Chapter 152 – The Second Home

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 152 – The Second Home

“Say, if this is a date, we’ve been dating all this while…you’ve been in my house often.”

Amane did not think a home date was any special, probably because he was used to having Mahiru next to him.

Mahiru was practically available at his place all the time. However, they did not seem so intimate as they were at this point, merely leisurely watching the TV, laughing away, having meals, doing their homework, and nothing akin to the date.

Perhaps it was this reason that he did not feel tense, or that his heart was not racing.

“Fufu, yes. I suppose we have been dating at home every day, no?”

“Maybe, though there are times when I want to go to your place instead of it just being at my place, Mahiru.”

“My house…?”

“Ah no, I’m not thinking of anything guilty. It’s just that I’m interested because I’ve never been there.”

In fact, Mahiru had been the one visiting Amane all the time, so Amane had an urge to visit hers.

It was merely borne out of curiosity to see how Mahiru’s room was like, but he really could not say anything, as a boy wanting to enter a girl’s room would have anyone second guessing.

“I am fine with that…but there is nothing worth looking at, you know?”

“I’m just interested…you don’t mind your lover’s room, Mahiru?”

“I have visited your room often, Amane-kun.”

“Yeah, you’ll wake me up, and sometimes even sleep in my room.”

Mahiru had many chances to visit Amane’s room. She would wake him up in the morning, and whenever he was not around, she would drop by to sleep.

He remembered one moment when he bought something, and wanted to change clothes at home, but found Mahiru sleeping sounding in his room, which left him awkward.

He did say that she could enter his house, and she did not see anything she should not, but he hoped she would understand how he would feel as her boyfriend, seeing how defenseless the girlfriend on the bed would be.

“B-because…your scent is really comforting, Amane-kun…”

“Well I can’t calm down. Any guy seeing his girlfriend on the bed will be attacking already.”

“…You really are gentlemanly, Amane-kun.”

“I’m glad that you’re careless because you trust me, but my sanity can’t take it, so watch yourself.”


“…Next time you do that, I’ll take a photo of you sleeping.”

“P-please do not.”

“Then watch it.”

It seemed Mahiru was not opposed to the idea of showing Amane her sleeping face, but she did not want him to take photos. He really did not understand what she was thinking.

“I shall sleep in your house only when you are around.”


*Because I have been the one embarrassed. *Mahiru giggled impishly. Damn you’re cute, and Amane retorted with some begrudging praise, and gently kissed the winner on the cheek.

That alone left her completely beetroot, unable to say anything. Truth be told, nobody knew who actually won, and she was really adorable.

“…You are despicable.

“I don’t care.”

“Am I not the one losing all the time…?”

“No no no. I’m the one who lost, since I’m always mesmerized by you. Forgive me.”

Mahiru said that she had been losing, but that was not the case, for Amane was often beaten by her cuteness, and hoped she would occasionally aware the win to herself.

And once she heard the word mesmerized, she blushed, and closed her eyes, saying, “I guess that is the case…” Amane chuckled once he saw her response.

He embraced her before she could realize that he chuckled in amusement, and put her face towards his chest.

It seemed she felt blessed to receive this, and she adjusted her posture slightly, before she probably found the best position for herself, and leaned her entire body onto him.

He understood that she was fawning over him because she trusted him. He had another urge to chuckle, for a different reason, and smiled.

“…You really like to fawn around.”

“You said I can, Amane-kun.”

“I did, so do as you want.”

“I will become a good-for-nothing…”

“I’m already a good-for-nothing, so now I’ll make you a good-for-nothing.”

“You may pass on that payback.”

Goodness, Mahiru lifted her head, obviously looking a little displeased. Amane gently kissed her forehead, and her face immediately turned red, ringing like a steam engine.

“…I have a feeling you are trying to pull a fast one on me.”

“You dislike it?”

“Not at all…ugh.”

How sleazy of you, she muttered, and rolled her forehead on his chest. Once again, Amane chuckled, and carefully tidied her somewhat messy her.

Once done, she regained her usual straight hair. The smooth, silky hair felt comforting to touch, and even though the hair was tidied, Amane wanted to continue touching it. Mahiru did not show any displeasure; on the contrary, she looked a little delighted. Thus, he did not stop.

Amane had such thoughts as he stroked Mahiru’s hair like a kitten on his lap. At this moment, Mahiru seemed to have cooled off completely as she rubbed her face onto him.

“…I feel happy being able to laze peacefully at your old house, Amane-kun.”

“That’s great. I was worried that you wouldn’t be happy about being at my house.”

“Fufu, I am reluctant to return home now.”

Amane was worried what would he have to do if she was unused, or uncomfortable with this place before they arrived, but it seemed he worried too much.

“You’re already used to my house.”

“It is because Shihoko-san and Shuuto-san were so good to me.”

“Mom and dad dote on you more than me.”

“Are you jealous?”


Amane already knew Shihoko and Shuuto would care for Mahiru, and she would remain by his side. Thus, he would not pout.

He felt that his parents were really too fond of their future daughter, but he could understand their feelings since they wanted one the entire time.

“Fufu. Is that so? If you are pouting, I shall hug you.”

“You’re not going to huge me until  I pout?”

“I shall hug you whenever you want to, Amane-kun.”

“Shall we?”


Mahiru stopped leaning on Amane, and opened her arms wide. Amane pursed his lips, wondering how he should react.

She probably intended for him to leap into her clutches. Given her fine curves and body along with that off-shoulder dress of hers, Amane would probably feel happiness burying his face in her chest, but surely many other incidents would follow.

*But well, we’re dating, so this…*there was a little devil muttering inside him.

He would be allowed to enjoy however he wanted, as long as he did not go overboard…and as the desire caused him to falter, he let out a soft murmur.

He was powerless to resist this alluring temptation.

He wrapped his arms around her back, and buried his face into her opened nape.

If he lowered his face slightly, he would land upon the soft lumps. He could not do that much, but he brought his lips upon Mahiru’s beautiful collarbone, and silky white skin, savoring the sweet fragrance of her body.

It seemed Mahiru felt a little ticklish, but she did not dislike it at all, and wrapped her arms around his back, embracing him as though she was doting on a child.

“Fufu, you really do like to fawn around too, Amane-kun.”

“Shut up.”

“You may continue to fawn over me. I shall turn you into a good-for-nothing.”

“I’m already one.”

Amane sensed himself melting, and also that he was melting her. Both sides doted upon each other, bonding with each other, and ended up at a point where neither could exist withou each other.

Amane kissed the clean neck, and lifted his head towards Mahiru. He found her giggling, enjoying herself while still embracing him.

“You look rather small from here. You usually seem large and very reliable.”

“Really? …Well, you’re small and slim, Mahiru. It’s easy to hug you.”

“You are being hugged by me though…but I think it is because I have been hugged by you all this while, Amane-kun.”

“So you really belong to me now, Mahiru.”

“Yes…you are mine too, Amane-kun.”



Mahiru giggled happily as she patted Amane, and Amane found himself to be near his limits as he lifted his waist, and kissed her neck.

She then shivered so quickly, for her neck was as sensitive as her ears were.

“Uuu…please do not leave a mark here.”

“I won’t, but I’ll kiss you.”

“Th-that tickles too…”

“You can shove me away if you hate it.”


You know I cannot do this. Amane seemed to have heard this pout, but he knew that if Mahiru really hated this, she would reject him, and thus, she had no issues with him doing so.

Once he gently kissed her skin, she patted his back, seemingly indicating for him to stop, so he did.

She glared at him, her face seemingly burning red from within. Amane hugged her, and patted her head to console her.

“…Anyway, you hate to go back now?”

She might pout if he continue to cling onto her, so he tried going back to the original topic. Mahiru was stunned to hear that, and then, she showed a faint smile.

“N-not at all…just a little lonely.”

“That’s good.”


“Shows that you’re enjoying your time here.”

“Th-that may be so.”

“We’ll drop by next time. End of the year, or next summer.”

Amane would return to his hometown again after this trip. His parents asked that he show up during the summer and winter breaks, so if Mahiru was willing, he was fine with returning together once again.

Shihoko and Shuuto would be pleased, and Amane would not need to leave Mahiru for long.

“…Next time.”

“You’re not willing?”

“No-not at all.”

“I see…just think of this place as your hometown.”


Amane hoped for Mahiru to have a place she belonged, and once he muttered with such intentions, Mahiru clearly showed how elated she was as she gave a sweet smile, burying her face into his shoulder.

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