Chapter 113 – The Morning which He was woken up by the Angel’s Voice

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 113 – The Morning which He was woken up by the Angel’s Voice

“Amane-kun, please wake up.”

A gentle voice called for him.

Once he heard this whisper-like voice, “nn”, he groaned while still in his comfortable dreamland, and then lifted his heavy eyelids, opening his eyes slowly.

His vision was a little blurred, probably due to fatigue. The sunlight shining through the window showed the girl dear to him.

She had a knee on his bed as she leaned forward, probably have shaken Amane about. The flax-colored hair dropped like vines, swaying about.


“Nn, good morning.”

Amane called out her name to confirm, heard a familiar voice, and saw her face.

His mind started to feel a little confused, not because he was sleeping, but that Mahiru was present. She was at his place, as though it was natural, and his confusion gradually subsided.

“…Morning. Why are you here, Mahiru?”

“Do you not remember what we talked about yesterday, Amane-kun?”

Mahiru frowned, and he repeated the word “Yesterday”. It took him a while to recall the conversation they had the previous day.

“Can we go to school together on Monday?”

Mahiru said this before they went their separate ways on Sunday.

She fidgeted, and lifted her head towards him uneasily, which made him a little restless.

Mahiru asked so cautiously as she wanted to be sure if Amane wanted to hide their relationship.

They did discuss and decided to reveal their relationship openly, but she appeared a little uneasy.

Since there was pretty much an open confession, Amane felt it was impossible for them to hide the relationship any further. He intended to just go along with it, and say that they were officially dating.

“Hm, it’s fine.”


“Why do I have to lie to you?”

Amane promised, and the uneasiness vanished from Mahiru’s expression, turning into delight.

“I always wanted to go to school together.” She muttered bashfully, which caused his heart to race, but it appeared she did not notice it, for she looked overjoyed.

“I shall visit your house in the morning then, Amane-kun. We shall have breakfast together.”

“Woah, fresh breakfast from you early in the morning, Mahiru? I’m really lucky.”

“It is leftovers from our bentos…do you mind if I make your bento, Amane-kun?”

“Please do.”

He was really blessed to have her breakfast, and now lunch too. Of course he could not refuse this offer.

Mahiru too looked relieved and overjoyed that she did not have to worry about others, which cheered Amane up. At the same time, he felt ticklish and gaudy.

We’re going to school together tomorrow, huh?

Till this point, Amane left home at a different time from Mahiru, so that others would not notice their relationship.

There was no further need for that.

Amane would surely be envied if they were to openly reveal their relationship at school, so he did feel uneasy. The most important thing however was that Mahiru really liked him, and he was delighted to be by her side.

As he stared at her delighted smile, “I need to work hard tomorrow too.” he muttered.


Amane groaned a little, for his mind might have gotten running after the sleep, and he recalled what happened the previous day.

It was not that he disliked it, but simply because, it was bad for his heart to see Mahiru’s face immediately after waking up. He should still consider whether he should allow her to wake him up.

Mahiru looked dumbfounded upon seeing him.

She was not really dumbfounded however, just comforted and helpless. Amane was really sorry and embarrassed by this, so he exerted strength near his lips.

“How can you be so forgetful…here, change up and wash your face.”


Mahiru would probably use this time to prepare breakfast.

Amane stifled a yawn, and got up from the bed, removed his shirt, “Kyahh!?” and heard a shriek next to him.

He looked towards Mahiru as he put his shirt onto the bed. He saw her eyes were closed, her body quivering, and her face instantly turned red.

“I-I did say before, please do not remove your clothes when I am around.”

Mahiru was clearly flustered to see him strip in front of her. He could only show a wry smile.

“Well I’m a guy. There’s nothing wrong with showing.”

“I do have a problem…”

“I’m not really doing this for you to see, and I’m not telling you to get used to it as soon as possible, but you can’t go swimming in the summer if this keeps up.”

*If Mahiru has no immunity against seeing a guy’s body, how did she spend her summer during middle school…*Amane wondered, but she really could not swim, so perhaps she found a reason to excuse herself.

Given her serious personality, it was hard to imagine her skipping classes. According to her, she chose a high school where swimming classes were not imperative, since she could not swim. Perhaps this too was a possibility.

They did make an ambiguous promise to go to the pool during the summer, and Amane would feel awkward if Mahiru was overly consciousness. After all, there were often half naked males near the pool, and he did not know if she could endure such a sight.

“Ugh…I-I will try…”

Mahiru might have realized this as she muttered with a teeny-weeny voice, cautiously opened her eyes, and saw Amane.

She was blushing, looking to be on the verge of tears. Once she saw his upper body, she shivered, “Uu.” and groaned.

Truth be told, Amane did not train his body to be particularly attractive.

Since the start of their second year, he was doing some exercises and muscle training recommended by Kadowaki, so that he would not be a mere beansprout…but he did not have much muscle. At the very least, nobody would shun him.

…If she’s not used to it, it’ll be a headache if something happened.

It might be a long time later until their relationship deepened, but if she was unused to that, Amane had a feeling many situations would not proceed as smoothly.

But Amane felt he too might freeze up upon seeing Mahiru’s body. Perhaps the same would apply for both sides.

“…Ah, nn, erm…please go ahead and cook.”

Amane’s face too turned red as he suddenly imagined something bad. Once he said that to her while she was blushing, “I shall proceed”, she scampered away like a rabbit.

Once she disappeared beyond the door, Amane knocked his head on the nearby wall, muttering to him “Oh what am I thinking early in the morning?”