Chapter 134 – The Quartet’s Dinner

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 134 – The Quartet’s Dinner

“Fuiii, fun fun~!”

Even for high school students, it was tiring playing for several hours. The four of them sat on the bench to rest.

They rented a ball for volleyball, and under Chitose’s vigorous pressing, Mahiru was dragged along to a small water slide experience. Nevertheless, it might be really exciting to her.

She looked refreshed as she sat next to Amane, but was leaning onto him gently, probably due to fatigue.

“I’m so happy. It’s been a while since I had this much fun.”

“Yeah. I haven’t exercised this much in a long time.”

“You didn’t really show up during the sports festival. Did a good workout this time.”

Amane was no slouch at athletics to begin with, but he could not consider himself adept, and would never have exercised as he just down. He would participate in the gym classes fully, but was never too enthusiastic.

“Amane started swimming seriously midway through.”

“Well a pool’s a place for swimming…it’s nice to do so once in a while.”

“Mahirun was looking at you back then.”

“Eh, s-sorry Mahiru.”

Mahiru and Chitose had much fun, so Amane went for a simple swim, but perhaps Mahiru was waiting for him back then.

However, she hastily shook her head.

“Th-this is not what I mean…it is good.”

After some thought, Amane realized what she meant by good.

Mahiru could not swim, and was envious of Amane, who could.

However, he dared not mention to Chitose and Itsuki that Mahiru could not swim, and merely smiled wryly as he patted her head.

If they had another chance, they probably could practice a little.

“Let’s go to a pool next time.”


“Hm, what~? You want to see Mahirun’s black bikini?”

“Are you an idiot. I don’t want to show that to anyone else.”

“So you obviously want to see it when you’re alone.”

“That’s…a privilege as a boyfriend.”

Amane had no thoughts of showing Mahiru’s black bikini to anyone else. Even at this point, she was hidden under his rashguard, and he wanted her to wear swimming shorts.

“Hear that Mahirun? You’re not showing it to your boyfriend?”

“As I said, we can negotiate.”

Amane smiled at Mahiru, who turned her head aside, and again patted her head gently.

Once they left the leisure facility together, Amane’s group arrived at a family restaurant.

It was before 6pm, and a little early for dinner. They expended lots of energy playing and swimming however, and they were hungry. Perhaps it was the right time.

Mahiru never had the chance to visit a family restaurant, and looked a little excited. That adorable sight had Amane smiling, but he sheathed that smile away when Chitose and Itsuki tapped him lightly where Mahiru could not see.

“But speaking of which, you’re going to Amane’s hometown for the summer right, Mahirun?”

Chitose asked as she sliced the hamburger steak she orderde.

Mahiru probably did mention that she was going to Amane’s hometown with him when she arranged plans wit Chitose. Chitose in turn leered away.

“It feels like erm, meeting the parents.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but Mahiru already met my parents.”

“I see~…I guess it’s like a wife following her husband back to the hometown.”


*What are you saying now. We aren’t engaged, let alone married. *So he thought, but typically speaking, no high school couple would actually meet each other’s parents, and Amane could not deny it completely.

Leaving her aside, Amane ate the fried egg roll in his Japanese set meal. Chitose gave a look of pity as she never got to tease him.

He ignored her as he chewed at the egg roll, but did not find it addictive. It tasted very normal unlike Mahiru’s, and not really delicious.

I guess Mahiru’s cooking is the best, he thought to himself, looked over at Mahiru, and found her slightly bashful.

Perhaps it was the ‘wife’ part that embarrassed her.

“Shiina-san, you’re going to Amane’s hometown? …I guess Shihoko-san will be happy.”

“Akazawa-san, you know Shihoko-san?”

“No, I just heard of her…and understood her the moment Amane described her.”

“My mom has quite the personality…and you probably think she resembles someone.”

It appeared that Itsuki immediately deduced that Shihoko was like Chitose. Surely Chitose and Shihoko would get along really well if they met.

“Hm, what what~”

“Well, we’re saying you’re cute, Chii.”

Itsuki nonchalantly dodged the issue and praised her. “Ikkun, serious~” Chitose looked completely satisfied.

“Ah right, Amane, hurry up and tell me when you’re going back. I want to go out and play with Mahirun before you two leave.”

“Sure sure sure. Probably in August. Have fun then…also, do your assignments.”

“Why are you sounding like my mom~!?”

“Isn’t it because you complained last year, “I can’t finish my assignments~!”…”

Chitose probably was the type to dither her assignments until the last moment, and last summer, she only began in a panic when the vacation was ending.

Amane was already done with his assignments, and so was Mahiru. They would continue with their revision.

“I don’t wanna do it though…oh yeah, I can get the Angel to teach me.”

“I may, but I will not if you keep calling me Angel.”

“How strict. I like the cold hearted Mahirun though.”

Mahiru and Chitose were able to converse easily, and Amane felt some relief as he ate his food before it got cold.

He did not find outside food delicious, for he probably was completely used to Mahiru’s cooking.

“Mahirun, I want some fried egg rolls tomorrow.”

Amane muttered to Mahiru, who was next to him, and she looked towards the tray before him.

“Are you not eating it?”

“This is no good. Something’s missing. Yours is the best.”

“Fufu, I really have to hand it to you. I shall make breakfast and wake you up then.”


It was summer vacation, and Amane could not wake up early, so it was great that Mahiru would wake him up.

It would be bad for his heart to see Mahiru’s face immediately after waking up, but it surely was the best alarm clock.

Amane was excited, for he discreet looked forward to the next day’s breakfast. Itsuki stared at him dumbfoundedly.

“A couple already staying together…”

“Shut up.”

Half-staying together, he did not comment as he quietly drank the somewhat cooled miso soup.