Chapter 124 – Progress

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 124 – Progress

It was a month since they started dating.

Amane had not taken the initiative to kiss Mahiru, and did not know how to interact with her.

They held hands and embraced, but he did not take the next step.

Just days ago, Amane embraced her while half naked, but he did not do anything. Itsuki would have laughed at Amane if he heard of this.

…Can we really progress like this?

He laid on the bed, covering his eyes with his arm.

It was daytime on his day off, and he was lazing around on the sofa as Mahiru would be here in the evening. Amane was prone to laziness whenever Mahiru was not around, and after he had brunch, he just lazed around on the bed.

Mahiru was usually here in the day. She was expected to be here in the evening on this day, probably because she realized the implication of the ‘you may touch’ she said days ago.

The day after she said that, she was strangely tense, fidgeting all over. It was most probably because of this.

…If I had been a little more assertive though.

If Amane could muster a little more courage, they could have kissed, even if they did not go all the way to intercourse.

As a high school boy, Amane naturally had his own desires, and often had thoughts of kissing the person he liked.

But he never said his desire, and never took action.

He wanted to touch her body if possible, even if they could not go all the way, he wanted to kiss her all he wanted.

He was worried that she would be unwilling, and dared not do so. Bad things would happen if he did not control himself, so he never took this step.

Well, Mahiru said I can touch.

Amane dared not be careless about where he could touch, and how much he could.

Even he found himself useless, and truth be told, he still found himself cowardly, yet he could do nothing about it.

If I were a little bolder, can we do lover-like things?

Amane wondered, sighed, and closed his eyes as he shielded them from the light with his arm.

“…Amane-kun, you will catch a cold if you leave your belly exposed.”

A silver bell-like voice pulled Amane’s consciousness back.

“Little by little, Amane opened his heavy eyelids, and found a flax-colored curtain in his blurry vision.

Its owner was Mahiru, who should not be here, kneeling on one knee, leaning her face towards him.


He recognized his dearest girl in his blurred consciousness, and slowly reached his arms out towards her.

It was not a major deal towards him, and he just wanted to experience her warmth.

He pulled Mahiru towards himself without holding back, probably because he was groggy.

“Kyaa” of course, Mahiru made a cute sound when she was suddenly pulled over, and fell onto him.

Once he felt her soft yet suitably heavy body, he turned around, and rolled with her on the bed.

“…E-erm, Amane-kun…?”

Amane sensed the troubled presence and voice in his clutches, and yawned as he brought his face close to her, experiencing her warmth.

He was too lazy to get up, so he closed his eyes, and buried his face into the body of the girl dearest of him.

He might have touched the region near her neck.

He inhaled, and Mahiru’s milky sweet fragrance entered his nostrils, comforting him greatly.

He really did not like sweets, but the delicious smell had him mesmerized, and he could not resist from biting her.


He did not nibble too hard, just a little contact, but he heard a gentle squeal.

That too felt comfortable.

He had a lick, and there was not much sweetness. He could only feel some subtle tenderness and silkiness. Perhaps it was because he found Mahiru sweet after all?

“A-Amane-kun, are you delirious?”



While sucking away at Mahiru’s skin, he felt an impact on his back.

It did not hurt, but it was Mahiru using all her strength to shake and slap at him. He moved away from her while his mind remained in a groggy state.

He blinked hard, focused his eyes on Mahiru, and saw she was blushing, glaring with teary eyes.

There was a little red dot the size of a pinky at the base of her white neck.


“Good morning…you appear to be so sleepy. Are you awake now?”

Once he heard that sarcastic voice, he looked at his position, posture, and distance from Mahiru, only to freeze.

Once he was fully awake, he grasped his situation. It was really had.

He was delirious, and she was his girlfriend, but he had just dragged a girl onto the bad, made contact with her, and bit her neck. Even Mahiru too might be displeased.

Mahiru remained in his clutches, and did not look disgusted, but she glared at him a little, her face still blushing.

“Say, Amane-kun, I will feel troubled if you touch me like that.”

“I’m very sorry.”

“…Is there a mark?”

She pointed at where the lips touched, and Amane realized too late that he had messed up.

Even in the summer, she would button her the collar, so that part did not look visible. Nevertheless, it was the base of the neck, and she might show it while changing. Chitose would surely tease her if she found it.

“Erm, I’m sorry, but yes.”


She pouted and grumbled, but she did not seem angry.

“Th-this will not be an issue if it cannot be seen, but why here…”

Amane also did not know why he practically sexually harassed Mahiru.

He really wanted to touch her, and do lover things, but he did not want to do anything she would hate him for. Forcing himself onto her was something against his principles.

Nevertheless, he did this while groggy, which mean that he probably was subconsciously yearning for this…frustrated, actually.

Amane realized the consequences if he was more physical, and started to be terrified of his own desires.

“Erm, sorry. I’ll take note in the future. I don’t want to make you unhappy.”

“I-I did not say I am unhappy! Well, erm, actually, it is embarrassing, but, I do not dislike it.”

“I get carried away because you say such things.”

The moment Mahiru said so, Amane had the urge to suck on the white skin, so he hoped she would not say so.

If he tried to love her with all his might, she probably would be overwhelmed with embarrassment, and he might not be able to control himself. That would be scary.

While suppress the urges rising inside him, he straightened his body, along with Mahiru’s. She then leaned onto him.

“Look Mahiru, I’ll be troubled if you do this. Just stay a little fur…”

Amane could not finish his words.

A warm breath grazed his shoulder, and he felt a soft pain.

He gasped, and looked towards the warmth. He saw Mahiru move her face away from his shoulder, not concealing her blushing face at all as she looked up at him.

“…This is payback.”

She muttered softly out of shame, and lowered her eyelids. Amane reached his limit, and embraced her little body.

He could not help himself once he realized the softness, sweet scent, and body warmth were all in his clutches.

Mahiru lifted her head in shock, and Amane put his lips on her cheek. A rose bloomed there.

He quickly broke away, and met her in the eyes. Her caramel colored eyes were really wide.


“Shut up.”

“I have not said anything.”

“…You would’ve pushed me aside if you disliked it.”

Amane did kiss her on the cheek, and if she disliked it, he would not do it again…but she shook her head.

“There is no way I dislike it…erm, I am delighted.”

She said bashfully as she showed a relaxed smile. Once again, Amane could not resist bringing his lips to her face, and muttered softly, “You adorable one.”