Chapter 70 – The Feelings to be Treasured

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Chapter 70 – The Feelings to be Treasured

Amane was in the same class as Mahiru, but his life never changed.

He continued to pay attention in class, as a decent student would, ate together with Itsuki at the cafeteria, and returned home after school as he never participated in the clubs. That was to be expected however.

“Say, you fine with that?”

Amane was having lunch in the cafeteria, just like his first year of high school. Itsuki was seated before him when he suddenly mentioned this, as though he thought of something.

On a side note, while Chitose would occasionally pop by to join them, she probably was eating with Mahiru on this day. It would be great for those two to get along openly. Amane felt relieved.

“What are you saying?”

“I’m talking about your situation with her.”

“There’s no reason for me to talk to her, right?”

If he did, the surrounding folks would surely give him the ‘what’s wrong with this guy’ look.

As a straightforward, honest guy, it would be suicidal for him to openly get involved with Mahiru.

“I think she’s been trying to talk to you. She’s getting angsty about it.”

“…I’ll concede that.”

Mahiru would try to look away from Amane as much as possible, but she would occasionally look towards him. Amane did sense her looking a little despondent.

She would only do so when nobody else did, which was fine itself. However, Chitose would give Amane that ‘you coward’ look in her stead, and Amane would feel restless for some reason.

“The only way out is to do that.”

“I don’t wanna. It’s troublesome. Not like I’ll get any more handsome.”

While the rumors had quelled for the time being, he was witnessed with Mahiru in that state. It would be chaotic if Amane was linked to that person, and his future school life would be heavily affected.

“Why are you so…you should be rather popular.”

“How so?”

Amane did not think he would be suddenly popular with a little hairstyle change, but Itsuki seemed very confident for some reason.

“Personality-wise, you’re very blunt, but honest, and you know how to care for girls. You’re the type girls like to date.”

“…Isn’t that normal?”

“Most guys can’t do that normal of yours. You realize that girls want you to treasure their feelings, and so you’ll do it. You’re not being too ahead of yourself. You act only after you observe carefully.”

“…How are you so confident about that?”

“If you aren’t, there’s no way she would be so close to you when she’s always so wary despite how amicable she looks.”

Amane could not deny that.

See, I told you. Itsuki chuckled once Amane pursed his lips.

“…Anyway, can I ask you something?”


“I think that if you wouldn’t treasure her that much if you dislike her, right?”

“Shut up. Is that bad?”

Itsuki probably understood everything from Amane’s attitude. No way was Amane able to hide his feelings.

Amane answered with a pout, and slurped the ramen.

Itsuki seemed to have expected this, instead of simply stating that as a joke. He nodded understandingly in seemingly praise.

“Well, I’m happy for ya. It’s great to have someone you treasure.”


“It’ll be great if you succeed.”

“…I think it’s fine if it doesn’t work out. As long as she’s happy, I’m fine with that, even if it’s not me.”

Of course, Amane hoped that the ‘it’ would be himself, but if Mahiru would be happy choosing another boy, he should give her his blessings.

He hoped to personally grant her happiness, and would willingly bury his emotions if that was what it took. Mahiru really deserved her happiness. She suffered so much, and if she still could not be blessed greatly, it would be a letdown of the hard work she put in.

“…You coward.”

“Shut up…even I want her to be happy.”

“Just say it to her man.”

“Like I can, you idiot.”

Amane would never confess without being certain that she liked him as the opposite gender. His was not so shallow-minded.

Mahiru herself seemed rather cautious when it came to dating, and they probably could not go out with a half-hearted, probing mentality.

There was no way Mahiru would agree to it, considering what her parents said. Amane felt that they would not end up dating if neither side planned to settle down together. Thus, he would not easily convey his feelings.

“…Man, you’re really pessimistic.”

“Shut up. Whatever, I’ll make her fall for me in my own way.”

“…If only there’s a third party that’ll say everything.”


“Nothing…well, good luck. I’ll cheer you on.”

A dumbfounded Itsuki cheered Amane on for some reason. The latter frowned, but he graciously accepted those words.