Chapter 127 – Angel and the Swimsuit

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Chapter 127 – Angel and the Swimsuit

The day they went to the pool, a strangely tense Amane changed clothes.

He went to a leisure facility in the suburbs along with Mahiru, and they went their separate ways to change clothes…but before then, he noticed several male stares upon Mahiru. One could easily assume that she would mesmerize these men once she changed into the swimsuit.

If Chitose was around, she probably would be able to deftly resolve this issue, but the two of them so happened to come alone. Amane could not refuse Mahiru when she looked up at him and said, “I want the two of us to come alone.”

He made up his mind to protect her from the demonic clutches of the other men. He changed into his swimsuit, put on a rashguard, and left the changing room.

He arrived at the location they agreed upon, and waited for Mahiru. Naturally, she was late.

He was not unhappy about this, and just felt it was to be expected.

Females would take more time to change than the males, and one could imagine how packed their changing room would be.

Girls really have it tough, so he thought as he leaned his body on the thick pillar, where the light signage was.

It was summer vacation, but still a weekday, and there were relatively fewer people. Nevertheless, the place was packed.

Amane listlessly spotted various people of all ages and genders pass by, and spotted a familiar flax-colored hair among them.


As expected, his dearest girlfriend was approaching.

However, he felt it might be a mistake to bring her over. As Mahiru advanced towards Amane, so did many stares.

Amane usually would not be so conscious that Mahiru’s beauty was out of this world, and she might be more beautiful than the magazine models.

There was no way she would not attract attention at all while wearing a swimsuit.

“So-sorry to keep you waiting. There were too many in the changing room.”


Mahiru did not run, but skipped over to him as she was by the water, and stood before him with a faint smile.

He really had difficulty figuring out where to look, given that she was in a swimsuit.

It appeared her skin would turn red and ache when exposed to the sun, so she applied much more suntan lotion. She looked exceptionally white just wearing the swimsuit.

Her skin was a speckless milky white under the sun, so white that she did not appear Japanese.

The body of flesh, formed by the skin that remained oblivious to any suntan, was perfect.

Amane knew how delicate she was, and was reminded of that once he saw her.

Despite that, she had noticeable lumps at where they should be. The breasts hidden under the frilly white based bikini formed steep slopes and gentle curves.

He assumed she was thin given how much she wore, but he never expected her to have large masses. It was not exaggeratedly large however, an ideal size that could be cupped in a hand.

Amane was shocked that the cautious Mahiru chose a bikini, but it was not particularly lewd. Due to the large frills, the cleavage was sufficiently hidden, and coupled with her appearance, there was a innocent elegance to her.

Amane’s eyes started swimming once he saw her in her swimsuit.

Having seen some gravure idols in his manga magazines, the sight of his girlfriend’s swimsuit was really dazzling.

“…What is it?”

Once she was within touching distance, she asked bashfully, putting her hands on her chest.

Due to the difference in height, Amane saw shadows formed by the fruits up close, and gulped.


Once she saw the lack of response, a doubtful looking Mahiru gently touched his elbow, and he recovered.

“…Do-does it not suit me?”

There was no way it did not suit her. It suited her so well, Amane did not know where to look.

“Not at all. It suits you so well that I think it’ll be great if it’s just the two of us.”

“T-thank you.”

A female’s clothing should be praise, never mind that it was a swimsuit his adorable girlfriend picked for him. He would not be a man if he did not comment on that. Once he expressed his thoughts, she heaved a sigh of relief.

However, it appeared Mahiru was embarrassed about showing as much as she ever did, and one could easily see she was heating up inside out.

He felt that if she was embarrassed, she could have worn something with more fabric. It seemed to be Chitose’s coaxing however, so Mahiru might be powerless to do anything about it.

But speaking of which.

Amane had a look around, and found many staring at Mahiru in her swimsuit.

Even some, who brought their girls along, were starting blankly at Mahiru. Some of them were slapped by their girlfriends.

These people could testify that they had witnessed an Angel by the waterside, but Amane was a little miffed as the boyfriend, for his girlfriend in swimsuit was being stared at.

“I say that it really suits you, but.”


“…This won’t do.”

Amane removed his parka rashguard, and put it on Mahiru’s shoulders.

Mahiru was small to begin with, and the rashguard covered till her thighs. It was sufficient in warding off stares.

Of course, the fine beauty of the legs would attract attention, but it was to be expected since the rashguard could not cover everything.

“Put it on.”

“But…Amane-kun, you…”

“…What if I say that I don’t want other guys looking at you?”

Amane really felt so.

He knew that since Mahiru had such an ideal body of fine curves, she would garner much attention, but he just hated it. If possible, he wanted her for himself.

Once he muttered so, “…y-yes…” she answered, and her face turned so red, it could not be simply due to the summer tan.

Once she quickly zipped up the front, the onlookers sighed with regret. Amane was relieved that he managed to stop the other men from giving leery looks at his girlfriend, held her little palm poking out from the loose sleeve.

“Come on, let’s go.”


Mahiru gently nodded, held Amane’s hand, and he slowly walked next to her.

Since they were by the waterside, Amane originally intended to hold her hand and walk, to prevent her from tripping. This time however, it was to fend the others off.

He boldly walked next to her towards the shallow pool. Next to him, “…Amane-kun.” Mahiru muttered as she looked up towards him.


“…If it is just the two of us, will you look at me, in my swimsuit?”

“If that’s the case, I’ll have an eyeful. Might even touch you.”

It would be dangerous if Amane really stared at her or touched her, so he would control himself a little. However, he joked with hyperbole, and Mahiru looked as though she was contemplating something.

After ten seconds or so, she closed the distance between them, while still holding his hand.

Or rather, she clung onto his arm.

Amane felt a soft feeling through the rashguard. This time, he was the one blushing.

“Mahiru, they’re touching.”

“…Is this the moment when I should say that it is deliberate?”

“Your inner angel isn’t working.”

“Girls can become either angels or little devils in front of those they like.”

It appeared Mahiru was being quite the little devil.

Despite that, she was rather embarrassed, shivering, and blushing. She did not intend to break off though, and deliberately latched her breasts on Amane’s arm.

Amane could not easily swing away his right arm, since she was touching the elbow. If he bent it, his elbow might end up lodged in her cleavage.

“…I don’t mind you clinging onto me, but I’ll really enjoy this.”

“I-it is embarrassing to hear you say that…but it is fine.”

“…Oh gosh you idiot.”

Amane never expected her to accept, and muttered so. Despite his words, he desperately recited the digits of Pi to keep his mind off the soft feeling on his elbow.

Ping’s comment: Okay, it’s not Mahiru, but by the 1st illustrator of the series.

Close enough.