Chapter 119 – The Angel and the way home

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 119 – The Angel and the way home

It was a long day especially for Amane, probably because he was basking under the stares.

While he did deliberately do that intimate act before his classmates, he was mentally worn out from the many eyes on him. Some of them were looking unfriendly, which made him all the more weary.

Not all of them were negative however. Some were simply curious, and some were cheering them on.

Most of the latter kind of stares were from the girls, and it showed how popular Mahiru was, in various senses.

“Let’s go home, Mahiru.”

He did not need to suffer various stares for the day, at least.

Once the lessons ended for the day, Amane said so to Mahiru, who was preparing to go home.

Neither Amane nor Mahiru joined any clubs. It would be troublesome if Mahiru actually joined one, and caused much imbalance in club membership. Thus, she did not.

It was a choice she made while knowing her own popularity, but that fact made Amane sad.

She did not mind however, “I met you because I did not join any club, Amane-kun…” and instead said such an adorable line, which made him embarrassed.

“Yes, let us go home.”

Mahiru finished packing her items, and showed a gentle smile, which in turn softened Amane’s expression

He was delighted that they were finally able to go home together, since they used to go home separately back then.

“I’ll be going back then.”

Amane took Mahiru’s bag from the table as he called out to Itsuki next to him. Kadowaki was gone from the classroom as he had to attend club activities.

“Yeah. I can’t bring myself to disturb the newlyweds, so you two can go home and go wild.”

“Who are the newlyweds, you idiot?”

“Wait, you two are an old couple.”

“I don’t mean that.”

*What are you saying? *Amane glared, but Itsuki did not seem to mind.

Instead, he looked rather delighted, showing that usual frivolous look even in the face of Amane’s harsh stare.

“Well, you clearly are. Don’t you think so too, Chii?”


“You two are annoying. So you’re saying we’re a bakauple?”

“Yo, second gen bakauple, I get to call you this since I’m the first gen.”

“You bastard.”

“E-erm please calm down Amane-kun.”

Amane was about to flick Itsuki in the forehead, but held back as Mahiru came to stop him.

“Akazawa-san, please do not tease Amane-kun too much.”


“Amane-kun is rather dishonest, and will pout if you tease him too much. Please exercise some restraint.”

“Et tu Mahiru?”

“I am joking.”

Amane felt conflicted that even Mahiru joined in on the teasing. However, he could not stop her as she was giving her natural smile at school.

In the past, she gave the textbook, beautiful smile that was hailed by everyone, and hid her true smile beneath. At this point, her smile and attitude was unhindered, and it was no wonder that he could not reproach her.

Despite that, Amane was a little peeved that he could not pull a little payback, so he intended to keep teasing Mahiru once they got home.

“Come on, Amane-kun, shall we head back?”

Mahiru prompted somewhat hastily, as though she realized something. “Yeah sure.” Amane chuckled, and held her hand.

“I think it is great that we can openly reveal our relationship. It allows us to go shopping together.”

Mahiru noted quietly as she picked the ingredients for tonight’s dinner at the supermarket.

A supermarket was not usually a place student couples would visit, but neither Amane nor Mahiru had any plans to date, and since they had to prepare dinner, they came here.

“Well, we couldn’t come here together the last time.”

“Yes. Now we can openly shop for items, and so on.”

“Yeah. If needed, we can just discuss what we’re going to eat.”

Amane would usually discuss with Mahiru beforehand what they would eat, but henceforth, they could discuss this immediately if he had a sudden desire to eat something.

They originally intended to have Japanese food, but once Amane saw the daily set meal at the cafeteria, he had a craving for fried chicken, so Mahiru went to fulfill his wish.

Mahiru chose the chicken thighs, and put them into the basket Amane was holding. “I think it is better to have some fish tomorrow after some meat.” It appeared she was thinking about the next day’s dinner.

“What shall we have for tomorrow?”

“Anything…but you’ll be troubled if I say this, right? Well, I want some horse mackerel.”

“I believe it is the perfect season for it, yes. Some Nanbanzuke horse mackerel. Not too sour, I suppose?”


You know me well, Amane chuckled, “I have cooked for you for half a year after all.” Mahiru retorted.

It was true that since they ate together for half a year, she naturally knew of his likes. Speaking of which, it had been half a year since the two of them got involved, but lots of various events happened, and Amane was amazed by that.

“…We’re dating after half a year. That’s amazing.”

“It does feel like a long time to me? You really are a blockhead, Amane-kun, to notice and pretend not to.”

“Ugh…I’m sorry.”

“Fufu. I am not intending to bully you…I am fine with knowing that you like me.”

Mahiru giggled impishly, which left Amane uncomfortable. Truth be told, the problem was that Amane was indecisive, and had to bear the brunt of his mistake fully.

“Erm, I’ll express my love properly after this.”

“Yes, so will I.”

“…It’ll be tough for me if you continue to be like this, Mahiru.”


“…Don’t turn me into a wolf.”

Amane’s sanity might go on strike if Mahiru continued to fawn over him, so he hoped she would contain herself.

It appeared she understood the intent of these words, and her face turned red, sounding like a steam engine. “I-I shall take note of that…” she whispered with a fading voice, “Ok.” and Amane nodded back, trying his back to not let his face turn red.