Chapter 54 – How to choose a Present

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 54 – How to choose a Present

Amane was usually studious to begin with, and attentive in class, so he passed the exams without much effort.

He checked his answers with Mahiru, and found his score to be around the usual. Well, he had a good attitude at school, so he did not have to worry about retaining.

Itsuki too scored decent marks, and Chitose managed to avoid failing, so it seemed those Amane was well acquainted with were in no risk of repeating the year.

After their exams, they would be sending off the third years during their graduation, which he had nothing to do with. After that would be the closing ceremony…but before then, there was an event, a problem.

“…What do I repay her with?”

Yes, the returning gifts all the victors of Valentine’s Day would have to repay.

Leaving aside whether Amane was a winner, he naturally intended to repay Mahiru and Chitose after receiving gifts from them.

However, he was troubled as to what he should be giving.

For Chitose, he planned to buy the White Day package from the cake shop they bought from on Christmas, along with some collectable character goods.

The problem was Mahiru.

He felt Mahiru would be glad to receive anything from him.

She would gladly accept anything from Amane, and seemed to be more concerned about his feelings, not particularly fussy about what he would give.

Even if he did pick from her likes, he only knew she liked sweets and cute things, which most girls would. Thus, he was frustrated about what he should be giving her.

After all, the whetstone she mentioned the last time was out of the question as it would be pointless, and tight on his budget, but he was still wondering what to give. He would prefer to give her something to enjoy, rather than something practical to her.

So he thought as he wanted to the general store, looking at the White Day corner. Nevertheless, he could not figure out what she would really be happy with.

It would be great if the gift he gave this time would garner a similar reaction to the teddy bear the last time.

No point giving a doll twice.

There were lots of cute dolls, but there was a lack of variety giving two of the same items.

However, Amane’s poor imagination could only think of cosmetics and accessories as things girls would like.

He was unsure if they were close enough for him to choose an appropriately designed accessory for her.

At the very least, she would accept it, but he wondered if she would be delighted with it.

Of course, he felt that as boy and girl, they were on good terms…but he wondered if an accessory would make her happy.

It would be fine for Itsuki to give to Chitose, but a question mark Amane was to give it to Mahiru.

So he wandered around the special sales corner with a frustrated look, and might appear to be a suspicious fellow.

While he had changed into his outdoor clothing, it would be weird for a boy to be wandering around the cute goods.

He grumbled that nothing would fit, only to be approached from behind, “Is there something you are looking for?”

He turned back to find a lady of vague age wearing the shop’s apron, smiling and standing behind him.

She probably came to assist, seeing how Amane was being bothered. There was no other reason why she would approach such a suspicious looking person that was wandering around.

“Ahh, erm…I’m wondering what I should give for White Day.”

“Is there nothing that catches your fancy? People have chosen items from other areas here. I shall look for some.”

“Ah I don’t mean that…it’s just that I don’t know how to describe our relationship. I don’t know what I can give to not be hated.”

“In what sense?”

“She’s not a girlfriend, but rather close…like for example, I don’t know if she’ll be happy about receiving accessories from someone she might not like.”

His explanation was vague as it was embarrassing to do so, but the female clerk smiled upon hearing that, probably bemused by his worry.

“It’s common for males to worry about such things.”

“Then how did they decide?”

“Well, most of them were bothered, but they made up their mind to buy. If you are close enough, you can give one, and she won’t hate you, usually.”

She won’t hate you, once he heard those words, he felt relieved. Nevertheless, he was a little panicky about giving her an accessory.

She usually dressed herself well, but usually would not put on any accessory. The few times she wore them, they were all posh.

She had a keen fashion sense, and he had no confidence that whatever he chose would be to her liking.

“If you want, shall I recommend you a few popular items among the females? Over there.”


Grateful for this assistance, Amane straightened his posture without thinking, and nodded.

“Nn, and you bought it.”

After explaining to Itsuki, he was laughed at, giving a look similar to the clerk the other day.

They were eating the daily set meals in a corner of the cafeteria, and Amane accidently blurted it out when they were talking about White Day.

“Shut up. But well, I’m giving her an accessory even though we aren’t dating. Isn’t that a little weird?”

“Stop being lame. You’re a guy, hold your head up high. Besides, she’s happy to receive anything as long as it’s from you, right?”

“…Since you mention it, yeah.”

Given Mahiru’s personality, she would be happy to receive anything from him.

Amane however hoped to give her something that would really delight her, something she would use, and was worried if it would meet her requirement.

“So, what you bought?”

“…A pink and gold flower motif bracelet.”

He felt that rather than the cool looking silver and the impressionable, glamorous gold, the cute pink and gold would be more fitting of Mahiru.

As a student, he could not possibly buy precious metals, so he chose something similar in appearance. Of all the accessories of the same color, he felt he chose one with a fine design most suitable for Mahiru.

“What? That sounds like it’ll make her happy, you know? ”

“…Don’t you find it unattractive?”

“No, aren’t you worrying too much? Why are you so pessimistic here…?”

“She’s the first girl I’m actually giving a present to.”

His mother would not count as such, and neither would Chitose. He would be giving Chitose sweets, which she wanted, and he did not think that was a gift.

“You really lack confidence in such things…”

“Like, how can I possibly have confidence here…it’s to her, you know?”

“She was happy with the teddy bear though.”

“Well, that’s right.”

“Amane, look at your feelings. You spent money, you bought the item, so now you just have to put your feelings into it.”

Itsuki said so frivolously, “Will be great if the work pays off”, Amane muttered as he put his hands on his forehead.

It seemed until White Day arrives, he would have to worry if he made the right decision.