Chapter 126 – About the matter of returning to the hometown

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 126 – About the matter of returning to the hometown

“Mahiru, when’s a good time to go to my hometown?”

It was the first day of summer vacation, Amane asked her once she came to his place as usual.

They should have decided on this long ago, but Amane got too excited after he started dating Mahiru, and due to many other issues he was busy with, he did not have the time to talk to her. Shihoko said they could drop by any time, so they probably could return near the Obon period in August, like the previous day.

Once she heard his question, Mahiru blinked away.

“…Ah, you don’t want to return to my hometown?”

“No, not that. It is just that I remembered that I will be disturbing your parents…erm, I am fine with any time.”

“I see. How long will we stay there? I think two weeks or so is fine, including Obon.”

Amane showed a wry smile once he saw Mahiru hastily wave her hands, denying that she did not dislike the idea of going to his hometown. He wondered how long they would take.

Itsuki and Kadowaki did not invite Amane out to Obon, and usually, it was to be spent with family. That would probably be the period when they would return home. It would be a while until they had to return to school.

Just the previous day, Amane was too lazy to do his own housework, so he spent the two weeks at his hometown lazing around. Since Mahiru would be with him, he had to take note of her plans. If they wanted to relax, they could spend a week or two there.

“I have no specific arrangements. My outing with Chitose-san has yet to be decided, so erm, how long do you plan to return home?”

“About two weeks or so then. It’s rather long. You fine with that?”


Since it appeared Mahiru had no prior arrangements, Amane ended up suggesting the timeframe.

As a girl, She probably needed more clothes, so Amane suggested that she send the luggage over, and give Shihoko a message.

Shihoko might still be working, and would not reply immediately, but she would probably agree happily, and try to extend their stay. Amane’s mother loved cute things, and was particularly fond of Mahiru, especially given the latter’s personality.

“But I guess mom will be really happy.”

“Fufu, I guess.”

“…Prepare yourself though.”


“My mom’s going to harass you.”

Shihoko would obviously cling onto Mahiru.

She always wanted a daughter, and given this chance, she would dote on Mahiru dearly, as though she had a daughter.

“I am rather grateful for that…”

“That’s good…anyway.”


“Don’t mention anything about us dating.”

Amane whispered after some hesitation, and Mahiru froze.

It appeared she had not reported this to Shihoko, but the latter might realize from their attitudes once they got to Amane’s hometown, and tease them. Amane was conflicted on whether he should say this, and mitigate the damage he would suffer later.

However, there was only a possibility that damage would be mitigated. The opposite might occur, and such was the terror that was Shihoko.

“…Wh-what do we do? It will be awkward for us to report this again.”

“Yeah. Mom’s definitely going to ask thoroughly.”

“But I think I should pay a visit, since I have received her precious son.”

“Ain’t I  the one who received you, Mahiru…?”

Typically, it was the male would welcomed the female. Considering Mahiru’s family situation, he should be the one welcoming her, and not the reverse. Shihoko definitely had no issues welcoming Mahiru him in.

He would give himself over to Mahiru if she wished for it, but it was true that he was the one who received her.

He said that, thinking this basis was established, but once she heard that, she blushed, and clung onto the cushion.

“…Your honesty in saying such things is a virtue, Amane-kun, but that is also a fault.”

“So which one is it?”

“It is a virtue, only when saying so to me.”

“You think I’ll say that to anyone else…?”

Amane would never show interest in anyone else, and Mahiru knew that very well. What was she worried about?

“…Same goes for this. Either way, this is fine. I think this is a virtue you have, Amane-kun. I think it is due to Shuuto-san’s teachings.”

“Why dad?”

Amane was confused as to why Shuuto’s name was suddenly mentioned, but once he saw Mahiru cupping the cushion and leaning towards him, he patted her head.

He did so because she was adorable, rather than before he wanted to coax her. So he patted her dotingly, and she lowered her eyes bashfully as she let him pat. It might be just Amane, but she seemed really comfortable, so it probably was not a bad thing.

“…I think you will become like Shuuto-san, Amane-kun.”

“Really? I don’t have that baby face.”

“No, I mean the inside.”

“I don’t believe I can be that calm.”

“…I do not mean that.”

Baka, Mahiru muttered with a voice barely audible for Amane to hear, and leaned on his elbow. He deliberately leaned backwards, and she fell onto his lap.

The caramel-colored eyes were hidden under the eyelids, appearing, closing, and appearing again. Amane saw this, and smiled as he put his palm on her cheek.

“I can’t be as gentlemanly as him, but I’ll dote on you in my own way, Mahiru.”

“…This is what I am referring to.”

“My dad’s doting abilities are better than mine.”

“…I am already drowning.”

She put her head on his lap, her hands wrapped around Amane’s that was on her face as she showed a relaxed expression, and closed her eyes.

She rubbed her cheeks, and smiled.

“…May I continue to drown?”

“I’ll give you however much you want…don’t drown in the pool next week though.”


This time, she retorted with a pout so cute and so clear. He laughed, and patted her face again.