Chapter 32 – The Angel and the Blissful Taste

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 32 – The Angel and the Blissful Taste

“…Haa, it’s delicious.”

Mahiru’s cooking was delicious, as usual.

It was Christmas, so the dishes served were a little more intricate.

The beef stew Mahiru made was converted into a pot pie, and they were slicing and eating it.

They enjoying cutting the pie, the crispiness matched with the rich sauce of the beef stew could only be said to be a blissful moment.

It appeared Mahiru bought flour just for the pie, and he was impressed by her outstanding skills, letting out a sigh after eating the second cake for the day.

Just to note, the cake was baked by Mahiru.

While baking the pot pie, she used said flour to combine with a sweet dough, making mille-feuille. She was already at the level of a pâtissier.

“Glad to see you like it…you ate quite a lot.”

“Nn. they’re really delicious.”

“Thank you very much.”

He was getting used to her smile.

She would smile whenever he praised her cooking, and so it became a daily routine.

It seemed Amane had a special privilege to see a much tender expression from her, and he felt ticklish.


“…Omelette rice tomorrow…I’m looking forward to it.”

“You like that?”

“Anything with eggs.”

“You really like eggs, I suppose…I remembered you wolfing down the egg rolls and such.”

“Can’t help it, it’s delicious.”

Even though he liked egg dishes, he would not eat them if they were not delicious. He had such an appetite because Mahiru’s cooking was really delicious.

He felt it was excessive of him to be this selfish, but Amane had no intention of sharing Mahiru’s cooking with anyone else, and would continue to enjoy it until she would stop.

“…Amane-kun, you look happy when you eat.”

“Well. I am happy. Your cooking’s really delicious, Mahiru.”

“Thank you for the compliments, but this happiness sure is small.”

“No, it’s high praise…understand your own worth…”

After all, it was that Angel’s cooking, and some boys would have dreamed to have the privilege to taste it.

“It is something I do every day though.”

“But I’m still very happy with that.”


“Of course. I get to eat good food every day.”

Amane himself had little material desire, and a stronger desire for food. His biggest happiness was to be able to eat fresh, delicious food every day.

“How are you able to make such dishes?”

“Someone who once took care of me said, if you want someone who can give you happiness, capture the stomach.”

“Sorry for letting you capture my stomach.”

“Just think of it as practice.”

Mahiru smiled, and his heart unwittingly jolted.

“…But the person who raised you is really amazing.”

“Yes. That person’s cooking is really delicious, and I cannot beat that. The cooking is filled with the taste of happiness.”

As he saw her smile gently, looking into the distance, Amane felt a little relieved.

It appeared that Mahiru really was doted on by the person who took care of her, and it was obvious that she respected that person.

Mahiru was treated coldly by her parents, and that person took their place to teach her many important things.

She must have been truly lucky to be next to that person.

From the sound of it, it appeared to be a lady. Amane felt that Mahiru could live a normal life because of that person.

“Sounds like it’s really delicious, but for me, yours is the taste of happiness.”

Leaving aside his mom, his dad’s cooking was good too, but Amane’s tastebuds preferred Mahiru’s cooking.

Her cooking was one of comfort, the type he would not get sick of, peaceful and yet leaving him with anticipation. He would not get sick of her cooking, and would even demand more of it.

But it was too much of a burden on Mahiru, so he would not say these words.

So he nodded away, and saw her freeze.

One could say that perhaps it was unexpected to her….for she stared back at him, looking immature and dazed.


“Eh…I am fine.”

Once she heard that voice, Mahiru reeled, shook her head, and looked down.

She clung onto the cushion she loved, exhaled slightly. Unlike before, he could sense a strange charm from her.

“What is it?”

“…I am just thinking, if I can make such a happy taste.”

“Well, I don’t know why you’re being humble, but your daily cooking’s delicious, and I want more.”

“Ah, thank you very much.”

She peeked up at him, looking a little bashful, yet satiated as she smiled. This time, it was Amane who looked down and wanted to bury his face.

His heart jolted once she showed that extremely rare expression of hers, even though he did not like her as someone of the opposite gender.

She had removed her usual facade, showing a completely defenseless smile, and all Amane wanted to do was to cool his face down.

He did not want to expose this slowly rising heat in his heart, and it would be really awkward for both of them to be bashful.

“Ahh, erm…yeah, Mahiru.”


“We’re starting from noon tomorrow, right?”

He changed the topic, unable to take this mood, but she did not appear to mind as she considered his suggestion.

“Yes, we did agree, no? Lunch for dinner, and then the games we promised…right?”


“Erm…you do not like it?”

“Not at all. Just checking with you…the Eve’s over, but can we really spend Christmas like this?”

“I would not have said so if I hated it…looking forward to it.”

Once again, she showed a little smile on her face. Amanee could not look at her, and just mumbled away as he leaned on the armrest opposite her, hiding his own shame.