Chapter 149 – The Four goes out

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Chapter 149 – The Four goes out

“How about this, Mahiru-chan?”

“Ahh…this is fine. The laces feel good.”

Amane was at a corner of a shop, lazily watching two girls converse…though in terms of age, it was between a girl and a lady.

Next to him, Shuuto too watched them lazily.

“Both of them look really happy.”

“Hm…why are the ladies so enthusiastic about clothes?”

The four of them arrived at a shopping mall as Mahiru wished for it. The two females were at the clothes shop, eagerly matching clothes on themselves, and that was when Amane had nothing to do.

He did not think it was a pain to accompany them on their shopping trip, picking clothes, but he had difficulty talking to them as they had seemingly formed a garden for ladies, excitedly chatting away. Thus, he kept this distance.

Shuuto in turn stood next to Amane, probably because he wanted to see the two excited ladies.

“I suppose no matter their ages, girls hope to maintain their beauty; perhaps one reason is that they simply like to dress up.”

“Well, it’s fine to look, I guess?”

“How they’re dressed up?”

“That too. The main reason though is that they’re happy to pick clothes.”

It seemed most boys would find it a hassle to go shopping with girls, but Amane was used to it since he was often asked to accompany Shihoko. He was also not the impatient type, and could find some fun while waiting.

Already, he was very satisfied to see Mahiru smile, and really enjoyed this time as a rsult.

“Hmm, I see you too are starting to enjoy this, Amane.”

“What are you two doing in the corner, Shuuto-san, Amane? Come here.”

It appeared Shihoko had noticed Amane and Shuuto, the latter nodding away, and she waved at them, ushering them over.

Mahiru too was looking at them, holding two clothing in her hands.

Both father and son went over as they were summoned. Shihoko beamed happily as she grabbed Mahiru’s shoulders from behind, gently nudging her towards him.

“Now which of these suit Mahiru-chan more?”

It appeared Shihoko wanted Amane to choose clothes for Mahiru.

He had a look, and found a blouse with laces befitting a princess, and one was a pastel blue blouse that looked calm and cheery.

Truth be told, Amane felt both really suited her. After all, no matter the one he preferred, Amane felt he should not nitpick since Mahiru was the one who wanted to buy it.

“You can choose, Mahiru.”

“…E-erm, I want to know of your likes, Amane-kun, so I asked…”

Mahiru lowered her eyes bashfully, and looked up towards him with tentative anticipation, causing him to gsap.

His heart raced from the mere knowledge that she wanted to match his tastes.

There was no doubt he already liked how Mahiru was, but she wanted to wear the clothes Amane liked, which he was really delighted about.

He sensed his cheeks blushing as he compared the blouses with Mahiru’s face, and chose the one with laces.

Mahiru smiled as she picked the one Amane chose, putting the other blouse back.

“…She’s really adorable, isn’t she?”

“I know.”

“You aren’t holding back now.”

“Shut up.”

Shihoko chimed with a smile, and Amane turned his face aside.