Chapter 130 – Angel and frolicking by the waterside

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 130 – Angel and frolicking by the waterside

Though she initially worried about drowning, Mahiru seemed to not car about it as she played in the pool, probably because she was with Amane.

Amane rented a float ring from the nearby customer center, and handed it to Mahiru, who pouted and said “It feels like you are taking me for a child…” Safety first though, so she slipped her body through it.

The strength was sapped from her as she floated on the water, looking up at Amane with a relaxed face.

Amane waited by her side for the time being, wanting to observe her. Given this situation, they should be fine swimming.

“It feels comfortable.”

She smiled next to him, and floated about in the ring. “Yeah.” Amane replied as he stayed by the poolside.

He liked to swim, but he did not really like to play by the waterside, so he was fine just lazing around like this. If Chitose and Itsuki were around, they probably would want to play beach volleyball or the water slide.

It was nothing bad per se, but Amane preferred a peaceful time like this.

“Well, you probably won’t drown now. Have fun.”

“…I am embarrassed about having to use a float ring at this age.”

“Women use them too. See, there’s another one on a float ring too.”

Amane pointed at a lady in swimsuit, floating around while put through the float ring.

But adults would use a float ring for leisurely purposes, rather than to assist in swimming.

Mahiru, who had the float ring on, looked over at where Amane pointed, hurried back to the surface, and sat on it.

Once she saw that the ring held her up, she blinked, and smiled elatedly. It appeared she liked it like this.

The milky white ankles beneath Amane’s rashguard were exposed as they kicked up water.

Her legs were fine and slender, and appropriately soft. While Amane was entralled by them, Mahiru splashed water on him.

Water was dripping from Amane’s chine as he looked towards Mahiru, and found her showing a happy, carefree smile.

One had to wonder if she knew where he was looking, or just wanted to splash water on him…once Amane counterattacked lightly, her smile brightened.

“You are good. Ehhh!”

Or perhaps she just wanted him to pay attention to her.

Mahiru splashed water on Amane, who smiled as he counterattacked.

Despite that, Mahiru could not move as she was seated on the float ring, so Amane attacked gently to not cause her trouble.

He gently poured some water onto her tummy using his palm, and splashed some water back. It appeared she went easy on him too, and only splashed at his chest.

Amane was getting used to the water temperature, but he narrowed his eyes as it was cold. He then sprayed at Mahiru again.

Mahiru might topple over if they went overboard, so he went easy on her. She splattered the water surface excitedly with her legs.

Right when Mahiru did so, she lost her balance.

“Say, you.”

It would be bad if the float ring toppled as well, so Amane held up Mahiru and had her lean onto him. She then clung firmly onto him.

It appeared she was terrified since she nearly fell into the water.

“Obviously you’ll fall over if you overdo it.”

“Uu…I am sorry.”

“Good thing I’m around.”

“…I would not be so excited if I were not with you, Amane-kun.”

Once he heard this murmur, Amane stared at Mahiru.

She wrapped her arms around his back, her face still buried on his chest as she continued.

“…Everything I see is dazzling because I am with you, Amane-kun. I am so happy because I am with you…and I feel that you will surely save me.”

“…Man, I’m bothered too, when you’re so adorable saying this.”

Mahiru’s murmur clearly appealed to Amane’s likes, and his face naturally blushed.

He wanted to murmur and ask why Mahiru was so cute.

…She really likes me.

Of course, he knew that very well, but once he felt such goodwill from her, his chest heated up, and was overflowing with love.

If they were at home, he would have patted her head and not let go. it was best not to go overboard at this public place however.

Thus, Amane embraced Mahiru and muttered, “…I’ll dote on you more when we get back.” and let her go. Mahiru’s face was then red like a tomato even though she was in the water.

“…I do wish for this.”

However, Amane was sunk once he heard that murmur.