Chapter 151 – Date at Home

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 151 – Date at Home

The worry days ago came to pass.

“It’s raining.”

“Yes it is.”

The water pelted upon the ground, causing loud sounds. Amane and Mahiru exchanged looks, and nodded away.

They had a premonition from the weather report, but they still felt conflicted, given that it would be raining for the remaining days of their trip.

Luckily, there was no warning sounded, so Amane’s parents went to work.

“We can’t go out unless we’re planning to get soaked out there.”

“We may catch a cold as a result, Amane-kun. That will not do.”

“Yeah. Let’s just rest at home.”

Both preferred to stay at home, and did not think it was anything bad. They found it a pity that they could not go out, but were otherwise indifferent.

Both of them were at home, and Amane first held Mahiru’s hand, sitting on the cushion laid out on the floor.

While doing so, he watched the mini TV in the room, and used the reflection to see how Mahiru was being.

It seemed that though the date was ruined, Mahiru was not too bothered about it. Her eyes sparkled as she saw the cute cat commercial aired on the TV.

She liked cats, and so did Amane. Thus, Amane thought it would be great if they could raise cats, and touched her little hand, seemingly tickling it.

Mahiru gave a reproaching look towards Amane, probably because she was feeling ticklish. She did not say anything, but she clearly was about to say, goodness me. Amane smiled at her, pulled her over, and had her sit between his legs.

He then put his chin on her little shoulder, wrapped his arms around her waist, and she went completely beetroot.

“…E-erm, Amane-kun.”

“This is fine, right? I’m not going to touch anywhere strange.”

All he touched were her belly, back, and shoulder.

On a side note, the date had ended…or rather, was changed to a date at home, but Mahiru was wearing the off-shoulder dress, probably because she wanted to show it to Amane. Thus, Amane could feel the smooth skin of the exposed shoulder beneath his shin.

He looked down, and as the shoulders were exposed, so too was the collar. He could vagurely peek at the round lumps and the valley that was not completely hidden under the clothes.

It was a magnificent view, but some indecent thoughts might occur if he looked at it for too long. He turned his eyes aside, and kissed the blushing ear.


“These clothes really suit you.”

“M-may you please not whisper at my ear…it is bad for my body.”

“Bad for your body?”

“…I will shiver.”

“Feeling cold?”

“N-no…erm, well, I feel shiverish…”


Amane blew at her ear, and she hurriedly turned over.

This time, she glared at him with a blushing face. She might pout away if he overdid it, “Sorry”, so he muttered, and embraced her body once again.

“…You are bullying me, Amane-kun.”

“Sorry sorry, I won’t do that again…but seriously, these clothes really suit you too well. I don’t want to show you to anyone else. Guess it all worked out now we’re at home.”

Truth be told, most clothing would suit Mahiru well, and this off shoulder dress was no exception.  He looked at the white, pearly skin anyone would have tried to lick on, and was grateful for the typhoon.

“…Does it really suit me?”

“Yep, it’s really cute. It shows your slender body really well, your skin’s pretty, and it really suits you.”

“…That is good. I bought it to show you after all, Amane-kun.”

“Show me that again.”

As Amane was embracing Mahiru from behind, he could not look at her up front. He did see her in the dress from up front before they entered the living room, but he wanted to enjoy the sight up close and personal.

Mahiru cautiously turned her body around once Amane said those words, and leaned her body onto Amane’s chest.

He put his hands on her knees and back, tucking her between his legs. Mahiru, who was already blushing, was redder than before.

“Now this makes it easier.”

“…You are really bold today, Amane-kun.”

“Well, it’s a date, thought we’re at home.”

Shuuto repeated many times the previous day that the male should take the initiative in dates. They never left home, but a date was a date even at home, and Amane should seize the initiative.

Amane tickled her cheek, and her reddened face relaxed as she bashfully lowered her eyes again.

“…I will die if you are so enthusiastic every day, Amane-kun.”

“I guess if we do this every day…”

“N-no can do…my heart will be unable to take it.”

“Is your heart pounding that much?”


Saying that, Mahiru grabbed Amane’s hand, and put it in the middle.

Actually, it was the back of the hand, but the soft warmth did reach him, along with the strong heartbeat that was much faster than before.

The fabric was thin, the heartbeat was clearly felt, and the softness was thoroughly emphasized.

Amane gasped as he looked towards Mahiru, and their eyes met. Her caramel-colored eyes were bashful as they continued to stare at his, and it appeared she wanted to say something.

“…It is unfair if your heart is not racing as much as mine.”

“…My heart’s pounding at lot.”


Mahiru buried her face on Amane’s chest.

She listened to the rhythm of his heartbeat. probably to hide her embarrassment. Amane knew then how loudly his heart was bounding, “it really is.” for Mahiru muttered happily.

“…Well, there’s no way my heart won’t race when my girlfriend’s doing such things.”

“You seem to be taking it in stride recently though, Amane-kun…that is devious of you.”

“It’ll look bad on me if I don’t take it in stride, right?”

“No, you are always a dashing person, Amane-kun.”

“…Thanks for the praise.”

Aren’t you saying this to rattle me more? Amane had the urge to say so, but it appeared Mahiru’s words were really heartfelt, so he swallowed his words back.

Instead, he embraced Mahiru, who was clinging onto his chest, and patted her head.

Damn, you’re cute. He accidentally blurted out, and Mahiru lifted her head somewhat, looking a little bashful. This little gesture pricked his urge to dote on her, for he too felt he was completely mesmerized.

He patted her head lovingly to regain his composure and empty his heart, and Mahiru’s shame too faded away as she comfortably let him pat her.

It seemed she liked headpats to begin with. This should be sufficient in calming her down.

“…Say Mahiru.”


“Is it fine if I consider this a date? We aren’t doing anything.”

“I feel happy, so it is fine. Weather and location aside, the most important factor is who I am with.”

Mahiru said some really comforting words as she firmly embraced Amane. Amane too embraced her gently, “Yeah.” he muttered with a chuckle.