Chapter 249 – About the Part-time Job

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 249 – About the Part-time Job

“Better say this before I forgot. I’ll be returning home late once I start work, so you can eat first. I’ll be fine.”

Amane had forgotten to mention so, and stopped his hand from caressing her more as he said so. Mahiru remained in his clutches, blinking her large eyes.

“We’re discussing the shift schedules, but usually, I’ll have to stay until the shop clothes, and I’ll probably reach home at about 9pm. I can’t let you wait until that late.”

“I shall wait.”

Amane felt apologetic about letting Mahiru wait for him with an empty stomach, and wanted her to have dinner first, but she answered so in a matter-of-fact.

What are you saying? Such was the look she gave him, and he could only lower his eyes awkwardly.

“No, but, you’ll be hungry, right?”

“I wish for my heart to be filled more than my stomach. I shall wait for you, Amane-kun. Eating alone feels tasteless, and I do not hate the idea of waiting for you.”

“I’ll be very late though?”

“Not really…or do you hate having me wait for you?”

“No way. I just hate that I’ll have to make you wait.”

“I will not be simply waiting though? There are a lot of things I can do while waiting, just a change of order.”

Mahiru told Amane without looking displeased in the slightest, you really like to worry, and said so with a smile, poking at his face.

“How can I not support you when you are working hard for what you dream of? I can only prepare some hot dinner and bath water though.”

“That’s more than enough for me…actually, the most important thing is you welcoming me when I return home. It’ll perk me up immediately.”

“I suppose it is a small favor if the mere sight of me can perk you up.”

“…You don’t have to force yourself though. Think about yourself first.”

Mahiru probably would prioritize Amane more than anything else, even if she had anything going on. She however smiled, and remained silent.

Amane had no intention of binding Mahiru, but it seemed she really hated to be split from him, and did not intend to defy her own will. She loved her him so, she put him in his thoughts, and he was glad about it, but he did not want her to force herself.

“Amane-kun, you should not force yourself to work either, you know? I do not know what you want, but I am worried. since you will do everything once you make up your mind.”

“No way. How can I make you worry?”

“I was a little worried when you said you wanted to work…I cannot say that you are very sociable.”

“It’s true, but it just sounds a little rude.”

It was a fact everyone acknowledged, but if Mahiru mentioned so, Amane really did not know how he should react.

It’s not like I can’t socialize completely, Amane grumbled, though it was not much of a refute, and Mahiru made a little sigh.

“I say you are not exactly sociable, but you usually would not expand your social circle, Amane-kun. You should be able to do so.”

“Hm, I don’t really want to make friends with lots of people. Just a small circle is fine.”

“…But you will if you put your mind to it. You can change modes after all. Haa.”

“Why are you sighing?”

“…I have been wondering, what shall I do if you are popular, Amane-kun…”

Amane burst out laughing once he heard this rather adorable worry. Mahiru puffed her cheeks angrily in return.

“Relax, I won’t be popular, not at all.”

“You have not understood the opinions people have of you recently, Amane-kun.”

“Say, looking at the mood and prices of that cafe, I think the target demographic’s those old uncles with refined tastes. I won’t be popular, and even if I do, so what?”

The younger folk would prefer a chain outlet rather than a personal cafe. Amane had a look at the menu, and the prices were a little expensive, unsuitable for high school students or college students to simply have taste.

Befittingly, the taste there was great, and the slow atmosphere appeared to be very popular with the older ones. One reason might be that the owner was quite the babe.

According to Kayano, hardly any young female customers would visit. Amane was thus sufficiently relieved to work there.

“Anyway, do relax. The owner looks like a nice person too.”


For the time being, Mahiru accepted Amane’s explanation, and he rubbed her head, consoling her. She seemed a little unhappy, or maybe happy, for her lips curled into a smile as she let Amane continue to rub.