Chapter 256 – The Angel’s Profound Thoughts

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 256 – The Angel’s Profound Thoughts

It seemed  Mahiru was hiding something from Amane.

His suspicion would increase whenever he returned home from his part-time work. Rather, it’s more of conviction than doubt. She was acting sheepish.

She would always do so whenever Amane left home, and clearly, she had something she did not want Amane to see.

If he were to ask, Mahiru would surely divert the topic. He did not want to force the issue, she had her own reservations, and perhaps it was a matter of genders after all.

Having thought so, it would be rude of him to pursue the matter. He was a little suspicious, but he did not intend to probe further.

On a side note, he asked Chitose, but she insisted she knew nothing either.

Given how she was acting, it was obvious both of them knew what was going on.

Amane was a little uneasy about how he was left in the lurch, but he knew it would be inappropriate to talk to someone of the same gender, so he did not say anything.

“…Mahiru seems to be hiding something.”

His frustrations and anxieties would compound if he did not ask, so while he was on his way to work, he grumbled to his colleague Kayano.

Kayano did not react to the sudden remark, and blinked away as he sat next to Amane on the train, wondering how he should reply.

“Had an argument?”

“Not at all. But Mahiru looks like she’s hiding something, being all suspicious…doesn’t look like I messed up or anything though.”

Amane too wondered if he had inadvertently did anything bad, so he asked her in a discreet manner, but she tilted her head in confusion, which showed it was not.

“Hm, if she’s hiding something from her boyfriend, it’s usually because she’s cheating, but I don’t think Shiina-san’s the type to do that. I’m not familiar with her, but looking at her personality, and your relationship, that’s impossible.”

“I too think Mahiru’s not being insincere towards me. She hates it when people cheat on her.”

Kayano casually suggested so, but this would not happen with Mahiru around.

She grew up in a complicated environment, and never was one to allow for infidelity. She had seen her mother looking for lovers. Her disdain for infidelity was such that she would certainly say she would never end up like that.

Amane could not think of any other reason to hide however.

Mahiru was never one adept at hiding things, and she never would. Whenever she did stuff behind his back, she would feel guilty, and whenever he sensed something and probed her, she would confess.

She was never one to hide anything. She clearly wanted to this time, and did not want Amane to realize, which was why she did not say anything.

“My guess is that Mahiru’s hiding something from me, but not because she’s guilty. I get the feeling that she doesn’t want me to see or know something, but it’s not a bad thing. I know the only thing that embarrasses her is me. If she broke something, she’ll tell me honestly, and apologize or something. I don’t think it’s anything harmful.”

“What do you intend to do?”



The sudden words were unexpected to Kayano, who asked again.

The train continued to race on, letting out dull creaks. Amane sighed, and the voice too blended with the surrounding noises.

“If Mahiru doesn’t want to tell me anything, I shouldn’t be asking. I too have a secret or too. If she doesn’t want me to probe into it, I shouldn’t.”

“You’re rather chill about that.”

“I believe Mahiru’s definitely not doing this to harm me. Instead of butting in everywhere, we should all have our secrets and not probe into it. We trust each other, and should respect each other’s privacy. I heard this is the trick to remain amicable with others.”

Such were the words his lovey-dovey parents said for many years, and it was convincing.

They were on such fine terms, but they did not have to interfere in everything. One should always treasure alone time, and while they dabbled in their interests, they were separate from each other.

Even when together, they did their own things, and the warm, gentle atmosphere was comforting even to Amane, the son.

Thanks to his parents’ teachings, he learned how to respect his own time, and others’.

“But speaking of which, what if she really did something guilty?”

“It means it’s not anything worth discussing with me. If she actually abandoned me, it means I’m uncharismatic and useless. It’s my fault.

Mahiru was likely a devoted girl who treasured her relationships a lot. If she abandoned Amane without discussing this, it would most probably be Amane’s fault.

Mahiru would probably explain her feelings truthfully before disengaging the relationship.

“Well, it’s Mahiru, so it should be fine. I’m just restless out of curiosity.”

“…Seriously, you’re rather calm when you make up you mind, Fujimiya.”


His stance was simply due to his complete trust in Mahiru. He would not get the answer no matter how restless he was, so he should simply wait until the answer was revealed.

Mahiru’s issue definitely was not a bad one, and he believed so, so he would not ask. He was a little anxiety, but that could be forgiven.

“Like, you didn’t look confident when I used to see you on the corridor…you really look better now as the boyfriend of the amazing Angel.”

“I really didn’t have confidence. I only get to stand upright because I got friends kicking me in the back, and Mahiru supporting me.”

Amane really was kicked in the back and beaten physically, and metaphorically. Thanks to them, he could stand next to Mahiru, and have her support him.

He was sustained with proper food and living habits, and also mental support. Amane did not think this effort was suffering,  and he really enjoyed so.

I’m really grateful, Amane summized, and Kayano nodded understandingly.

“…It’s all thanks to Shiina-san’s support as the wife…or rather, the more you treasure her, the more she glows for you, Fujimiya.”

“I don’t know about glow or anything, but I can’t be weak when I stand next to Mahiru, and I have to be someone I can be proud of. I want to be impressive as a guy…it’s all thanks to Mahiru than I have such thoughts. She really supported me.”

“…I think it’s also because of your morals that she’s willing to support you, you know?”

“Thanks for the compliments, but I think that I can straighten my back thanks to her. I’ll do so for her sake…or not. I’m working hard to be a match for Mahiru, all because of her”

Mahiru’s the impressive one, so Amane muttered. “So I’m the one getting the humblebrag now?” Kayano retorted, and Amane felt a little apologetic, awkward until they reached the station.