Chapter 120 – Omake

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 120 – Omake

“E-erm, Amane-kun…”

Mahiru sounded doubtful in Amane’s clutches, and Amane did not answer as he wrapped his arms around her body.

He hugged her after dinner, as retaliation for her teasing him, but he felt it was torture to himself.

Mahiru would basically accept anything Amane would do to her. He could casually hold her hand, or pat her head, or even hug her, and she would not loath it.

She would not be repulsed even if Amane kept sniffing at Mahiru’s sweet scent or embraced her to enjoy her soft body. She would always say “I like it when you do this, Amane-kun.” and allow him to, as long as he did not go overboard.

If Amane planned to retaliate against Mahiru, who had permitted him to act to some extent, he too would have to bear some damage. One had to say that he was not hurting Mahiru at all; his sanity was under attack.

“What is with this out of a sudden, Amane-kun…?”

“…This is retaliation for what you did at school.”


“You teased me, so now I’ll tease you back.”

“But this makes me happy.”

“I guessed so.”

Amane himself was enjoying this, and he too wondered what he should do next.

Truth be told, Amane had no guts to attack Mahiru.

Personality-wise, they were neither capable of taking the initiative, nor following the lead. They were the type to take it step by step, slowly approached each other, to touch each other hesitantly and get used to each other. It was hard for them to go on the offensive.

“…But seriously, this position is making me embarrassed enough.”

Amane accidentally blurted out his true thoughts. As expected, a single embrace required courage, and he was embarrassed. He was working hard, trying to ensure that he could touch her outright, but he could not do anything about his heart that was pounding wildly.

Upon hearing his words, Mahiru blinked away.

“…I cannot say I am not ashamed.”


“After all, I feel relieved and comfortable to have you touching me like this, Amane-kun, but I do feel embarrassed…erm, my heart flutters.”

“I can’t tell from your face though.”

“…Will you not laugh at me if you can see it?”

“Laugh at you…? I think I’ll just look at your face and find you cute.”

Amane might retaliate, but it was more likely that Mahiru’s embarrassed self would be so adorable, his heart would be writhing.

She was cute in appearance, voice, gesture, personality, and obviously, she would be cute if she was bashful. Amane, who was sunk several times on this day, could easily conclude this.

Once he answered her seriously, Mahiru closed her eyes, and headbutted Amane’s chest.

“It-it is because you always say such things…this is the bad thing about you, Amane-kun.”

“Which part?”

“…You have no self-awareness at all.”

“No, you’re the one not realizing that you’re out to kill, Mahiru.”

“That is not true. You have so much destructive power, Amane-kun.”

She rolled her forehead about, clinging close while wrapping her arms around Amane, “I suppose it is due to Shuuto-san’s teachings.” she muttered.

Amane did not understand why his father’s name was mentioned.

Nevertheless, there was no doubt that Mahiru was being embarrassed. In a certain sense, the payback worked.

If he said anything more, Mahiru might never lift her head again. He remained silent as he patted her head.