Chapter 146 – When Making Out

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Chapter 146 – When Making Out

Once Amane’s parents left for work, Amane and Mahiru sat next to each other, on his bed.

Perhaps it was the environment, for Mahiru seemed rather unnatural despite the distance between them being the same as usual. Obviously she was concerned about Amane, for her eyes wavered towards him from time to time, and her face would blush once their eyes met. Amane’s heart too felt ticklish as a result.

“E-erm, making out is…”

It seemed Mahiru was concerned about those words, for she fidgeted as she asked him.

“Hm? Ah, I just said something to shut my parents up. If I denied it, they’ll keep teasing me.”

“So, erm, you did not intend to…?”

“Actually, I really want to make out.”

“…Eh, yes.”

Mahiru shriveled, looking bashful. Amane felt that she was really being concerned about him, and showed a wry smile.

“If you don’t want, I don’t mind.”

“I-I do want this, of course. If it is with you, Amane-kun…I do-do want some, make, out.”

“I see.”

“B-but…how do we go about, doing this?”

What followed Mahiru’s question thereafter was silence.

“…Like kissing.”


“….And kissing.”

“Isn’t that just kissing?”

“N-no, to be specific, like hugging, holding hands…even though we are already doing so.”

After all, they were on such good terms that they were unwittingly making out. At this point, the conscious act of making out had them wondering what they should do.

Skinship and kissing should be considered part of making out, but they wondered if that should be allowed.

One had to say that they already started doing so naturally, so they had no idea how to take the next step.

“If we want to make out more, what shall we do next?”

“…Anyway, shall we stick together?”

It was not a new idea, but this gesture had Amane relieved yet agitated. Once she heard this suggestion, “…Nn.” She muttered in affirmation.

She obviously looked hesitant, yet she leaned towards him, and he reached out to receive her..latching his arms onto her knees and back as he carried her.

“Kyaa.” she made a cute shriek, and he was delighted. He put her between his legs, on the bed.

“I think this is better.”


“Can’t we?”

“N-not at all. Erm…well, it feels like I am being wrapped by you, Amane-kun…?”

“Shall I wrap you up as you wish?”

He reached his hands towards Mahiru, embracing her firmly, seemingly wrapping her up after she said such adorable words. Mahiru’s face was flushed red immediately, her eyes damp as she turned away.

It was hypocritical of Amane to comment so, but Mahiru really was shy, always blushing at the smallest of matters, which made her adorable. They dated for about two months or so, but she was still not used to skinship. Her innocence was understandable.

Amane too was a lightweight however, and though his face did not show it, his heart palpitated.

If Mahiru had her ear at his chest at this point, she would know immediately that his heart was pounding wildly.

“…I like to be embraced by you.”

“I see. If you’re willing, I’ll do it as long as you want it.”

He muttered by her ear while embracing her slender body, and she clearly shook.

Her ears are a weakness, he smiled, and gave a long exhale, causing her to shake more than before, and turn around.


“Sorry sorry. It’s not on purpose.”

“Do-do not do this just because I am ticklish…”

You are too much, she pouted, looking displeased.

“I shall talk about your childhood stories, Amane-kun.”

“Oh dear this does trouble me a little.”

He probably would die of embarrassment if she mentioned them, so he noted to himself never to go overboard while touching her.

However, he had no idea how far he could go, to what extent he could touch, so he did a little, touched her hand, and kissed the back of her head. He felt he was missing something.

He wanted to touch her more, to enjoy that soft feeling.

So he thought, but that was all the skinship he did, just light contact.

Mahiru however was so embarrassed, her face and ears were beetroot as she let him touch.

She’s really adorable.

He touched her often, but she had been increasingly flustered recently. Amane was supposedly the one who was more rattled, but it seemed the opposite had taken place, and he felt sorry about that.

“…Amane-kun, your hand is big.”

“Hm? I’m tall, so my hands are big.”

“I like your hands…I like it when you touch.”

“Well I’ll start touching if you say that.”

Once Mahiru said something so dangerous, Amane’s mental defenses would relax immediately, so he hoped she would be a little more self-conscious. It seemed she never considered as much as he did, for she muttered, “Actually, I do not mind…”

He wondered how he should handle her carelessness.

Once she said such adorable words that would drive any male crazy, he sighed, and touched her belly.

She fidgeted, feeling ticklish, but he did not mind as he moved his fingers beneath her belly button, and went up.

He went up at breathtaking pace, and finally stopped before the curbes.

“You fine if I go up like this?”

Amane never did mountain climbing, but he felt it was easy for him to climb and conquer the mountains. After all, as she said, his hands were big, and even her substantial contours could be held in his hands.

You want me to climb up these mountains? He deliberately muttered, and Mahiru seemingly exploded like a volcano in his clutches.

She turned around, her face ripe like an apple, but Amane chuckled, not minding her at all. At the same time, he kissed her blushing face.

“This is part of making out.”

“…Uuu, A-Amane-kun…”

“I said I’m not too sure of what making out is about, but that’s because I excluded these stuff.”

Amane felt it was inappropriate for them to go this far two months in, so he had been controlling himself. He wanted to respect her will.

But when Mahiru uttered those words unwittingly, he had to warn her.

“I reminded you, don’t forget I’m a guy. I’m going to touch.”

“Uuu…y-you say this, but, your face is red too, Amane-kun. Can you really do it?”

“Shut up.”

Amane obviously knew his face was red, and knew what he said was really embarrassing.

However, Mahiru might not understand if he did not say so. He had to.

Mahiru went silent, and slowly moved his hands aside.

Amane knew he was rejected, and was about to show a wry smile, but she turned her head around, and latched onto him.

Her sudden embrace had him experiencing the softness and sweet scent.

“…If you really want to…I will accept so, even though I will be embarrassed.”

She muttered as she looked up at him, her voice soft and gentle. Amane was stunned. He had to do it.

She stared at him after saying such a bold and adorable thing. One could say that Amane’s mind just blanked out.

She trusted Amane as she looked at him, feeling embarrassed, uneasy, and yet a little hopeful, leaning onto him. She might really be fine with it, as she said, if it was Amane, and accept all his wishes. It was obvious how much she loved Amane, given her expression and the mood.

Mahiru basically entrusted her body towards Amane, who was a tad late to think, and moved.

The first thing he did was to bring their lips together.

“Nnn.” A soft voice was up close and personnel.

Amane tasted the soft moist lips as he held her slender body, feeling her tenderness.

He did not touch her soft lumps with his hands, and gently let go.

Once he saw her lips twitch on her blushing face, he put his face to her neck.

“…I’ll leave the rest for later.”

Or I can’t stop myself. He noted, and kissed her white neck.

That was all he did since he knew he should not leave a mark, and decided not to lift his face until he could suppress his rising desires.

^Someone asked for blushing Mahiru, so I obliged.

Not her, but close enough.