Chapter 133 – The Thing that Changed

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Chapter 133 – The Thing that Changed

Once Mahiru’s shame faded away, the four of them began to play together. The good thing about four of them being together was that there would be fewer chances for other males to try and woo them.

With four of them together, none of them would end up alone, and Amane made sure that would not happen.

Furthermore, Itsuki looked the frivolous handsome guy with a friendly vibe, an ideal guy with a sunny disposition. The males trying to woo the girls would have second thoughts.

Nevertheless, Mahiru and Chitose stood out in appearance, and there were a few stares at them.

“Mahirun Mahirun, take this.”

“Kyaa…goodness, Chitose-san.”

Mahiru silently pressured them to move towards the shallow pool, so they went there to play. Amane was seated by the poolside, watching Mahiru and Chitose splashing water at each other happily.

He felt relieved seeing those two on such good terms, having fun.

They were exquisite beauties, thought of varying types, and were soothing to the eyes.

“Ah, intimacy between girls is great.”

Itsuki smiled as he sat next to Amane, watching the two girls.

“You sound like an old man.”

“How rude. You’re giving lewd looks at those two, right?”

“That’s an exaggeration.”

“But you feel very relieved seeing them, right, you silent pervert?”

“Right back at you.”

“I’m not keeping it to myself.”

That won’t do either, Amane retorted, and stared blankly at Mahiru, who was smiling happily after Chitose splashed water on her.

“So, why do you look so listless?”

Itsuki stopped smiling and asked Amane, leaning a little forward as he looked towards the latter’s face.

“Ah, well, I think Mahiru’s cuter than before.”

“You’re starting to fall deeper in love.”

“Not that, I just think that she likes to smile more often. Back then, she didn’t really smile.”

“We never saw that, but was she that aloof back then?”

“Yeah, haughty and vicious, distrusting of others…it’s great that she’s smiling like that now.”

Mahiru’s smile was a lot more earnest compared to when they first met.

She was showing such honesty, along with a carefree smile, and that could not have been imagined compared to her old uppity self with a slightly venomous tongue.

Amane proudly assumed that Mahiru’s change was because she was with him, but it was also partially due to Chitose. There were some things those of the same gender could only discuss, and understand.

He too was happy to see her so happy.

“I feel the same about Shiina-san changing. She felt like an idol back then, unapproachable. Right now, she’s just heads over heels for you, Amane, and that’s really adorable.”

“Heads over heels…say.”

“No well, her goodwill’s so earnest and easy to understand. It’s already obvious that she treats you very different.”

“…Just to ask, did you think that Mahiru already liked me way back then, Itsuki…”

“She liked you so much that I didn’t know why you’re so hesitant.”


Amane had a vague feeling that Mahiru liked him before they dated, but it seemed she liked him for a much longer time than he expected. Clearly it was the case, actually.

“I think she started to change a little when she trusted you and had interest in you.”


“And I guess it’s because Chii’s around. For good or bad, she’s always easily excited and approaching, so she’s dragging Shiina-san along.”

“Please control her already, boyfriend-san.”

“No no no, Chii won’t prod into the places she shouldn’t be going into. And look, Shiina-san’s very happy.”

Amane looked towards where Itsuki pointed once again, and found Mahiru looking embarrassed as Chitose clung onto her happily, but still accepting.

One could see how much Mahiru trusted Chitose, and her face was really gentle. It was really great that she had more people she could trust.

Of course, Amane would hope that he himself was the one she trusted most.

“Don’t worry.” Itsuki slapped Amane in the back. Amane could only smile wryly, and “Oy, the young men spacing out there, join us~” Chitose, still clinging onto Mahiru, waved away.

Mahiru too waved, seemingly hoping for Amane to go over.

“Since the cute girls are calling for us, we have to go over.”

Itsuki dipped into the pool, which reached his waist. Amane saw him grin away while moving towards the duo, and smiled too as he went towards Mahiru.