Chapter 121 – The Angel’s Popularity

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Chapter 121 – The Angel’s Popularity

“Say Itsuki?”

“What now, bro?”

“…Has Mahiru’s popularity increased after she started dating?”

Back in the classroom, Mahiru was dealing with many classmates surrounding her, and Amane grumbled softly as he watched her. “Yeah.” Itsuki agreed.

Mahiru’s popularity had increased, rather than decreased, ever since they started dating two weeks ago.

She was already the most popular student of the entire year, and at this point, and garnered more people around her.

There were more girls than boys, but the boys were giving her passionate looks. Amane felt conflicted upon seeing this.

“Well, I get why Shiina-san’s more popular now.”


“Hm…there’s a feeling that she was behind a glass panel back then, but now she looks more approachable. I think it’s because people used to think of her as some unattainable, unapproachable person, but now that she’s with you, she’s showing a girly side to herself.”

It was true that ever since Mahiru dated Amane, her smile had changed somewhat.

While her smile was Angelic, she was starting to show her usual side. She showed the innocent smile of a girl in bloom, rather than the feeble, delicate one.

Little by little, Mahiru was no longer acting like an Angel, but revealing more of herself. Amane was delighted by this, yet he felt conflicted that the smile only he knew of would be diminished in vlaue.

He hoped that everyone would know Mahiru was just an ordinary girl, not an idol, but he was troubled that everyone would know about this. This contradiction had him hating himself.

“But well, I still feel conflicted about this. Now everyone knows the true personality of someone only those intimate with her did. I should be happy, but I just feel troubled. I think I’m just being petty.”

“That’s you showing your possessiveness…but I think that’s not all to her. She surely has some other faces to show you.”

“Well yeah.”

Whenever they touched, she would look bashful, yet a little elated. When she pouted, her cheeks would balloon unhappily. When she fawned, she would show a sweet, gentle smile akin to a sponge of honey. These were all the expressions only Amane could see.

“And well, you’re the one who changed Shiina-san. It’s because of you that she has that smile. Don’t be scared, just go up there, and say ‘My Mahiru is cute, right?'”

“…I don’t dare to assert myself like that. Not going to be jealous though.”

“…I remember the same mouth flirting furiously before everyone though.”

“T-that…wasn’t on purpose.”

“If that was on purpose, you have guts. Even if it wasn’t, you’re spreading your affection without realizing it. People around your are getting hit by that.”

*Learn your lesson, *he poked at Amane’s forehead, and the latter pursed his lips.

For some reason, whenever some students were next to Amane and Mahiru recently, they would blush and look aside.

Amane was not touching Mahiru much, and did not really talk much, but the students were blushing, which had him confused.

There were some jealous stares, but more warm ones. What he heard from the boys in the class was, “Man, I know I don’t have a chance when those two are so close. I can give up now…”

Others had said that Mahiru was only looking at Amane, and while he was embarrassed by this, it was true that he was a little happy.

“I think one reason is that Shiina-san’s acting like she’s not going to let you be taken by anyone.”

“Why would I be? I don’t stand out like Mahiru, nobody’s going to be interested in me. I’ll be troubled if there is.”

“…Look, you don’t really stand out, but you’re above average across the board. Your face’s decent, your body size, your brain, and athleticism…hmm, so so, and even though you’re very rude, your personality’s OK, especially since you’re very honest. You’re pretty much one to be envious of, when it comes to girls.”

“You know…it’s disgusting when you’re praising me like this…”

“50 points from you for being blunt. Well, even though your words don’t match your thoughts, it’s obvious. You’re very straightforward.’

“You’re just saying that I have a twisted personality, right?”

While he was not as bad as when he was most helpless, Amane felt he had a twisted personality.

He felt virtues like good personalities and honest were more suited for a good boy like Kadowaki, and not someone like himself who had a somewhat twisted personality.

“Well, I think you’re easy to understand. You’re very honest. Chii says the same.”

“Say, you two.”

“You keep saying that you’re twisted here and there, but you’re really very honest, and considerate for others. It’s just that your words are a little crude.”

“Sorry for being crude with my words.”

Amane tilted his head aside, and Itsuki chuckled, before going over to pat Amane’s shoulder. Amane elbowed back, and whispered, “Thanks.”