Chapter 60 – Attack of the Lunch onto the Boyfriend’s Friend

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 60 – Attack of the Lunch onto the Boyfriend’s Friend

“You’re despicable for only inviting Ikkun! I want to eat Mahirun’s cooking too~!”

Amane received such a phone call from Chitose early in the next morning.

It seemed Itsuki contacted Chitose the previous day. He was taking photos when they were eating, acting like a girl, so it seemed he was sending them to Chitose.

“Don’t ask me. Ask Shiina.”

“Then if Mahirun agrees, can I go play at your place too?”

“Well, whatever.”

“Got it! I’ll ask Mahirun then!”

And after saying that vigorously, she hung up.

Amane had moved the phone a little away from his ear as he found her too noisy. He did not know what face to make in regards to the dynamic Chitose, impressed, or dumbfounded.

And Itsuki watched him with a smile on the face.

“Chii’s really lively.”

“Can’t you do something about your girlfriend’s tendency to go bonkers?”

“That’s impossible. Chii’s the type to show what she likes through her body. That love runs deep, huh?”

Yep yep, Itsuki nodded away, and while Amane felt he was head over heels for Chitose, he kept his thoughts to himself.

The good points about Chitose were the abundance of her vitality and the ability to get along well with anyone, and Amane was a little envious of that because he did not have such natures. At the same time, he felt Mahiru had it tough to receive such a love call.

He quietly prayed for Mahiru, while deciding to heat yesterday’s leftovers as their breakfast.

“So I dropped by~!”

Chitose dropped by quickly, right before noon. She appeared to be carrying a haversack, and shopping bag full of goodies; next to her, Mahiru was smiling wryly as she too held bags.

It seemed they met outdoors. Chitose probably was asked to accompany Mahiru for shopping, and arrived here together. Otherwise, both of them would not be holding bags, and Chitose would be stuck at the entrance.

“That was fast…”

“I’m staying overnight at Mahirun’s place. I’m looking forward to it!”


“We get a rare spring break after all. And Mahirun agreed to it!”

Right? Chitose looked towards Mahiru with a beaming face, the latter merely nodding with a wry smile.

She was forced to agree, huh?

It appeared Mahiru lost to Chitose’s vigor.

However, it seemed Mahiru did not really dislike it, just a little perturbed by this sudden development of events.

“Do not worry. I did agree to it.”

Mahiru walked towards the fridge with ingredients in hand, and whispered with a voice for Amane to hear as she passed him.

It seemed she saw the little uneasiness Amane had. The latter showed a wry smile as he watched her back while she stuffed the dinner ingredients into the fridge.

“I’m looking forward to Mahirun’s cooking~” Chitose grinned away as she sat next to Itsuki, clinging onto him. Having lost a place to sit, Amane went to the kitchen.

“Need me to help with anything?”

“…Amane-kun, you cannot cook, no?”

She called his name with a soft voice that could not be heard from the living room, and he showed a wry smile.

“I can at least chop some vegetables, you know? Actually, I can do some simple things if I have the instructions. I did do it before you once.”

“…Please assist me then. You will feel unbearable being over there, no?”

“You really understand me. Those two are too lovey-dovey.”

He shrugged, and washed his hands at the basin.

He could not provide Mahiru with much assistance, but it did not mean he knew nothing about cooking. At the very least, he could help her weigh, or prepare other things, and for the time being , there was a lover forcefield behind him, so he might as well assist Mahiru.

“Anyway, what’s for lunch?”

“Omelette rice, green potage, and some salad. Chitose-san says she wants the omelette half cooked, so that she can cut it with a knife and let it flow out.”


“You really like egg dishes.”

“Eggs are great. The egg dishes you make are the best, I’m looking forward to it.”

None of Mahiru’s cooking were bad in any way, no exceptions, and Amane especially enjoyed her egg dishes, which he really loved. The beef stew omelette rice he had the large time was a masterpiece, and he believed that he would not get sick of it even if he ate it every day.

Nice request Chitose, he thought as he quietly motioned a thumbs up in his heart, happily weighedfour persons’ worth of rice, only to see Mahiru rooted before the freezer.

“What now?”

“…I am glad to hear you say that, but do not attack so suddenly.”

“What’s going on?”

“You do not need to know.”

Hmph, she suddenly turned her head aside, and began chopping the ingredients for the soup. Amane tilted his head in confusion.

“They aren’t dating when they’re already like that? I don’t get them.”