Chapter 88 – The Talk after reaching home

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Chapter 88 – The Talk after reaching home

“For some reason, I feel sorry.”

Once they bade Kadowaki farewell, the duo played a little longer at the game center before returning home. After that, Amane apologized to Mahiru, who was on the sofa.

Mahiru undid the hair she tied, and she widened her eyes once she said this.

“Why do you say so?”

“Well…Kadowaki knows now.”

“That was unforeseen. The outcome is fine, since he does understand…”

She was right to put it that way, but she probably was frustrated, wondering if others thought she was dating anyone.

They were lucky that Kadowaki understood them, and left heartily, but Amane’s heart still ached to hear Mahiru deny so flatly.

“I did not think this would not be exposed when we went out. I did think it may happen; I am grateful that it so happened to be Kadowaki-san.”

“Well yeah. Kadowaki really understands us in many ways, and is being considerate to us. he’s really a good guy.”

They were lucky it was Kadowaki.

While Kadowaki would be questioning Amane later, perhaps it was the right choice to reveal the situation, and not feel the guilt of hiding this matter.

Amane might end up teased during karaoke, but Kadowaki and Itsuki knew their limits, and probably would not go overboard.

“…You really fancy Kadowaki-san.”

“Hm, ah, sorta. Since we got more chances to talk, I get that he’s a really good guy, why he’s that popular. He’s amazing, both on the inside, and the outside.”

“You really trust him.”

“Yep. I think he’s trustworthy.”

Amane was aware that he was very picky about his friends.

If the other person had a bad reputation, Amane would try to stay away, and would never allow the person to approach. He had a habit of being wary of others, yet this alarm never rang near Kadowaki.

He instinctively sensed that Kadowaki was a good person. Because of that, Amane was not too anxious about this matter being revealed. He felt it was the right decision.

“So this is what they mean by birds of a feather flock together.”

“I don’t know how I’m the same as him…”

“You are being self-deprecating again, Amane-kun…Kadowaki-san approached you because he thought you are a good person, no? Is it not the same logic as how you view him? You find Kadowaki-san trustworthy, and he recognizes you as a person. You should be more confident.”

Mahiru said confidently as she poked her finger at Amane’s cheek. He smiled wryly.

He could never defeat Mahiru; rather, whenever he denied himself, she would voice her confidence in him, and he was really grateful for such an existence.

Please be more confident in yourself, Mahiru went into lecture mode, and Amane’s shoulders were huffing from giggling as he thanked her.

“You’ve always been thanking me, Mahiru.”

“This is proper praise. it is your fault for denying yourself, Amane-kun.”

“That’s a habit.”

“Why did you have such a habit? Goodness.”

Mahiru muttered dumbfoundedly.

Once she asked why, Amane had difficulty answering.

Amane knew the reason why he became like this, and recognized he had a problem, but certain things were pointless even though he knew.

It was a bitter memory.

It was the past to him, but he had some lingering aftereffects.

He knew it was a bad habit, but he could not change it completely. He felt that he should take notice before Mahiru mentioned it, even though it probably would not be changed that easily.

“Well, I’ll keep it in mind…say Mahiru.”



Amane’s biggest happiness was to met someone who would acknowledge him when he denied himself.

He merely stated what he thought, but Mahiru gave him a shocked look…and leaned on his shoulder.

“Amane-kun, you really…”


“Nothing at all.”

Baka, Mahiru muttered, pressed her forehead on his shoulder, and turned around. Amane did not understand, but he let Mahiru continue as she pleased.