Chapter 38 – The Defenseless Angel

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Chapter 38 – The Defenseless Angel

Faced with this unbelievable situation, Amane turned towards Mahiru with a conflicted look.

She was really sleeping soundly.

It seemed she assumed Amane was someone she could trust, for she slept soundly. Amane was anxious and embarrassed, his sanity on the verge of collapsing, and he had the urge to slam his head into the wall.

He did not want to be conscious of it, but his consciousness was gathered upon her touch.

The delicate body was taut and soft, with the tenderness of a female.

Especially on the parts that were touching, the softness that had some weight to them; they were mercilessly wearing at Amane’s sanity.

—What do I do now?

This unexpected situation struck Amane along with an unprecedented softness, and he was left really confused.

*So a girl’s this soft and nice smelling…*it was the first time he recognized this fact, and he was a little amazed, but his sanity slammed the brakes to prevent any unsavory thoughts.

The more he felt he should not be thinking about it, the more pronounced the softness in his clutches, and his mind was in complete chaos.

He tried to figure out how to solve this situation, but he felt it was impossible to resolve this perfectly.

For the time being, he came up with three solutions.

1. Force Mahiru to wake up.

2. Drag Mahiru into her home.

3. Have her sleep on his bed, and he sleep on the sofa.

1, the issue was that he did not want to wake up the exhausted, soundly sleeping Mahiru. He was the reason why she was so tired, and he wanted her to sleep well if possible.

2, this might seem the safest option, but it would represent an arduous situation of mean searching Mahiru’s clothes for the key, and entering a woman’s house. Even if it was Mahiru, he knew it was likely she would be repulsed.

3, to have her sleep on his bed. This would be the safest option, and easiest to execute…except he believed he would be a mental wreck thereafter.

They were usually together, but Mahiru at this point was showing an adorable sleeping face anyone would be mesmerized by, and his sanity, along with other things, would collapse if he let her sleep on his bed.

Any boy would be completely tempted by the thought of having a girl sleep on his bed, let alone a really hardworking, pretty girl.

It was no wonder that he would have various thoughts.

However, this would be the safest option, the best compromise and welfare Amane could come up with for the time being.

He made up his mind, and put a hand on Mahiru’s back while she leaned onto him, his other hand under her knees as he slowly lifted her up.

She was sleeping soundly, and was light as a feather…or not, but she was really light.

It was unlikely that she would wake up that easily, but he cautiously brought her to his room, without shaking her. With her lying down, he had difficulty opening the door, but once he broke through this obstacle, all he needed to do was to lay her on the bed.

Her fine body sank into the bed.

He laid the blanket and futon over her, and was done preparing for the night.

It appeared she had no intention to wake up, the rhythmic breathing sounds entering his eyes.

There was some naiveté to her pretty face, the usual beauty and the innocent sleeping face had Amane’s heart jolting rapidly.

Once he laid her onto the bed carefully, he knelt down next to the bed.

…This is tough.

To surmise, the reason why Mahiru was sleeping on his bed, leaving the soft feeling in his clutches, along with a defenseless sleeping face, was because she trusted him enough to sleep in a boy’s house.

Of course, he was glad to be so trusted, but this had him thinking that he was not being viewed as a boy.

It appeared that she recognized Amane as ‘a completely harmless, useless boy who needs much care’.

He glanced aside at her, but she knew not of his gripes as she continued to sleep with a peaceful pace.

She doesn’t know how troubled I am here.

*If she’s so defenseless, shall I just slip in next to her…*so he had a momentary thought, but denied it as he thought it would be overboard, especially given that they were not dating.

If he did so, he had a feeling that once Mahiru woke up, she would not talk to him. She might even give such a cold look that would be asking, what are you thinking? Thus, for his own sake, he decided not to do so.

I think it’s fine to tap her lightly on the face, he reached for Mahiru’s head instead.

Smooth, silky, glossy; with his fingers, he stroked the smooth long hair that could be described so, and they passed through without getting caught.

Guess she really takes care of this well too, he was amazed and terrified of a lady’s hard work as he gently caressed Mahiru’s cheeks with his fingertips.

The moist white porcelain skin was not too warm, and felt a little cold in Amane’s hand.

Once he was done caressing her with his fingertips, he looked at her utterly peaceful sleeping face, silently showing a wry smile.

“Good night.”

She would be shocked once she wakes the next day…or to be precise, later in the morning, so he thought, but he felt it was within the acceptable boundary after she had caused his heart to tickle.

Seriously, you, so he grimaced as he caressed her soft cheeks once again.