Chapter 125 – Summer Vacation arrives

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 125 – Summer Vacation arrives


“Why are you so agitated?”

It was midway through July, and after the closing ceremony and the homeroom briefing period, the students were finally liberated, happily talking about their summer plans.

Itsuki got excited the moment homeroom ended, and Amane was just thinking that it was too hot out there.

“Well, isn’t this obvious? It’s heaven after the hell that’s class time…onward to paradise…!”

“That’s just because you don’t like to study. I don’t hate it.”

“Shut up you top scorer. You get more time to flirt with Shiina-san, Amane.”

“Flirting…say, it’s not like we spend all day doing that.”

They probably spent more time doing their own things, rather than being together.

They often studied together and split the chores while spending time at the same place, and did not simply flirt away.

Mahiru obviously would keep studying, but she did exercise and take care of her body for the sake of her health and beauty. Amane too went running with her as exercise, but it would be a fallacy to assume they were always together.

“…I’ll be blunt, you two think it’s too difficult to consciously flirt with each other, but you’ve been doing that without realizing it.”

“How so?”

“Well, I guess you two will look at each other, smile, lock arms, hold hands, and so on.”

Amane could not deny that.

He did not really embrace Mahiru, but such little skinship was something they did every day.

The standards of flirting was hard to define. Amane did not think it was flirting, but it might seem so to the common folk.

“Look, even I’m getting hot just seeing you two flirt around. Right Yuuta?”

“Ahaha, yeah. I’m embarrassed to see it too.”

“You too Kadowaki…?”

“But thanks to this, fewer people are trying to stop you two. I don’t think this is a bad thing.”

It was true that there were not many boys who would harass Amane or argue, or even try to snatch Mahiru, as he had expected.

The most likely reason was because Mahiru was clearly showing her fondness of Amane. She did not care about anyone else, and it seemed they had given up.

Despite that, Amane was mentally prepared to hear some grumbles or arguments. For some reason however, his classmates appeared to be watching over them, giving a protective vibe. Truth be told, Amane was nonplussed.

“But seriously, it’s because of Shiina-san’s pressure that you didn’t get anything.”


“More like, she’s fending them off? What else could they do after seeing Shiina-san like that during the sports festival? If anything happened to you, she’ll be furious.”

“Furious huh…I can’t imagine that.”

“I can’t imagine that either, but she definitely will be. Looks aside, the teachers really trust her. It’ll be really scary to be her enemy.”

It’s really scary to make such a kind person angry. He quipped, and Amane silently agreed.

She’s probably the type I can’t afford to anger.

Amane did say he could not imagine Mahiru getting angry.

But he understood it would be a really bad thing if she got angry.

She always had a kind smile on her face, and was not one to get angry over such petty things. Amane had a feeling that if someone crossed the line, she would smile and reason with that person till he would be unable to refute. It was not impossible, considering what happened during the sports festival.

Amane did not intend to infuriate Mahiru, and she was more likely to be sad than angry if he actually did something. He made up his mind to keep Mahiru calm.

“…Are you intending to anger me?”

The moment Amane quietly swore to himself, Mahiru and Chitose dropped by.

“Ah Mahiru-san, actually, no we’re just talking about how you’ll probably be angry if anyone did anything to Mahiru.”

“Certainly…but I will not be angry. I will talk until that person understands.”

Itsuki shivered a little once he saw Mahiru smile.

Mahiru probably would explain in words to get that person to understand, as declared. She probably would not want anyone to get on her bad side, and would press on with her smile and logic as weapons, and force that person to agree.

Amane hoped he would not become her enemy.

“Amane, you can’t anger Mahirun, you know?”

“There’s no way I’ll do that. I don’t know what I can do to make her angry.”

“…Be a playboy?”

“You think I can do that?”

“Actually, I don’t think so, that’s impossible given your personality. Once you open your heart to someone, you’ll treasure her.”

“…Thanks for the compliments.”

He was a little ashamed to be praised directly.

“But you really become cowardly when you value her too much. You only kissed her on the cheek.”


“N-no, I am not unhappy with that…she asked me about the mark.”

“Alright, forget about that.”

Mahiru explained the entire matter of the mark after she was asked, and Amane decided not to talk about it.

“Ah, I think a kiss…”


“Yes yes. My friend, the highness is really embarrassed. We usually do that little thing after all.”

Right Chitose? Itsuki called out, and started flirting. It’s not like I climbed the way to adulthood like you two. Amane quietly muttered to himself.

Those two had been dating for two years, and obviously arrived at a phase Amane and Mahiru had yet to reach. Amane often heard Itsuki talk about this, and was not shocked in the slightest, though he did feel some shame.

It appeared Mahiru too might have heard so from Chitose, for her face too was flushed. It appeared she was thinking the same thing as Amane.

…I guess it’ll take a long while.

They never kissed on the mouth, and copulation might be a far cry. Amane did not have any desire to do so, and thus the two of them could only approach at a same pace.

Once Amane’s eyes met Mahiru’s, her face turned red as she lowered it. Amane too was embarrassed, and looked away from her.