Chapter 129 – Angel and the waterside

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 129 – Angel and the waterside

Amane calmed himself down in many ways, and stepped into the pool along with Mahiru.

The pool was at Amane’s waist height, given that he was already an adult physically. It reached Mahiru’s chest however, and she looked up at Amane, looking somewhat uneasy.

“…Relax Mahiru. You won’t drown.”

“Amane-kun, 30 centimeters of water depth is sufficient to drown someone.”

“Say…I won’t let you drown. Even if you’re drowning, I’ll just do CPR on you.”

Amane joked to cheer Mahiru on, but she clung onto his elbow, and looked up at him.

Her eyes showed hint of a pout, and yet seemed expectant.

“…So there will not be one if I do not drown?”

Amane stared at Mahiru once he heard that slight disappointment.

Her lips curled into a lump, and she clearly looked displeased…while seemingly begging and fawning. Perhaps Amane was overthinking it.

The faint red lips remained glossy even without lip gloss, and Amane unwittingly gulped. Despite that, he could not lose his sanity here and bite those sweet lips. He averted his eyes.

“…I-I think we can wait…erm, not here.”

“I-I am not saying that we have to do it now. But, erm…I thought you would not want to, Amane-kun.”

“W-why wouldn’t I!? I always wanted to do this!”

There was no male who would not want to kiss the girl they liked. Even Amane, who had relatively little desire, wanted to fully touch Mahiru and kiss her as much as he wanted.

Of course, he felt such things should go in phases. If he imposed his desires upon her, she would surely shun him. Thus, he endured. It was not because he did not want to do so.

After Amane denied so adamantly, Mahiru’s face turned beetroot. She then pressed her forehead onto his elbow, shielding her face.

Once he saw her ears redden, Amane realized what he had just said, and he too blushed.


“…Is that not it?”

“Well, I can’t say it’s not, but…erm, I’ll find it unbearable if this happens. Please wait just a little longer.”

Amane was chided by Itsuki for being a late bloomer, and he could not deny it at this point.

From Mahiru’s viewpoint, Amane might appear to dither too much. He treasured her too dearly, and progressed so little, so she had been waiting.

…Is Mahiru hoping for us to continue?

Does she want to do more lover things?

He looked down at Mahiru to be sure, and found her blushing, covering half her face as she looked up towards him.

“…Please do as you wish, Amane-kun. Chitose-san said that it is bad to have you endure too long…so please do so in moderation…”


“Well, Chitose-san is the senior in boy-girl relationships…”

“She told you to do unnecessary stuff, right!? L-listen up Mahiru, just go at our own pace. I never thought about forcing the issue early, and…if we hurry too much, you probably won’t be able to take it.”

Mahiru probably hoped for some progress, but if they were too anxious, she might reach her limit. Amane thus felt it was not a problem if they too her time.

If Amane could not control his sanity, he did not know what he would do, so he hoped to slowly progress on.

Once he said so with a serious look, Mahiru lowered her eyelids bashfully, and bumped her forehead into Amane’s elbow.

“Ye-yes. Erm…le-let us go swimming.”


“…I have never been to such a place. Please teach me everything, Amane-kun.”

I do not really go out with others after all. She whispered once again. Thus, Amane held her hand, and waded through the shallow pool.

Given her family circumstances, nobody brought her to a leisure facility. And having realized this, he felt a strange sense of sadness, but such fun was something for her to slowly experience.

“Let’s give you all the first experiences you want this summer, Mahiru.”

“…I-it is embarrassing to hear you say this…but, yes.”

The blushing Mahiru smiled happily, and so did Amane, who held her hand and led her to somewhere with fewer people.