Chapter 160 – The Angel’s Change of Clothes

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Chapter 160 – The Angel’s Change of Clothes

Amane and Mahiru began preparations an hour and a half before the festival.

Mahiru and Chitose took the yukatas and went home, and Amane started putting on a yukata by himself.

One needed to know how to wear a yukata, but Amane did not need to worry about Mahiru. She should be able to wear a yukata easily, given how she wore a kimono before.

The problem was Amane. Shihoko did teach him the know-hows, but Amane had no experience of it, so he worried if he could do so decently.

He wore it, checked himself in the mirror, and at the very least, it looked decent, not out of shape.

The deep blue yukata had no patterns, and the obi was the color of red bean. It was plain. Amane did not like anything fancy, and it was more catered to his preferences.

He looked decent in the mirror, especially when coupled with that relatively decent height of his.

For good or bad, Amane had a calm looking face, and the poised demeanor he had while wearing it might seemed suited for him.

It was for others to decide whether he might look inferior standing next to Mahiru.

He was curious as to how others would view and appraise him, but what really mattered at the very end was what he thought, and what Mahiru thought.

Once he was done wearing it, Amane lazed around on the sofa.

He knew girls needed much time dressing up, and he did allocate ample time, so he was fine with that.

Surely she would require more time to wear a yukata. She would also have to tie her hair, which would take 30% of her time.

And after that, she would have to put on make up. Amane truly felt that girls were amazing, and respected them.

Well, Mahiru’s cute even if she doesn’t do anything, but I guess girls look more dazzling with make-up. It’s amazing.

Amane felt much affection, elation, and an unspeakable sense of happiness as he leisurely waited for her. She probably was done, for there was the sound of the door being unlocked.

Amane really looked forward to seeing his girlfriend’s attire, but did not turn around to wait for her. “Amane-kun.” a little murmur rang, and Amane was tapped on the shoulder.

It was then that he finally turned around…and broke into a smile.

“It’s cute. It really suits you.”

“…Y-you are able to determine so quicky?”

“Of course, it’s obvious.”

Mahiru was a little suspicious, wondering if Amane had prepared his words beforehand, but that was truly all Amane could feel.

Once again, Amane was impressed by the keen foresight Shihoko showed.

Mahiru’s yukata was a white based color, probably because she was going to be with Amane, and there were Hydrangea patterns all over it, giving a cheery impression amidst the calm.

The Hydrangea were dark blue and mauve, of various shades that looked matured and refreshing. The floral season had passed, but the combination looked harmonious.

The obi was a clear purple, emphasizing the simplistic design of the yukata. There was a glass bead at its end, giving a refreshing vibe.

“Well, you’r usually cute, but this makes you look more innocent, more matured, poised and alluring. Well, I can say you’re cute, but you’re prettier. Yep, it suits you.”

“I-is that so?”

Mahiru appeared a little gaudy once Amane seriously stated his thoughts, looking uneasy as she fiddled the bangs. Amane had to chuckle at that sight.

Her hair was tied together with a pin, and whenever she moved, the silver chain on it would sway. This hairpin was decorated with dark blue natural stones, and had a design similar to the obi and the glass bead. It had a striking similarity to Amane’s yukata.

“Mahirun Mahirun, he’s always like this.”

“I know that. For a while.”

“…Are you criticizing me?”

“Both praising and criticizing you, sorta~?”

“What’s that about?”

Amane narrowed his eyes in confusion, but Chitose merely giggled away, and Mahiru fidgeted, looking bashful. He really could not ask what that was about.

However, it did not appear to be anything bad, since Mahiru did not look displeased.

“…Th-that suits you too, Amane-kun.”

“Really? Thanks. Glad to hear that.”

Amane felt that the clothes did suit him, but he managed to get Mahiru’s guarantee. He had a feeling it was his own girlfriend being biased towards him, but he was really glad to be praised.

He assumed he was being praised, but for some reason, Mahiru appeared to be a little miffed.

“…Did I do something?”

“I guess it’s that ‘it’s unfair that I’m the only one embarrassed’~”


Mahiru was flustered once she heard the explanation, and her expression clearly showed that Chitose was right on the mark.

It seemed Mahiru hoped that Amane too would be embarrassed, but he would not be embarrassed from this little thing. He was a little happy, and bashful, but not outright embarrassed like Mahiru.

Mahiru clearly faltered, “You’re so adorable~” and Chitose gleefully noted as she clung onto Mahiru, rubbing all over the latter.

Amane was conflicted as to whether he should be impressed that Chitose was deft enough to not ruffled Mahiru’s hair, clothes and makeup, or selfishly insist that only he could dote on Mahiru.

Mahiru’s face got increasingly embarrassed, and Amane felt that she was really adorable. He let Chitose off as he felt it was fine for the two girls to be on such good terms, and watched them have fun with a warm gaze.