Chapter 114 – The Angel and the Morning Scene

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 114 – The Angel and the Morning Scene

Shown in the basin mirror was an unfamiliar looking self.

Amane was wearing the usual school uniform, but the region above the neck was drastically different from before. He could not say that he had never seen it before however, for this was an image he would occasionally show Mahiru. He was rather uncomfortable about not wearing plainclothes.

He fiddled with his fingers, fiddling with the bangs that were no longer blocking his eyes.

The good thing was that boys did not need to put on makeup like the girls, but Amane really was unused to dolling himself up like this.


A voice came from behind.

Through the mirror in the washroom, he saw Mahiru call for him after she was done preparing for school.

He turned to look at her, and found her looking a little gloomy.

“What’s wrong?”

“…Do you not dislike it?”

“Dislike what?”

“…That hairstyle?”

“Oh, this?”

Mahiru seemed a little hesitant as she expressed her worry.

He showed this hairstyle to her, the one he refused to go to school with. Mahiru was worried that the others would associate that man with Amane.

This was something Amane himself wanted to do, so he did not dislike it.

It would be a lie to say that he had no hesitation, but he felt that since he made up his mind to stand next to Mahiru, he had to dress himself up and not bring her to shame.

He was not astoundingly handsome, but Itsuki and Kadowaki had vouched for his looks, so it should not be much of a problem. In any case, Amane hoped that nobody would say she had bad, unrefined taste in men.

“I don’t really hate it. Do you, Mahiru?”

“…Not really…just that I am feeling a little conflicted.”


“…I may not have you for myself.”

Mahiru shriveled as she said such adorable words. As she was really cute, he chuckled, and patted her head while ensuring he did not ruin her hair.

“So do you want to possess me for yourself?”

“…I do.”

Truth be told, Amane was only joking, but Mahiru nodded earnestly, and clung onto his chest.

Amane never expected her to actually nod. He was the one to say it, but even he was a little intimidated. Despite that, he wrapped his arms around her back.

Mahiru was a head shorter than him, so she buried her face into his chest. She grabbed his shirt, and seemingly would not let go.

She lifted her head towards him, and looked so heartfelt.

“…You are really dashing, Amane-kun, so you will have many girls talking to you. I am happy that you will be rated accordingly…”

“You think I’ll fall for other girls?”

“I do not think so, but this is an emotional issue.”

“Are you jealous?”

Amane inadvertently asked, and Mahiru immediately blushed. Despite that, “Yes” she answered earnestly, and rubbed her forehead onto his chest, rolling about.

She probably was feeling embarrassed. Her face was already red to the ears, as seen through the flax-colored hair.

“How cute.”


“Relax. I’m not interested in anyone other than you, Mahiru.”

It might not be sufficient reason to make her not jealous, but Amane had no intention of viewing other females as love interest. He already had a cute, possessive female he loved most, and there was no way he could look aside.

To state the extreme, Amane did not care about others, and would not be interested in them, unless they were really close to him. He was confident that he would not look at them.

He could not possibly be close with those females that would suddenly approach him after he got handsome.

“…I know. I shall show that I love you, Amane-kun, and ensure nobody else has a chance.”

“Just watch yourself. I don’t want others seeing you making such cute faces, Mahiru.”

“…Why are you always saying such things out of a sudden, Amane-kun!”

Mahiru was furious for some reason, and he could only pat her head frantically to coax her. However, Mahiru slapped his back with her hands that were on his.

“You cannot be saying such things so nonchalantly, Amane-kun.”

“Can’t, as in…?”

“It is bad for my heart.”

“I should be the one saying that…sometimes I feel like I’m about to die when you suddenly fawn towards me.”

It should be said that Mahiru’s skinship was more destructive.

Amane’s heart would throb and race whenever he unwittingly felt that soft body, or sniffed at the floating sweet fragrance, or the sweet, intoxicating smile that was shown without restraint.

Again at this point, Amane’s heart pounded wildly as Mahiru was too adorable. She buried her face into his chest, and probably realized it too.

“…This sudden attacks are highly potent.”

Mahiru grumbled softly, and leaned her cheeks onto his chest.

“…But since your heart is pounding so much, I shall forgive you today, Amane-kun.”

It appeared Mahiru was delighted that Amane’s heart was pounding wildly as she muttered and rubbed her face onto his chest.

That gesture was similarly adorable, *calm down calm down, *so Amane nearly groaned as he muttered so, patting Mahiru on the head to quell the impulse gradually forming in his heart.

Five minutes later, Mahiru was done recharging.

She was blushing slightly, and her eyes were a little moist. Amane’s heart would be in jeopardy if he stared directly at her. He managed to purge his anxiety however, for she appeared to be contented.

“Let us go then.”

There was more than sufficient time, and no matter the amount of skinship they enjoyed, there was no way they would be late.

Nevertheless, Amane felt it was time for them to go, so he gave her a holler. “Yes” she smiled back.

I’m already worn out since morning.

He did not dislike it, on the contrary, he was elated. It was for this reason that he would endure, and felt fatigued. He could retaliate if it was a rest day, and let her fawn around until she melted away. They could not do so however as they had to go to school.

It appeared Mahiru did not notice his fatigue, for she was completely energized.

Early in the morning, and Amane was troubled and strangely fatigued in various ways, but it was not vexing to him. He showed a wry smile, took whatever he needed, and left along with Mahiru.

It was the first time he left home with her while wearing the school uniform, and he was strangely emotional about this. he locked the door, lowered his head towards Mahiru, and found her looking a little uneasy.

Her hand was timidly tugging at his hem.

“…Shall we hold hands?”


It appeared Amane got it right. “Damn, she’s cute.” he muttered towards an apprehensive looking Mahiru, and interlocked his fingers with her slender fingers.