Chapter 128 – Angel and the heartbeats

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 128 – Angel and the heartbeats

Mahiru would always garner attention, and Amane brought her along to a shallow pool, shook a little waterproof bag in his hand, and looked towards Mahiru.

“So, what are we going to do?”

“Going to do, as in?”

“Well, this leisure facility really isn’t a good place to teach your swimming. I guess you’ll be troubled to be forced to swim, right?”

“That is the case.”

Amane could swim, and could actually teach Mahiru, but this was not a swimming school, and there was no swimming lanes. She would surely bump into others while he was teaching.

In any case, the pools at this leisure facility were more for fun than actual swimming. Those who actually wanted to swim would not gather at such a place, but at a swimming school.

“I can teach you how to swim if you want, Mahiru. But I think…well, since we got this chance, I want to play with you.”

“E-erm, same here. I am glad to be with you, Amane-kun.”

Mahiru leaned over, and looked up at him. Once he understood the destructive power of this little devil, he patted his adorable lover on the head, and slowly regained his composure.

“Let’s just play all we want then. And well, if we’re really going swimming, you need to remove the rashguard.”

Mahiru’s small and voluptuous body was hidden under Amane’s rashguard at this moment, and if they went swimming, it would hinder them. She had to remove it.

The other men might look at Mahiru again, and Amane wanted to avoid their gazes.

Truly, it was a male privilege to enjoy the sight of one’s girlfriend in swimsuit, but Amane might die in many ways if they looked for too long. Thus, he could not allow that to her.

From his point of view, the breasts were lower in defenses and possessed extremely high attack. He really could not stare at it.

“…Are you intending to keep hiding it?”

“Ugh, I think it’s a pity to show you to others, Mahiru…”

“…Do you not want to look, Amane-kun?”

“Well I do, but if I look, I’ll die.”

“Why will you…?”

Mahiru appeared dumbfounded. She probably would not understand this feeling.

Of course, as a boy, Amane had his own desire to look, but he did not want to end up kneeling on the ground. Otherwise, he would be socially dead, and mentally.

“…But Mahiru, you’re almost dead seeing me half-naked.”


“Anyway, I thought you can’t handle other guys who are half naked, but you’re looking at them properly.”

Amane assumed that given Mahiru’s innocence, she would be flustered to see other males in swimsuit. It seemed that she was only embarrassed by Amane’s words, and not his appearance.

Once he pointed this out, Mahiru’s shoulders shivered and shriveled.

“…Erm, I have no interest in anyone other than you, Amane-kun…so I did not look at them.”


“…Actually, my heart is beating fast…but I am enduring this to make your heart jump.”

Mahiru put her hands on Amane’s flat chest, and felt his heartbeat. “It is pounding wildly.” She giggled shyly. Amane resisted the urge to yep, and nibbled at her cheek.

She blinked, looking stunned, and Amane gently poked the exposed skin showing through the half zipped rashguard, where the heart was.

Once he did, he felt a heartbeat, and a soft sensation.

“…Can we stop now if you don’t want to be teased after we go home, you little devil?”

*I’ll make you suffer lots if you tempt me too much, *once Mahiru heard Amane’s persuasion, her face practically steamed, and she hastily pulled awya from him.

Her eyes swam about as she probably imagined the sight of him teasing her, and she looked completely bewildered.

It appeared she still wanted to hold hands however, and touched the fingertips of Amane, whose heartbeat she felt.

“…Amane-kun, you lecher.”

“You’re the one tempting me, Mahiru. You said I can enjoy this.”

“I-I did.”

“Look, please let me take it step by step. I don’t want to do anything impulsive. I want to treasure you.”

They merely kissed the cheek, and could not simply skip the many steps towards adulthood. Amane might say that he disliked that, for he would simply be gunning for her body.

The moment Mahiru heard that he wanted to treasure her, her eyes fluttered and dampened. She then buried her face into his chest, and hugged.


“…This kindness of yours is really what I love about you, Amane-kun.”

And due to her blissful smile, Amane gulped down many things that were rising up, and patted her head.