Chapter 251 – Changing into Uniforms

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 251 – Changing into Uniforms

While chatting with Kayano, Amane soon arrived at his workplace, the cafe.

He was somewhat tense as it was his first time working part-time. He did not know if Kayano knew of his feelings, for Kayano entered the shop alongside him without hesitation.

Once he entered, he heard the chime behind him, a nostalgic one at that. A male staff welcomed them, one he did not see the last time. The staff appeared to be a college student.

“Welcome Kayano-kun. Is the one behind you our newcomer?”

“Yep. Right in the same shift.”

It seemed Kayano had introduced Amane beforehand. The male staff showed a genial smile towards Amane, and Kayano nodded back, slapped Amane on the back, and went to the corridor linking to the back counter.

He turned to look back, and so did Amane, who saw a male customer prepare to enter.

“A customer’s here, so let’s get changed. Sorry Miyamoto-san, looks like I’ll only get to introduce you two later on.”

“Sure. I’ll later you later then, newcomer-kun.”

The staff was called Miyamoto, gave a mischievous wink to the nervous and stiff Amane, and turned towards the entering customer.

Amane nodded slightly, but he never got the chance to greet Miyamoto, who turned to wave at them once he saw Amane’s situation. The duo then entered the staff changing room.

“This is your locker. Here’s your key, your uniform’s inside. Get changed.”

It seemed the owner Itomaki had Kayano guide Amane, and handed over the locker key. Amane received it, and got changed into his work clothes, following the lead of Kayano who had taken off his blazer.

The prepared uniform so happened to fit Amane, given that the sizes were measured beforehand.

Amane was dressed in the same uniform as Miyamoto, white shirt, black cummerbund, black garson apron and slacks.

The outfit was a little less formal compared to what he wore during the cultural festival, but a little more posh, befitting of a waiter.

Amane looked at himself in the full-sized mirror of the changing room, and found a completely different person. He looked towards Kayano, who had quickly gotten changed, looking prim and proper.

“…Doesn’t look weird, right?”

“I think it’s fine. Shiina-san should be happy to see this.”

“I-I don’t intend to show this to Mahiru yet…”

“She’ll find it a pity, I guess.”

“She did, and I got her understanding.”

Amane intended to get used to this work quickly, not cause her trouble, and get her to wait until then.

He showed a wry smile, and so did Kayano.

“Anyway, was Kido happy to see you in that?”

“That Ayaka? She prefers if I strip instead of wearing that much.”

“Oh yeah…”

Amane looked enlightened, and Kayano’s grimace intensified. Kayano said, and said,

“…It’s not that she doesn’t have interest in my outfit, but she’s more of a troublemaker.”

“Yeah. Your muscles are rather amazing. Any secret?”

They got changed together, Kayano did show skin, and there were masses of muscles beyond the shirt, which was unimaginable. They were not fats, they were muscles that were trained accordingly, the excesses discard, giving a sense of tautness that left Amane impressed.

“You can ask Ayaka, and she’ll tell you all the details, both the things that should and shouldn’t be said.”


Amane could imagine the sight of a smiling Kido being relentless while going through the details, and showed a stiff smile.

“…You want to train too?”

“Hm, I guess a suitable amount of training is fine too, and Mahiru probably will be happy…since your Missy taught Mahiru this and that.”

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

“I-it’s fine, it’s enough reason for me to train.”

Kayano apologized with a conflicted look, for his own girlfriend was overzealous in preaching the charms of muscles. Amane too shrugged, waved his hand, and indicated to Kayano not to worry.