Chapter 150 – The Clothes’ Whereabouts

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 150 – The Clothes’ Whereabouts

They bought clothes, left the shop, and wandered aimlessly in the shopping mall.

The mall was the largest in the prefecture, and Amane had assumed it would be boring just walking around, but it was unexpectedly interesting. He did not think it was suffering, but the onlookers’ gaze gave him an indescribable feeling.

His bias aside, his parents were nice looking, and little would be said of Mahiru. It was no wonder they had many gazes upon them.

Mahiru was long used to this, and latched onto his arm without a care in the world.

While she was used to the onlookers’ stares, it seemed she was still a little embarrassed about walking with her arm latch onto him, for her face was a little red.

On his side, Amane felt something soft poking at him, and really was unable to calm down, but if he clearly conveyed these feelings, Shihoko would obviously tease him like no tomorrow. He did his best not to show his emotions on his face.

He held the bag containing Mahiru’s clothes, diverting his attention, but Mahiru clung firmly onto him, as though asking why he was not looking at her, which left him in a major pinch.

“Say, Mahiru.”


“…Ah, well.”

“What is it?”

“…You didn’t bring the clothes you bought on Golden Week, right?”

Amane wondered if he should point out that Mahiru’s breasts were rubbing against him, but once he recalled that she would occasionally say impish things, that it was on purpose, he hesitated again, and decided to talk about something else.

Mahiru was dressed in a princess-like, pure looking one piece dress, not the off-shoulder dress she bought the last time. She said she would wear it to show Amane, but Amane never got to see it, and wondered what it was about.

Once she heard the words Golden Week, Mahiru blinked away, and become bashful.

“…I want to wear it for you when we are dating alone.”

“…I-I see.”

“You will bring me along, no?”

Mahiru truly was adorable, leaning on him and tilting her head, and he slowly held the palm that was latched onto him.

“…I think we can talk about that when we’re alone. It’s a family trip now, different from a date.”


“Anywhere you want to go to?”

“I am fine with any place as long as I am with you, Amane-kun.”

“If you say so, I don’t want to go anywhere. It’s great to see you dressed up, but I don’t want to show you to anyone.”

“…We shall have a date at home then. I am fine with that. It is said the weather over the upcoming days will be terrible.

On another note, it seemed the weather report had forecasted terrible weather, due to an approaching typhoon.

The typhoon would not arrive, but the aftereffects sweeping by might cause rain.

It should be long gone by the time Amane and Mahiru returned home, but since they were at his hometown, he did wish for some nice weather.

Due to the typhoon, there was a likelihood that they would not be able to go out. So he thought, but it seemed Mahiru wanted to spend time alone with him, and was not really insistent on going out.

Amane planned to check the weather once he got back, and held her hand firmly once again.

“Same here. I’m fine with anywhere as long as I’m with you. Anyway, we’ll plan according to the weather.”


“…I thought you two would be making out already, but you’re planning dates now?”

“Too bad we already have plans for that.”

Shihoko, who was walking before them, teased them jokingly, and Amane nonchalantly retorted. His parents giggled before them.

However, they seemed more relieved than impish, and turned ahead without pursuing the matter. Amane snorted once again, and held Mahiru’s hand.