Chapter 97 – Study Meet and Rest

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Chapter 97 – Study Meet and Rest

After their meal, they started studying again. However, Chitose was ultimately unable to focus, and while snacking away, she started rolling about, saying “I’m tired~”

“Amane~, can we play games?”

“Play all you want, but I don’t care how your grades turn out.”

“Oyyy you’re strict.”

“We can relax a bit, but you’ll overdo it. If you think you can watch yourself, go ahead.”

I’ll continue with my studies, Amane replied as he continued to solve the questions. In a corner of his eyes, he saw Chitose puffing her cheeks slightly.

He already expected that Chitose, who hated studying, was getting sick of it. He set up a game console and and four game controllers next to the TV cupboard.

After all, no human could concentrate fully. He felt it was fine if she just wanted to play and rest for a little while.

Amane would take short breaks after every hour, and was fine with not taking long breaks. He did not dislike studying, and could keep at it for a long time.

“You’re cruel Amane~”

“We’re here for a study group, right? Whatever, we can play for a while. 4 game controllers. Take it as a break.”

“I’ll take up that offer then~. But you shouldn’t push yourself too hard studying, you know?”

“I rested.”

“You’re that serious huh? Well, you’re always serious. I’ll play then~ what about you Ikkun?”

“I’ll play then. Won’t be playing all the time though.”

Itsuki might have been worn out from studying for 2,3 hours, and was interested once games were mentioned.

“How about you Yuuta?”

“Sure. You fine with this, Fujimiya?”


Kadowaki was more serious than Itsuki and Chitose, but he too was interested in playing some games to rest. Do as you please, so Amane indicated as he turned his eyes towards the textbooks again.

On a side note, Mahiru was next to him, solving the problems quietly, and showed no sign of losing concentration.

“You’re not playing, Mahiru?”

“I shall study for a little longer.”

“I see.”

Amane was studying hard as he swore he had to work hard, but Mahiru was always in this state, and Amane was really impressed with her.

She managed to maintain her status as valedictorian due to her relentless hard work, and this relentless had work was what made Mahiru amazing.

Amane saw the trio leave the table and occupy the space before the game console. He then purged them from his mind, and started writing with his mechanical pencil.

The sounds of the pencil and rubber rang clearly along with Mahiru’s breathing sounds next to him.

He could vaguely hear squeals from afar as he recalled the every teacher’s bias of questions, and solved the questions that could possibly be tested.

He had ease dealing with the tests of the teachers who had been teaching them since his first year, Amane memorized how the questions would be set based on the teachers’ personalities and lesson scope over the past year.

He planned to grasp the tendencies of the teachers who started to teach them this year.

He did predict the scope of lessons when he taught Chitose. It was up to chance, but he did not really expect to be wrong. Chitose should be able to avoid failing if she focused on these sections.

“Amane-kun, please have some.”

Amane was solving the questions when he realized that Mahiru, who should be next to him, had stood up. She put a cup of coffee next to his hands, and there was some potion milk and a small sugar cube

His face relaxed once he saw this cup of coffee.

“Same as the usual. is this fine?”

“Oh, thank you.”

Having been together for half a year, they knew very well what each other liked.

Mahiru served him coffee while he was thinking of having some. Amane gratefully received it by the handle, and found another little saucer.

“What is this?”

“It is a little Financier. I baked them yesterday as I think we need sugar for studying.”

There was a bite-sized Financier on the plate, a finely roasted brown.

There was a fork on it, for she had considered that Amane would be eating it while studying. The Financier was just large enough.

It appeared she had baked for Itsuki and the others, who were playing games. There were plenty of Financiers for three on the plate served on a tray, a few forks placed by the side.

There were also three coffee cups prepared for them. She also prepared sugar and milk sachets for them.

“Chitose-san, everyone, please have some.”

Mahiru smiled as she approached them, and placed the tray on a little table by the side.

“Waaa~! Thanks Mahirun!”

“Ohhh, some desserts. Perfect timing. Thanks Shiina-san.”

“My pleasure.”

Mahiru happily looked at the trio who were overjoyed by the desserts, and returned to Amane, who naturally smiled.

“…I get the feeling that I caused you to prepare lots.”

“No, I wanted to do this. I did this during my study break. This can be considered rest for me.”

“You really are the type to give your all.”

“…I just want to work hard for those who work hard.”

The moment he heard this mutter, Amane sensed heat rising up his throat.

He hurried downed it with the coffee before it could come out. He found the coffee exceptionally sweet. She added the same amount of sugar as usual, yet he found it really sweet.

He did not know how to react to this sweetness he did not dislike, how to react to Mahiru’s words, and lied to himself as he looked down at his textbook.