Chapter 148 – Shopping, and Rain

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 148 – Shopping, and Rain

“Where are you going, Amane-kun?”

Amane was wearing his shoes at the entrance, and Mahiru, having noticed that he was about to leave, spoke.

It was past 3pm, a little too late to go out, which was why she asked.

“Hm? Ah, just the nearby supermarket. Mom asked me to buy stuff.”

Amane did not want to go out in the spur of the moment.

He just received a message stating that his parents would be late, and had no time to go shopping. Thus, they needed Amane to buy some necessities.

Amane had nothing to do, and was fine with shopping, but he hoped his parents would have told him earlier.

It seemed Mahiru understood Amane’s explanation, “I see.” for she answered, and knelt down next to Amane, who was tying his shoelaces.

Amane figured, from the door mirror and his own senses, that she was combing his hair with her fingers, for his hair was probably curly.

“Do you need me to go shopping with you?”

“Ah it’s fine. It’s not much, and it looks like it’s going to rain, so I have to hurry. It’s not much, I can do it alone.”

Given the weather, it might rain if he dithered outside for too long. Furthermore, while the clouds were blocking the sun, he did not want to remain outdoors for long.

He would be back soon after shopping, so he assumed it would be faster for him to go alone, which was why he refused. Mahiru looked a little disappointed, “…I see.” and Amane hastily looked up at her.

“Ah, I don’t mean that I don’t want you to go.”

“I-I know. I simply wish to go out with you.”

“…When we’re on our date next time, okay?”

If they were to go out, Amane hoped to do so the next time they went dating. After all, the ladies had to prepare themselves, and could not simply leave.

He gently reached his head out to pat her head. She widened her eyes, “Understood.” and smiled.

“I shall wait for your return.”


It seemed she accepted this, so he too nodded, took his bag, and left.

Later on, Amane was really thankful that he did not bring Mahiru along.

“…Well, it rained.”

He knew the weather did not look good, and as expected, the raindrops fell one after another, pelting on his clothes. His clothes were heavier than when he left home, darker in color. The fabric clinging onto his body was annoying, so he tugged at them for air.

Luckily for him, the goods he bought were in plastic bags, and were safe from the rain. The only thing that suffered this time was Amane, who was completely soaked once he got home.

“Welcome back, Amane-kun. It really rained heavily, no?”

Mahiru teetered to the entrance in slippers, and widened her eyes once she saw him.

She probably never expected him to be this drenched, and he never expected the rain to be such a downpour.

“I’m back. Didn’t expect the rain to be that big.”

“It would be great if that weather remained until you returned…do hurry and wash up. I have prepared your clothes.”

“Oh, thanks.”

Mahiru naturally received the items from Amane’s hands with a smile, and he felt his heart warm.

He felt a familial sense in this natural conversation, either of peace or bliss, and was a little ticklish inside.

“…It feels great.”


“It feels great to have someone prepare for my bath, and welcome me like this.”

Since his parents had to work, Amane never got a chance to experience this. However, as it was common in manga and dramas, he was quietly envious.

And once he felt this happiness of a family, he was really ticklish, as though a warm, spring sun was shining into his heart.

He felt unspeakably blessed, for this conversation was between two who wanted to cherish each other for their entire lives.

Mahiru’s cheeks were a little red, and she shriveled. “I’ll take a bath, thanks.” Amane chuckled, and passed her by.

It might be unfitting of him to say such things, but he was so delighted that he could not hide the glee on his face.

Once he was done bathing, he found Mahiru waiting for him at the living room sofa, holding a blow dryer.

There was a blow dryer in the washroom, but it appeared she knew he would leave the bath without drying his hair, and was prepared.

“It feels good to have air conditioning right after a bath.”

“It is cooling, but you may catch colds easily…do sit there, hurry.”

“It’s fine though.”

“If you leave it be, you may catch a cold, or damage your hair.”

Enough with that, hurry and sit down, once Mahiru said so, Amane obediently sat next to her, and she stood up, went behind the sofa, and plugged in the dryer.

She then wiped away the water using a towel, which made him ticklish, more mentally than physically at list.

“You do have to change this lazy habit of yours, Amane-kun. There are times when you are half-naked after showering.”

“It’s hot though…I’ll dress up in the winter.”

“Of course you have to when it is cold. You cannot be baring your upper body even though the weather is hot. will catch colds easily. I will not allow it as long as my eyes remain black and alive.”

Your eyes are caramel. Are you intending to be with me forever? Amane suppressed the urge to do so, and had Mahiru continue as he honestly answered, “I’ll take note of that”.

After all, it was comfortable having someone take care of him. He was sorry about that, but Mahiru wiping the water off him left him really refreshed.

Once she absorbed most of the moisture with her deft movements, Mahiru took the dryer she prepared, which then exuded warm air.

She always took care of her own hair. Even though she was not being subdued about it, her movements were rather comforting.

Amane disliked others touching his hair, and it was the first time he felt relieved having others take care of his hair. Perhaps he liked it when a certain person touched his hair after all.

“It is really unfair how smooth your hair is even though you hardly care for it.”

Amane heard a little murmur as the dryer bellowed.

“Really? Well, I don’t really take care of my hair as much as you do, Mahiru, but it’s amazing how silky and smooth your hair is when you work so hard.”

Mahiru’s hair was fine like silk, and one would assume, through looking, that she put in much effort into taking care of it.

As Amane often touched it, he knew Mahiru’s flax-colored hair was straight, soft, fine, and felt good.

The pretty, straight hair were devoid of split ends, and had an angelic glow anyone would be envious of. Amane was really impressed by how she managed to keep this long hair full of glow.

“It takes a long time to maintain long hair. It is really troublesome.”

“Well yeah, I guess it’ll takes you a long time to take care of that.”

“I did think of cutting it off…do you prefer short, or long hair, Amane-kun?”

“I don’t really have a preference…both looks cute, but I just want you to be happy with your appearance. If possible, keep it at a length you like.”

After all, females would not necessarily tidy their appearances for the male’s sake. Many ladies would keep their hair length as how they would like it.

If Amane told Mahiru to change her hairstyle, he would be delighted that she would change it to his preference, and yet conflicted.

He felt it was fine if Mahiru could maintain the appearance she liked, and no matter her hair length, she was adorable. He hoped she would go along with her own wishes, and not be affected by whatever he said.

“…Is that so?”

“Do you want me to have a certain hairstyle.”

“I like you no matter the hairstyle you have.”

“Really? I’ll take it as that then.”


Amane did not look back, but he sensed a bashful mood behind him, along with a giggle.

It seemed he answered correctly.

Mahiru happily dried his hair. Suddenly, her fingers, which were combing his hair, stopped moving.



“Your hair curls up when it is wet, Amane-kun, and that is really,”


“…Alluring…and handsome, I think.”

It seemed Mahiru merely wanted to express her thoughts, and not actually want some make out but once Amane heard her mutter, his lips formed a smile.

“Shall we do it?”

“N-no need! I will die!”

Amane suggested half-jokingly, and it seemed Mahiru shook her head violently, so much that the movements affected her hand on his hair.

Surely her face was completely red.

Amane regretted that he could not see that face, and merely chuckled as he imagined Mahiru’s embarrassed look behind him.