Chapter 147 – After the Parents got Home

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 147 – After the Parents got Home

“Why, your face is really red, Mahiru-chan. Something wrong?”


Amane’s parents had different occupations and workplaces, but they returned home together. They tilted their heads skeptically once they saw her.

She was seated on the living room sofa, her face flushed, probably because Amane had suddenly kissed and held her hand.

“Amane, did you…”

“I swear I didn’t do anything.”

All he did was to hug her, along with simple skinship. It was still too much for Mahiru however, for she remained innocent until the very end.

Amane had no right to point this out at others, but he had completely recovered, for he was quicker to do so.

“You say you haven’t done anything, but you did say you wanted to make out, right?”

“A healthy make out. That’s fine, right?”

“That’s bold of you to say.”

“Shut up.”

“It’s unfair for you to do it, Amane. I want some make out with Mahiru-chan too.”

“Mahiru’s mine. Don’t wanna.”

“Oh my.”

If Mahiru was left to Shihoko, the latter would take care of her, but Amane would feel anxious. Mahiru would be happy yet tired. He could never allow Shihoko to have Mahiru to herself.

“Mine…” Mahiru muttered away, and blushed, which caused Shihoko to smile more.

Amane ignored Shihoko’s sly smile as he looked towards Mahiru’s white, completely beetroot face. Shuuto too showed a genial smile once he heard these.

“How about we bond as a family?”


“Well, Shiina-san said she wants to go out with everyone, no?”

Amane told his parents that Mahiru wanted to go out with everyone, but it seemed she never expected Shuuto to mention this, and her caramel colored eyes blinked away.

“Well, you and Shiina-san will be around next weekend. We’ll go out then.”

“Yep, we finally get a chance, so let’s all go out together!…you don’t like it?”

“I-I fine with this this!”

“It’s decided then. Huhuhu, where shall we go then?”

Shihoko sounded a little delighted, “Where shall we go then.” she discussed amicably with Shuuto, and Mahiru shriveled, looking a little terrified.

She said that she was hoping for this, but she was a little sorry to inconvenience them when they said they would be going out.

…Mom and dad said they want to go out because they like Mahiru though.

They would never spend time with someone they hated, even if Amane told them to.

Truth be told, his parents had taken a fancy for her to accept her in. They said they wanted to go out, so it was pointless to worry.

“Prepare yourself. Mom and dad will drag you around everywhere.”

“Erm, I am grateful and glad for this, since I never had an opportunity to go out with everyone.”

Mahiru’s feeble smile seemed a little forlorn, and lowered her eyes, for she might be recalling her childhood. Shihoko continued to smile as she sat next to Mahiru on the sofa, opposite Amane.

She then hugged Mahiru, and cuddled the head.

“You’re already family, Mahiru-chan. You can fawn however you wan.”

“Yeah she dotes on you more than she does to her son.”

“Oh dear, you jealous?”

“Of course not…Mahiru’s so happy. There’s no way I’ll feel jealous about that.”

Mahiru lowered her eyes bashfully as Shihoko hugged and doted on her, and the vibe from before was gone.

Such an expression was proof that the dishonest Mahiru was feeling dishonest.

She was happy, and he hoped she could take the name of Fujimiya, so he was really overjoyed that his parents were fond of her. However, he felt conflicted by the relatively intense skinship.

“You’ve grown.”

“Are you taking me for an idiot?”

“Of course not? I’m just impressed that you’ve become a boy who’s glad to see the one you love receive happiness.”

“You don’t have to say it…”

“Well, there are few people like you out there. You are our child after all.”

“Yes yes.”

Anyone would hope for their loved ones to be happy. The best thing would be to see them smile heartily.

Truth be told, he was the one wishing solely for her happiness.

Mahiru shriveled bashfully as Shihoko continued to pat her, and Amane showed a kind smile.