual portions, and he felt ticklish for some reasons.

“…Are you curious, Amane-kun?”

Mahiru washed her hands, and poked her head out, so he gently shrugged.

“Can’t say I”m not, but I chatted quite a lot with dad, and I don’t intend to say anything about that. We’re even.”

“Eh, wh-what did you talk about?”

“It’s a secret.”

Amane smiled mischievously as Mahiru usually did, and put the vegetables into its section. Mahiru panicked and hammered at his back, resulting in him bursting out laughing.

“…But I am not going to interfere with whatever you wish to give Mahiru-chan though.”

Shuuto said so after he ruffled Amane’s hair sufficiently.

Of course, Amane did not intend to rely on his parents that much, and wanted to work to earn money. At the same time, he could not let his grades slip, and he had to work harder to maintain them.

…Looks like I have to ask Kido.

Kido did invite him to do part-time work, and though there was a likelihood of it being a joke, it might a decent choice. Amane was not one used to serving customers, but this meant that he could gain more social experience.

Looks like I have lots to work on, he nodded away. Mahiru looked at him uneasily.

It’s a secret, so he emphasized with a smile, and happily shut the vegetables section.