Chapter 81 -The Angel and the boy’s dress up

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 81 -The Angel and the boy’s dress up

“Good morning, Amane-kun.”

The first thing ordinary people would do when going out together was to meet up. In Amane and Mahiru’s case, this first thing was for Mahiru to go to Amane’s house.

It was a logical conclusion; there was no need to meet elsewhere, for Mahiru’s house was next to Amane.

On this day, Mahiru’s attire was different from usual.

“Good morning…you tied your hair, huh?”

“I tied it so that it will not be distracting when we play with the kittens. Does it look weird?”

Mahiru had her silky hair, usually draped behind her head, tied in a bun. Clearly she put in the effort to doll herself up on this day, unlike when she was cooking.

“No, it really suits you.”

“That is good…e-erm…laugh if you want to.”

“What are you saying out of a sudden?”

“…You may think I am being too excited, Amane-kun.”

Mahiru put her hand on her chest, and was wearing clothing a little more revealing.

It might seem like she was revealing lots, but it was simply because her white décolleté was exposed, for she was wearing an open collar chiffon blouse that could be peeked into from time to time.

She had long lantern sleeves, and one could vaguely see the upper arm vaguely hidden under the laces from the side opening, which gave an alluring vibe.

Of course, Mahiru was wearing undergarments, and the important parts would not be seen from above. Nevertheless, Amane strangely felt some innocence and allure in that feminine look.

She was wearing tights, probably because they would be playing with cats. The fine gradients of the legs were emphasized accordingly.

She was wearing the floral bracelet Amane bought for her the last time.

Amane remembered Mahiru once said that she would treasure and wear it, and his heart felt hot.

“I don’t think so, but I think you’re cuter than usual, Mahiru.”

“…I think your parents have taught you to say such words so openly.”

“My dad said that I should praise any girl who dresses up well…I’m not saying this out of courtesy, don’t worry.”

“…I believe you, Amane-kun.”

Mahiru blushed as she held her bag. Amane gave a wry smile, and had the urge to pat her head, but he did not.

After all, he could not simply ruffle the hair she painstakingly styled.

Mahiru blinked as Amane faltered, but it seemed she understood he was worried about her hair, and she too showed a wry smile.

She however looked at Amane’s right hand with pity.

“…Have you been addicted to patting my head recently, Amane-kun?”

“Hmm, feels nice to stroke, or rather, touch. I’ll stop if you dislike it though.”

“I-I do not dislike it…I-I wish to pat you when I want to.”

“I don’t mind, but I waxed my hair.”

Amane dressed handsomely as he was going out with Mahiru.

Despite that, he did not put in as much effort as Mahiru. All he did was to tidy his heart.

He wore a white V-neck, a denim jacket, and black slim pants. He did not put much effort into dressing himself, and it was all very casual.

Amane felt he looked inferior standing next to Mahiru, but given that it was an issue of their facial appearances, that was to be expected.

“…May I pat?”

“It’s not like I hate it. Hang on for now though; we’re playing with cats today.”

“I-I am not thinking of doing so now. It is fine…I see, so I can touch…”

“I usually pat you. It’s expected that I can be patted back.”

Amane did not dislike to be patted by Mahiru…he found it comforting, on the contrary. There was no reason for him to refuse.

If this little act could satisfy Mahiru, Amane was more than glad to oblige.

Once she easily got his permission, Mahiru was initially at a loss, but soon after, she smiled happily.

“…I shall pat your head next time, Amane-kun. Today, I shall pat the kittens.”


“Let us go then.”


They left the same place, and Amane felt a little itchy. They left the house, harboring such thoughts.

Amane walked slowly as he paced himself alongside her. Then, he suddenly thought of something, and reached his hand towards her.

“Give me your hand.”

Amane said jokingly, and Mahiru’s face turned red as she smiled and held Amane’s hand.