Chapter 85 – The Angel and Amane’s Recommendation

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 85 – The Angel and Amane’s Recommendation

Amane was dragged by the hand, and had a thought that Mahiru really attracted much attention.

Usually dubbed the Angel, she looked innocent and pretty. At this moment, she was fully showing how carefree she was, looking so adorable that others had the urge to protect and pet her.

When in Angel mode, Mahiru would exhibit a painting-like beauty and fragility, looking so unapproachable. However, the overly delicate beauty looked so artificial, and felt a little lacking in life to Amane.

Mahiru, holding his hand like this, gave such a pure smile, and looked really vigorous. Even though she never voiced out, the *I’m so happy! *emotion could be felt from her hand holding his, and her strides.

Her conservative smile was pretty, but this utterly elated smile looked a lot more adorable than the facade she mustered.

“…What is it?”

“Nothing. Just that there’s a lot of stares when I’m walking with you.”

Male and female gazes were looking at them, and once again, Amane realized that Mahiru was a beautiful girl.

“…I think not all of them are looking at me, you know?”

“Yeah, guess some are sizing me up as your attendant.”

“I am not referring to this, goodness.”

Mahiru lifted her head towards Amane unhappily, but she held his hand firmly again, probably not wanting to continue this conversation.

“It is a bother how Amane-kun has no self-awareness.” she muttered, but Amane knew people would be looking at him walking alongside Mahiru. It was obvious that Amane looked inferior, and not a matter of self-awareness.

“Well, I shall explain to you slowly until you understand.”

“Ack, why does that sound scary?”

“It is rude to say that is scary…it is your fault after all, you know?”

She poked her index finger onto his nose, shushing him.

However, she showed an impish smile, and did not seem to have her mood ruined as she continued to tap. She then pulled Amane’s hand after being seemingly satisfied. To be precise, she leaned her body onto Amane’s arm.

“…This would be easier if you have more self-confidence.”

Mahiru muttered as she leaned her forehead onto Amane’s elbow. Amane had enough, and averted his eyes.

“Erm, Mahiru-san.”

“What is it?”

“You’re doing it on purpose, right?”


“…Well, your chest’s touching me.”

Whether she actually meant for it, he hoped she would spare him when he mentioned this, and Mahiru jolted away like a bullet.

He tried to suppress his blush as he looked towards Mahiru, and found her completely beetroot.

“N-not at all.”

“Hm, I can tell from your reaction. You’ll subconsciously lean onto those you’re familiar with, like just now. Pay attention to that.”

As a male, Amane was very sensitive to a female’s body. He had normal desires, and he would have urges to touch breasts if he were allowed to. Thus, he hoped Mahiru would pay attention.

Mahiru surely would loathe such desires, so Amane never expressed it, but the subconscious temptation was arduous.

Mahiru’s face turned completely red once she realized how potently murderous her breasts could be, and kept her lips sealed as she shivered. Amane gave a wry smile, and pulled his distance slightly.

He felt that she felt embarrassed or displeased to realize this, and pulled his distance because of her concerns. Mahiru seemed a little hurt however as she looked up at Amane.

“…Please do not let go.”


“I-may get lost…it is bad, to lose my way.”

Naturally, Amane could not refuse when she looked up at him, and harbored the shame that never faded completely as he timidly held her hand.

He grasped her little palm like before, and her still blushing face showed a relieved smile.

They reverted back to their usual distance, their bodies close but not touching.

“…Erm, I did not intend to…and, if it is you, I am fine with a little, Amane-kun.”

“I’ll get carried away if you say that, so don’t.”

This little whisper had Amane’s heart pounding, but he realized that Mahiru might be saying she would not be angry if it was someone she was familiar with. He quietly exhaled.

He felt he would get carried away, and many aspects would go awry if he did not show restraint, like his heart, his sanity, and others.

“Look, the clothes on that mannequin seem to suit you, Mahiru. Shall we have a look?”

Amane pointed with his empty hand to conceal his searing face. “Is that what you like?” Mahiru showed interest, and the duo naturally went over to that shop.

“Is this it?”

“Un, yes. Everything suits you, Mahiru, but I think this is rather decent.”

The mannequin was wearing a white based, thin striped off shoulder one-piece dress atop its white body.

It was really suited for a thin female with a wonderful décolleté, and Amane it would surely go well with Mahiru.

He stared at Mahiru as she stood next to the mannequin, and imagined her wearing that clothing. He soon imagined a refreshing vibe to her. It would be a really suitable image, especially when paired with a straw hat.

“I shall try it on.”

Mahiru quickly decided as though she had planned to do so, and took the same clothing hanging next to the mannequin.

Amane was a little taken aback seeing her being strangely riled up. Mahiru had Amane hold her bag, and hurriedly vanished into the changing room.

*Why’s she so agitated? *Amane wondered as he waited for Mahiru to change. The surrounding warm stares had him increasingly confused.

The attendants, and even the surrounding customers were smiling at him, and he felt very uncomfortable.

*Please hurry back. *He earnestly thought as he waited. Finally, the changing room curtain was pulled aside, and Mahiru exited.

However, she did not change.

“Ah, you’re back…you didn’t change?”

“No, I have checked the sizes. But…erm, I cannot show you because of my undergarments.”


He could see the décolleté even though she was wearing the chiffon blouse, but even then, the exposure was nothing compared to the open shoulder dress.

It was said that one had to wear different undergarments under an open shoulder dress. She probably was unable to do so at this point.

“You say it suits me though, Amane-kun. I have taken a liking to it after trying it on, so I shall buy it.”

Mahiru received her bag from Amane, and took the dress to the cashier. Amane hastily gave chest.

Amane felt that since he said it suited Mahiru, he should be the one paying. He prepared to frisk his wallet, but Mahiru stopped him from rummaging further.

“No, I shall buy it and show it off to you, Amane-kun.”


“But I cannot wear it until it gets hotter. This shall have to wait until summer.”

Please look forward to it, Mahiru said bashfully. Amane kept his lips shut, and barely managed to not end up tumbling onto the floor.

Damn, why does she sound so cute when she says this?

Amane had a feeling she was implying that she was wearing it for him, and his heart felt unbearable.

He met the eyes of the cashier’s, received a sincere, beaming smile in response, and could only bite his lips and look aside.